2016 Pantone unveiled a two-year color-- rose quartz powder and tranquil pink blue --that symbolizes gentle serenity. At the same time we also want you to find your own annual color! The Pantone color of the 12 constellation is coming, which color combination do you belong to? See the fire like a sign of the Soul 's Moving color! (Recommended reading "The illustration constellation" The Aries, the Lion, the archer: the destined aroma of the fire sign :)

The Pantone combination of the Aries: bailing under "2046" by Wong Kar-wai

The film "2046" bailing (Zhang Ziyi adorn) temperament domineering pampered, but also the most true feelings.

Character Color:

You are the one with the absolute and staunch, a temper like a fire, but a tear can be extinguished. Your world you are authority, in fact, your love and anger as publicity, but a light in the heart of the slow boil, a head out of the air. You like to point out mistakes and don't want to snub the justice of your heart. To say that you live very well, no one is more adept than you.

Relationship color:

Gold is your bright and comfortable, black is your not betrayal, your love and anger as strong. You are not perfect and magnanimous, not afraid of others to see your heart injury, at the same time, you will give the best to his dear. In the feelings you are also very blunt, with the idea can not wait. Aries do not believe in everlasting, only trust the present of love, every relationship you are worthy of the heart. Do not breach the promise of the Aries, even small things, can overturn his trust in you. (same field Gayon: own, not lose the beginning!) to a modern man with committed phobias.

Aries is the absolute possession, exhausted to protect what they want, fall in love with him, you have to practice to enjoy hypoxia.

Leo Pantone Combination: Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a film of the pursuit of the mind, with full courage to move forward.

Character Color:

You like Dorothy's innocence, with a blue Bell color shuttle arduous journey, and like her poppy bonus shoes, step out bright and cheerful. You only rely on their own skills, you noble, strong, eager to see the world your efforts charm. You are a dream of the conqueror, there is always a "world is not good" pride, want to take away your ideal than heaven is still difficult. You want to live like a king, you like your talent and whims, stubborn and firm, is your pocket the most full of life capital.

Relationship color:

Your love is like Dorothy's companion, Silver, straw, and lion color, so lightsome and stable, you like Mercedes-Benz and ideals. Leo loves to Adore, a love that transcends the spirit of the body. Your life is vast and your friends are lavish, and relatively speaking, there are fewer people who know that you have an extraordinary loneliness. You like to master the overall pleasure, even if it is ambiguous to win very happy. The person who loves you, wants to know with you the Mercedes-Benz, you never for who stays. The lion is naïve, unruly, lovable, after the crowd turns often the loneliest. (Extended reading: Another Life without loneliness )

If you love him, you will understand his stubborn weak, strong under the gentle.

Sagittarius Pantone combination: The Beast faction Revolution

The Beast pie was the first artistic revolution of the 20th century, with its tumultuous strokes like your unrestrained character.

Henri Matisse, "Woman with a Hat"

Character Color:

Israel orange and coral pink orange, pink lavender is free from the realism of color, used to depict painting scenery when the style of sway, like your living atmosphere and detached. No one can bind your freedom, you to all elegant and noble close, you want to live like a bluebird at ease. Your cleverness and stupidity are bipolar, and sometimes you are more powerful than anyone in your career, but you are a fool in your life. Few people understand the back of your gorgeous turn, in front of everyone, you are always so complete flawless. (Same field Gayon: from girls to women, to fall in love with their own six kinds of imperfect )

Relationship color:

Thick blue, Pombergon and Fluorite Green, is a decisive cut unnatural beauty, for the wild animals to send a riot of the screen to give lines, like the ideal of your love. Everybody says you are a playboy, you do not defend. You are very nostalgia, a bag, a CD you will spend several years. Archer once fell in love with a person will be deeply invested, not to care about the end of what to get; Archer easy to trust a person to say, said he is a playboy, perhaps he loved too seriously. Sagittarius is not stop to believe in love, they are extremely idealistic love, every time pay is the most sincere, every time love to do their best.

Love Archer, you must understand her unreserved and sublime admiration for love.