A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. On this day of Christmas , you don't have to try your best to prove that single people live happily, happiness is their responsibility, do not have to pass to another person to guard. The mood of single and couple is approximate, have different walk path, in the end, are the people who want to be happy. (same field Gayon: single Diary: Happiness, is always their own responsibility )

Today is Christmas, you live in the city never snow, but people are more afraid of cold and loneliness, as if love is the only possibility of Christmas.

You stare at the gingerbread man in front of you, the most difficult day has been on Christmas Eve, fortunately this year is a warm winter, you do not particularly look for the winter embrace, do not have to prove that I love who, or I love myself.

Do not know when to start, you think with other people continue to explain "I am also very happy ah" very tired. Single groups As lovers of the experimental control group, always have to use up their strength to prove their good, in order to counter some kind of invisible oppression of society.

That oppression, from our unswerving and never doubt that "a person's happiness is always more than two people."

Later you tired, no longer clinging to the two yuan in the opposition to the defense, when people with ridicule or concern tone to ask you what the festive arrangements, you learn not to Bland not fire xiaoerbuda. You untie root angry, the mood is more gentle, the fact is not, no matter a person still two person, who can guarantee a lifetime happiness?

After the festival, there are still days to come.

Imagine meeting a person, walking into a relationship, you can have happiness, is always a person's laziness. A kind of surrender of their own happiness to the management of others lazy.

Single life is like this, there are happiness and unbearable, waiting and forward, sometimes you think a person is very good, sometimes you want another person. You never wait for someone to save you from being single, but to look forward to the fate of your love.

Love and not love, are absolutely amazing things. What about singles and couples, but we're all people who want to be happy.