Lin Chi-ling is such a woman, gently embrace the world, and always believe in good feelings. Some people say that Zhi Ling is too naïve even posturing, where people such a good temper? This year, Lin Chi-ling in the Chinese program "wonderful China" to talk about their own way, from the popular to the Lok Ma, from the vase to the doll tone, she depressed, discouraged, tears, but she still patted the dust of the fall, accept their fragile . (Recommended reading: only such a "happy" woman: Lin Chi-ling does not marry, social what? )

this year, the Golden Horse 51, Lin Chi-ling in the chair on the table witty funny, propped up the whole award ceremony of the overall picture, she will incarnate in the movie clown, a while disguised as men, a will become familiar with our excellent and generous wearing long gown sister, even with the past gossip separated open jokes. Lin Chi-ling from not afraid of jokes themselves, Kangxi Countdown Broadcast invited to small s favorite joke grumble, she positively accept rather than fight the years since people whisper to her. (same field Gayon: every day is a free exercise: relax the heart to face criticism )

"To say small, do a good job" that is Lin Chi-Ling's consistent attitude, through the almost dead days, every breath are precious, see Lin Chi-ling in China, "wonderful China said" the full speech, you deserve to be more kind to yourself.

Lin Chi-Ling's full speech:

Good teacher, all "wonderful China said" friends all good, organizers want me to tell a story of my own life. I think, I can only say that when I was in the student period, never thought that one day, I can have such a wonderful Life stage. In fact, when I was a child, I was not a smart kid, but I am very good at endorsement, but also will remember the old questions. Then I was very, very introverted, and very quiet. So whenever I have this kind of outdoor activities course, I will hide in my own dormitory closet, hide, truancy don't let the teacher find.

Finally, in my college graduation, ushered in the first love of my life. At that time I felt, wow, my good life will begin. I can be a teacher, and then get married and start a family, sounds good.

Then after work, one day, God suddenly gave me a big gift, called "popularity." I really don't know how to deal with it. I can say is a mistake, entered the showbiz. And everyone will say, 30 years old, Wow, famous late, I also feel too late. But now I think about it, I think this time point is really good. If a little earlier, when you were young to complete all the dreams, it is not a bit of a pity? We can take different pleasures and find different feelings at different points in time. (Recommended reading: The so-called dream: follow the way you like, you will find the light )

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Soon after God gave me a big gift, in the same year, he also gave me a great test. 2005, at the scene of one of the commercials, six o'clock in the morning, when I was on a big lawn stand by going to shoot ads. Then the director came up to me and said, "Ji Ling, you are a little far away from the camera, but the horse is a double in the running." Would you like to try it on your own? 」

I don't want to say: "Well, I'll try." "I'll never forget," I answered, "I'll try" these three words. These three words, let me fall down from the horse heavily. At that time the horse was completely out of control. Instead of taking the route it had prescribed, he went straight to the other route, and the other route faced a forest. I found I had no way to catch the reins, which had been running and running faster. At that time I felt that I was going to hit the tree, or else it would be dumped down. I must make the next decision immediately. So my decision was, I'm going to jump. Just as I jumped down the same instant, the horse kicked a hard foot. So, really is a blank.

When I opened my eyes, I knew I could not move, I was hurt. And there's a huge, huge pain. This wound, which begins at a centimeter below the heart, has six ribs, and a fractured fracture of seven places. That is to say, if one centimeter more, there is no me now.

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When I got to the hospital, the doctor said that broken ribs would be the biggest pain in the body. He called me: "You must endure." I asked him, "Is this going to be all right?" "He said it would, and then, I never shouted a pain, and never shed a tear." Because I want to let all the energy, all to repair their own body, even at that time is even breathing a breath feel good pain. And then the next day, I often feel that I have no feeling of pain, I will tell myself, I want to coexist with this pain, I want to coexist with it, maybe sleep a bit better tomorrow. (same field Gayon: life has no eternal adversity!) The bottom of the road, are climbing up the

We have another training that is very hard to cough. Because of this I can cough up my own phlegm, will not cause pneumonia. When my bones grew a little bit better, I started to get out of bed, and then I started to practice walking. I feel so happy when I can walk, and when I am free to act, you will find that you are really the happiest.

During the period of injury, my family are with me, my father is very much like my eyes, because I can not move, he will use the brush to write down the bed outside of the drip, show me, let me see not just four sides of the white wall. And my mother is like one of my heart, she will be next to me said, you will be good, you will be good, will be good. This extremely optimistic energy, gave me a lot of oxygen, so that I can breathe. So I think the heavens fell I was to test my strong enough, there is no such broad mind, can face the future of everything.

It took me half a year to get back to my original self. I also thank such a test, because in the days of that time, I have every thing, there are opportunities, feel like the treasures of the treasure. And will feel that there is so much time to think about the outcome, if only one centimeter, maybe everything becomes zero.

So my next turn in life is the movie "Chibi". It is inconceivable to me that a complete new person has been chosen by so many outstanding actors. So a newcomer like this, of course, has to face a lot of questioning voices, including, of course, the so-called Vase said. In fact, I have a space in my head, I want to take the big Hammer, smash and smash the Vase. But I will tell myself, why should I, I why because of other people's words to influence my progress?

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In the last stage, after the injury, God has given me a soft and strong heart. Now I should not be afraid of these words, I want to use the strength of the soft, let time go by, and then with a woman like water posture, I want to moderate but very firmly out of my own path. I do not want to be the voice of others to determine my value, I will use my own action to determine my own value.

I think a lot of friends in this room may also be challenged in life. You may be resentful, and why do you think you're questioning me? But if we care too much, we will live in the words of others. And slowly, slowly lost their own, I think the first lesson in life is to learn to accept, then, to say small, do a good job, is our advanced course. Again, you can decide their own value, but also the required course for everyone.

Now that you have listened to my doll tone for a few minutes, I wonder if anyone has any complaints about it? Thank you, thank you for your tolerance. This doll-tone discussion for a while I was really talked about I think my voice is too wrong, I need to improve, I should change my voice.

One day I was at the airport, I put myself in disguise very well, you know is from head to foot package is very good, I think no one will see me, success! Then I was in line, I said a sorry, and then I next to the mother-in-law immediately grabbed me said: "Zhi ling sister you thin, you want to eat, you have no dinner, you have to take care of the body, or mother-in-law dearly." "I immediately feel that this mother-in-law's concern really good sincere, good cordial, good from the heart."

Then she heard me because of my voice. My voice is actually a reason for discernment, but also can narrow the distance between me and the reason why I have been trying to throw it away? It seems to be a mark of mine, as if you were to throw away the mark, like a birthmark, I can't do it. my weakness may be my advantage , because of this, you remember me. (Recommended reading: An actor's real confession in New York: "Make up your mind to be a freak, I Feel free")

I appreciate what has happened so far, everything. What I want to share with you today is that if we can all turn and change our attitude, the result may be different. don't use anger to prevent you from moving forward, we can communicate in gentle words . A lot of my friends will tell me that you like to pass on that kind of happiness, the positive energy. I mean, it's important. When you can convey the energy of happiness, you will have this kind of interaction.

When people have good interaction you will find that when you give, you like yourself more. Then you will have long in the heart of goodness, and this kind of happy energy, and then have long in the bones of the strong.

Lin Chi-ling

I'll give it to you. Hopefully in the future we can all work together to change with a gentle force. Do not use the power of anger, to regret. Every time after each setback, bloom out of their own flowers.

Thank you.