2016 Pantone unveiled a two-year color-- rose quartz powder and tranquil pink blue --that symbolizes gentle serenity. At the same time we also want you to find your own annual color! The Pantone color of the 12 constellation is coming, which color combination do you belong to? Together see the spirit of the wind sign of the moving color! (Recommended reading:"the illustrator column" Aquarius, Gemini, Libra: The Destiny aroma of the wind sign )

Pantone Combination of Aquarius: 1920 Flapper Girl

1920 of the Flapper Girl wild and unrestrained, the girls created a collision Bentou of the popular age.

Character Color:

You are full of warm orange vitality and coral orange inner tenderness, self-awareness is extremely strong and absolute, never low-brow you like to create their own style and temperament. You do not follow the cards, a kind of unrestrained arrogance. You have a kind of mighty pride, but the determination will go through fire and fire to pay. Most of the time you just don't want people to see your sadness.

Relationship color:

In love you are a tender red lip, mixed maroon saddle Brown is your Earth-like generosity, you are generous and cordial in emotion, easy to attract a group of good friends, you and cancer have a kind of nameless implicated, he is like your complementary, in your destiny often play an important role. There are many suitors around you who will wait and see who is the most sexually attractive. It is not easy to love a person, you desire to be conquered, like the high cooling of the soul mysterious him, so easily injured. (Recommended reading: from girls to women, we must have met the five kinds of bad men )

In fact, you do not desire a complete love, but enjoy the relationship between the lack of angle.

Gemini's Pantone combination: The fiery love that curls the flowers

Curly Sichuan is a Japanese artist, the lens is often gorgeous for the title, take out the saturation of the glare of light and shadow.

Character Color:

Baby powder Blue is the purity you don't want to be touched, and adding a deep indigo color is your tough shell. You are born to hate trouble, do not like to lose advantage, so often pretend not to care, with a lot of words and humorous excuses others ask you the heart of the world. There are many uncertain doubts about the world, and you never believe in a truth. You have one of the most complex and contradictory hearts in the world, often into your own quirky, lovely and charming rebel roles, you are unpredictable.

Relationship color:

You are not pretentious pure red, hot and absolute. It's easy to be friends with you, but it's hard to get into your heart. Love you are very cold, said not to be able to turn back, others blame you hateful you do not defend, many times you would rather not covet a temporary healing heating. Everyone said that you are wise , beautiful words are good to speak, in fact, you are stupid enough to love. No one can play with you, you are the most difficult to please the Queen, warm time is melting, cold time to ask each other to doubt themselves. (same field Gayon: Love Compulsory Course: "Give" than unconditional "please" more important )

Your overbearing, let a person fall also fascinating.

Libra 's Pantone combination : The near-infinite-transparent blue is the branch margin and

is the Branch Yu and is a famous Japanese film director, clear through the low saturated picture feeling, but pulls out the life to look back frequently the taste.

Character Color:

Your heart is a weak turquoise color, so clear no one knows. Steel Blue is your stubborn, you like a cup of warm water, the heart is boiling no one knows. You are like a lazy cat, casually passed the Binghuangmaluan of the world, in fact, your heart your idealism no one can shake. You are smart and calm and like to be quiet and snoop around. You do not like to explain, explanation is to cover up, anyway, you walk freely, unauthorized people waiting to get in the way.

Relationship color:

In the relationship, you are a light blue, a Alisland sea, so vast. You like and do not keep not hidden people make friends, friendship is loyalty, would rather others negative I also do not bear. In the emotional you have a kind of courage, you very hard to say the export of love, it is a kind of love beyond self-esteem. you will cry for one person, but not too long, you can handle your own grief, can hurt you, you do not make a second time. You dare to love to hate, he to you double pay, he care about you, you see him harmonizing. (Recommended reading: love to put the line: 12 Constellation who is engaged in ambiguous master? )

Don't try to play tricks with Libra, he can love you and turn around at any time.