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From a girl to a woman, it's like a magical journey, except for the outward changes, more, the ups and downs of life, the simplicity and fortitude of the heart, and the wonderful change of softness. after the last chat girl to woman, we must have met five kinds of bad men , now let's turn the focus back to the women themselves; I want to ask you, are you satisfied with your present self? May rainy season let people mood become unstable, it seems more prone to pick their own problems: The face is not flawless, the arm line is not good enough, the nose more look more collapse, summer fast to the lower abdomen fat how still thin not go down .... This time let us talk about, from girls to women, how to learn to fall in love with their own imperfections, and cherish their unique! (Recommended reading:"My story, on my body," white spot syndrome female mold Chantelle, the United States should be defined by their own )

As long as it is a girl, it seems that no one does not like to take a magnifying glass to look at their face and figure, but have you ever thought that, unless the model, otherwise who has the leisure time, every day in the attention of other people's appearance changes? Recognize the fact that you and I are living in an imperfect world. We, who have entered society, may gradually begin to realize that the so-called "perfect" is only a pursuit of obsession, because it can not bring you long-term eternal happiness, nor guarantee the success of life, but also can not let you stop encountering failures and setbacks.

Paradoxically, even if you know that you are not perfect with other people, we still can't stop comparing ourselves to others. Unconsciously, we drift into a makeover, and continue to be trapped in the media and consumer culture created by the beauty equals XYZ's dead end. (You also want to know, when we can start to like ourselves?) )

Dear Girl, before you truly become a woman, you may not be able to avoid the experience, you can not completely fall in love with their own sense of loss. But what you don't know is that every time you try to change the imperfections in your eyes to "perfect", what you have in your body is different from what you've been doing. But this is not to criticize any change you have made for yourself, but is there a simpler and more permanent way to get back to pure contentment and happiness, except to deny the original self? In this fast-changing generation, it is not easy to be aware of the "self at the moment" from the bottom of my heart without being disturbed by the outside world.

But the harder it is, the simpler the solution is! Yes, a mature and truly intelligent woman, not only willing to give up the change of her appearance, but also in a calm and humble attitude, change that look at their true appearance of the heart. Now let Womany take you to appreciate yourself and see you in a different way. Because we are all different, and that ' s beautiful. (because we know: women, You're actually more beautiful than you think.

1. A natural sign

If there is a birthmark or a mole long in the body is particularly conspicuous, clothing can not easily obscured the position, such as lips, nose, or neck, or even those who grow on the face or buttocks of the freckles, on these parts of the skin, how do you think? Maybe you accept it on the surface but still don't like it, or feel a sense of leprosy, no matter what kind, now try to open their hearts to appreciate their appearance, and cherish the fate of it! (Extended reading: girl, how long has it been since you've loved yourself?) think about some people, perhaps there is no such mark on the body, but it does not see how special they are, and even spend more time looking for memorable points that can make people impress, but you don't even have to think about it, their existence has made you easy to see without effort. lengthen the timeline and you will understand that it is a very happy thing to be remembered easily.

If there is a difficult little inferiority complex, or deliberately want to hide their thoughts, try to gently put aside these unnecessary troubles, and pick up the mirror beside them and said to those signs: "You are so beautiful, thank you for making me special." (same field Gayon: your beauty is the Boss!) Raise your hand, woman's armpit photo set ) When you are willing to irrigate your heart to praise Energy, your beauty will emanate from within, and the freckles, moles and moles will shine twice in their place!

2. A slightly crooked smile

Do you like your smile? Some girls grow up to find out, the original smile of the mouth with the face of the facial features are not very aligned, may be biased point, it may be the proportion of the upper and lower lip is not balanced, or laugh will show the gums, incisors than other teeth prominent, or even laugh will reveal double chin ... Wait, so I don't like the look on my face when I laugh.

But because it is so true to smile, that smile has been in the first second to impress the people, not about the appearance of a smile, really do not damage your own beauty . Moreover, even if the envy of the female stars and models, there are many people do not smile like the average people expect the correct perfect? But people can still see their value and accept that it is the way she looks.

Embrace your most vivid smile, and you will create a kind of gorgeous magnetic field that you take for granted your true appearance.

Put down yourself, and bring to the world a little more joy and laughter, no matter what your smile look like, someone will really like and careful collection. More importantly, the smile is really contagious, so rather than worry about their smile is not beautiful, not as much care about the people around you have the same as you have the reason to smile, can bring others happy, absolutely more than their own smile is not beautiful and have a sense of accomplishment Oh! (Horse Practice:10 Good habits make you a forever smiling person )

3. Lack of limbs

The lack of complete limbs, or other organs, in general does not mean that your beauty will diminish. The part you lack is to deepen your own life toughness, and that toughness and perseverance, so that your beautiful more irreplaceable. Because of the broken heart of the loss, you are more than others know how to cherish, still have a heartbeat and healthy yourself. Maybe your appearance is different from others, but without you, the world will be less an inspiring force, also because see you do not give up the spirit, let a lot of wasted years of young life began to know how to cherish; Miss Awesome (great lady), please be proud of your body! (same field Gayon: The most authentic window model )

If occasionally also feel discouraged, listen to the same experience of life and death interrelated of the painting of the clan several meters how to say;

Everyone is a god bites an apple, are flawed, some people defect is larger, because God particularly like to love her fragrance.

Honey, let your fragrance spread all over the world!

4. Micro-convex alvine

Having a flat or practiced mermaid line of the lower abdomen is the ultimate goal of many women today, but in real life, but not everyone, can so easily get the wish. Because too lazy to insist on exercise, because the rest and sleep caused by abnormal diet, because of innate physique, because can't stand sweet food temptation, because ... There are a lot of reasons, let us always with "no excess fat perfect proportion of body" pass. But actually, the belly fat is really not so easy to eliminate AH! So, as long as it is not too fat to affect health, why can't we accept what we are now? (Even Barbie shouts: "I don't want to lose weight anymore." )

Some people may feel that this idea is a disguised negative or a failure mentality, but what really worth our reflection is, why do women have to spend a lot of time in the "flat belly" this matter? There are more things in life that we should spend time doing: to make life rich, to embrace the interests and preferences that have not been touched before, to enjoy every meal, to spend more time with family and friends, is it worth your while to invest in them? (See how she loves herself: who says Skinny Baba has a man to love?) and Scarlet Johansen together to make a plump beauty )

Appearance is life gives you the best arrangement, and the wonderful degree of life never need to rely on the lower abdomen is flat, whether the figure is attractive to decide; Such a life is still living in the eyes of others, happiness will only be lingering, to leave emptiness. For the opposite sex, a little belly of you may be more attractive than a woman with too slim curves. (Listen to what men say: a woman with a lower abdomen is actually the sexiest . But to be a lifetime no longer revolves around the body, only when you truly feel satisfied and accept yourself as well, you can really convince people that you still need to be thinner (that person is usually the closest to you).

From girls to women, to fall in love with their own six kinds of imperfections, please click the next page

5. Scars that are unforgettable

Ask the person beside you, who from small to large body has not had a few scars? May be a fall, acne, burns, and other accidents, in short, who can not escape the inevitable process. But what else can you do to get rid of it every time you see it, no more entanglements, and a smile to accept? (Extended reading: honesty in the face of "those miserable childhood") we know it's always easier to say than to do, but it's really not that difficult to stop spending a disproportionate amount of time looking at its existence and make it a part of your good life.

The first step is to find out why the scars are worth living. Every scar has its past, perhaps to the bitter, perhaps sweet and funny, no matter which kind, at least it is proved that people need to continue to grow up to try; the teachings of adult Linton are not enough to learn from mistakes, so that we can truly remember not to make the same mistake again. (or try to accept mistakes in a different way)

The scar on the leg is because not wearing a helmet and riding a bike fall, so you will never underestimate the importance of the helmet; think of your precious life only with a scar lessons on redemption, seemingly suffer, in fact, accounted for a good big cheap! The scar on the face is because of love to eat fried food but not temperance, but that also means that the toxins that accumulate in your body are suddenly being sensed and reminded that you should start eating more healthy foods to balance your body's nutrients, and what can you do with those scars compared to people who think they are physically fit, but then check to find cancer? (same field Gayon: All meals always outside?) Eight principles make you a healthy foreign food family

There is also the scar on the palm, because a certain year Valentine's Day, in order to make chocolate cake to boyfriend and accidentally burned by the oven, although the hands have become no longer delicate, but that is the most unique, belong to your Flower youth imprint; No matter how that relationship ends, Can not erase you have to give love and not afraid to hurt the brave and simple. These beautiful scars on the mark of life and Joys and sorrows, now look, whether it is more worthy of your careful collection, and no longer need to be eager to cover up the eradication of it?

Rub each scar well, because there are those who are now full of experience, double warm you.

6. Difficult to control natural volume

Why do we always want our hair to look good and tidy? Do you have a natural roll, or a special hard or soft hair, whether you always look not accustomed to their hair, but also willing to spend a lot of time and money, just to make their hair look normal? But no one will tell you the truth is, unless it is a star, need to show the perfect, or a little messy hairstyle, in fact, can really highlight your true and natural beauty!

Whatever your natural hair quality is, be assured that it is the most seamless combination with your facial features. If you still want to deny yourself, it is because you are still outside the temptation and the media to lead the nose, do not know what they have all already how to be admired. Say so, is not to limit your freedom to change your hairstyle, just want to let you know, even if not deliberately to find, to a certain age, you will certainly find the most belong to show the charm of the hairstyle and length; Natural volume has its charm, straight hair is also, and the most perfect balance point is: let yourself feel at ease. (As long as you want to: unlock 14 of the crux of life, let a lifetime of Freedom )

is not beautiful but comfortable, is the most suitable for your hairstyle, because the hairstyle can not gorgeous life, and ordinary is your most beautiful and moving appearance.

Finally, we would like to tell you: no matter which age, is a girl, is just transformed into a real woman, love oneself is everyone's life to face the lesson. The happiest woman, in fact, is to know the imperfect, but always cherish their own every kind of special people, because they know, that is God to give her, the most beautiful blessing. (The Ultimate method of happiness: change, let happiness reappear ) if enough, try to laugh at yourself in a different way! This not only allows you to be quicker to let go, also will know that others actually did not care about your imperfection as you thought, even more than you like your special. Remember the woman, the courage to do their own (be-you-tiful), is the most irreplaceable beauty! :)