2016 Pantone announced the color of the two-year symbol of gentle calm-- rose Quartz powder and quiet powder blue . At the same time we also want you to find your own annual color! The Pantone color of the 12 constellation is coming, which color combination do you belong to? Together see The soul of the earth sign the moving color! (Recommended reading:"The illustration constellation" Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo: An annual selection of poems for the earth Sign )

Virgo's Pantone combination: You just have your own line Twiggy

The swing of the 60 's Twiggy and flat shape to bring up a new fashion.

Character Color:

Thistle Violet is your nervousness, and your nerves are known to all. You're like Nina in a black swan, you don't need sympathy and compassion, you don't pity yourself. If one day you break up, you are definitely the murderer. In fact, your cleanliness is the shape of the life of the orderly, please also give you a neat and good world, you hate the human nature of the dirty, is you a bright clean, gently into this turbid world.

Relationship color:

You're as red as a rose, and you hate to be sociable and hypocritical. not clear Rose Brown is your wall, you always embarrassed each other, see if he can go out of the maze set, arrived in your heart. When Love is no longer the same, you are crazy to escape love, in fact, just to escape yourself. You don't like danger and passion, and dangerous things are always unreliable. You will endure a lot of loneliness, to wait for rare people. You are overbearing, possessive, and protect the other half than anyone else. (Hey Dear: Single Diary: I Don't mind loneliness, it's more comfortable than loving you )

In fact, this is only your trick, you want to make all dissatisfied, have become their favorite neat.

Taurus's Pantone combination: The Little Prince's Wave spike

A field of wheat in the little Prince of St. Matthew teaches us to be gentle.

Character Color:

Jasmine Yellow and Ming Huang is one of your usual uncertainties. Saddle Browns are you ready for safe riding Mercedes, who says you're grounded? You are the most rebellious soul. Taurus face reality, just tell the truth, not kitsch or flattery. You're a philosopher, and you like to be a self dialectical. You do not like to be noticed, just want to stand in the distance to laugh at the scenery of the world. You are a beautiful ring of texture, quiet and humble full of their own.

Relationship color:

Heart you have a softer than anyone to the moon yellow, regardless of the Yin Qing round is silent waiting. The more you like a person, the more you have to quarrel with him. Whether you are a friend or a lover, if you love him, treat him like he is strict with himself. You need a tolerant person to forget the angry words that hurt people. You are like a tree like the earth, silently guarding the beloved relationship, small and weak people can attract you, you silently dedication do not seek return, for the true love of a person, you do not need flowers perfume, with the most precious days and life to give the relationship. (Recommend you: reread the Little prince: the world is beautiful because of the people you love )

Your love is not like the world firework, more resembles the spring water, the gentle wrapping.

The Pantone combination of capricorn : "I want you to be good" Liu

2015 Liu New album "I Want you to be good" through the years of Binghuangmaluan, leaving the memory of the tolerant Love song.

Character Color:

The calm red bean paste symbolizes you are reliable realist, dark salmon red is a endurance color, like the fish migratory year after night, no one than you know how to insist. Your sensibility and sensitivity are hidden, always silently filled with the sadness of the notebook. you are afraid of loneliness, lively is your only delusion. people see you always cool and don't care, who knows your heart is under the sky. Capricorn is a genius retaliation, revenge does not leak traces, in fact, their goodness is huge, bad is only the last trump card.

Relationship color:

Puff Peach is your weakness, you are the world's most do not know hate constellation, you are a fool coward in love, you do not like to rely on others, even love also want to haggle over their own gain and loss heart. You think you're the perfect plan, and you end up tied up by yourself. Often hurt, you said it's okay, you said Love is their own business. The subject of "I" to "we" is really hard for you. Let go of more reason, you need more desperate ideas. (Extended reading: We want to be loved, because we want a person to witness the life we used to be )

Dear, you are too can calculate, exercise self-discipline, how not to count your happiness in?