Love is absolutely enthusiastic, her short 27 years of life has been controversial, rapid fall also created a legend , she is the most important British modern female singer Amy Whise . "Amy Winehouse Amy Whise" in the heat, let us in her song aftertaste, that paragraph we can not quit love. (same field Gayon: The English taste of the tender sadness: the top ten British female singers song )

"I'm not a good thing, just give me a break!" "The recently released"Amy Winehouse Amy Whise "documentary film through the relatives and friends of the profile and the living image record exposed her ups and downs, wild and uninhibited fame life. Amy Whise only two albums, but wrote The Legend of the 21st century pop music. Spotlight Light Under the seemingly crazy she never embrace the star dream, write down every creation is just to love, to the music of love songs.

after the millennium, she was Britain's most watched female singer, with media attention to her addiction to alcoholism, and to the fascination of the natural and rough charms of the critics. Her voice was so old and fascinating that she was far more controversial than she was, and her eyeliner was arrogant and her eyes were soft and light when the lover held hands . While listening to the fall stars left the world love song, see Amy Whise life scenery. (Recommended reading: feel loved!) 10 of your Zizi confession Love song )

"I'm not the girl with the star dream, I just want to sing." 」

The media like Amy Whise girls, because they can not stop to find such a public figure of life, consumption of her personal privacy. Amy Whise Diffuse don't care smoke, turn up the supercilious look, in the concert drunk, let the audience drink pour mining. She was never a conscientious star, Amy Huai Silk live too honest, in front of the spotlight this deep weight of fame, behind just a want to sing a song of the Girl, the film, we can see Amy bosom silk remove eye makeup, just debut of pure appearance.

I do not think that Amy Huai Silk painting on the line after the sophisticated, but it is, she has always been with me, do not want to be the spotlight on their own, we thought she was very bitter, but it is this kind of paranoia so that she live warmly. As a musician who is honest and worthy of heart, she tries her best. (same field Gayon: after the spotlight is still confident: Xu Yu ning, solitude makes me love myself more )

"As long as people know me better, they will know that I can only make music." 」

Amy Whise became a celebrity overnight, the host told her on the show: "Now the whole world is watching you." Amy Bosom shrugged and said I was not so much worth watching. 2008 years of Grammy Award, Amy Whise arranged had Album of the Year, best record of the year, annual song, Best newcomer, Best pop singer, Best pop vocal album, become Lottery History The British female singer who won the most awards. However, she was refused entry for drug addiction and could not receive the award herself.

The film puts the young pictures of Amy Bosom, originally like a grin girl, in just a few years, by the media hunt, be hurt by the lover, she used alcohol anesthesia her life, as if many people with a sympathetic look at her, but how can you guarantee that Amy Whise in the coffin will not say: please stop it. Our favorite Emmy creations, those creative capital is coming from her incurable heartbreak and grief.

"I am my own critic, and if I don't have a bad honeycomb head, I'll be an unhappy girl." 」

Amy Whise stature stature is short, the hair style that lets her stand in front of person is a bit more imposing. Fashion big guy, Lagerfeld, sees her as muse, once said, Amy Huai Silk is a modern Bardot. Her exaggerated and unique style became the object that many people imitated. We like to see Amy Whise twisted hips, with messy black hair of wild confusion, as her spiritual nature so unwilling to flow. (Recommended reading: not the same as what?) Let your different inferiority be your shining point .

"When I fall in love with a person, can be desperate, I think that is the real drugs." 」

Many people speculate that Amy Whise was a child because his parents divorced, resulting in a personality insecurity. She grew up more dependent on the love of life, the more famous, around the man the more betrayed. Her ex-husband made her addicted to drugs, and later lovers were more immoral about her personal life habits. Amy Whise is always magnanimous in love, without a hint of resentment, as she sings in 〈love is a losing game〉: "For you, I am just a momentary passion." Love is a game that you can't afford to play. 」

The end of the film, playing Amy Whise voice message: "When you hear my message, remember to call me back, even if you do not return, I will not slightly reduce the love for you!" "Her love is absolute, obsessive, and not greedy for reward." Amy Whise, after all, was a brisk and lazy singer, and every song smuggled into her deepest love.

Amy Whise died in his apartment in 2011, and life stopped at 27 years old, a legend that many celebrities died. Some people say that her departure is no one can make up the gap in the music industry, we will be in the old voice out of a dense feeling when we think of her, such a clinging to the lives of women.

"If you don't focus on anything, you never know what you can get from it." 」
If you don ' t throw yourself to something, you'll never know what you could have.

"Life is short, do it." You'll know because life is so short. 」
Life are short, does it, you are short know because.

「在這裡想『如果』是沒有意義的。 」
There is no point in sitting around thinking about all the ifs, ands and buts.

「我的眼淚會替我治療自己。 」
My tears dry on their own.

「我愛活著,我為愛而生。 」
I love to live and I live to love.