single Diary is a new unit of female fans, with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. We talk about the possibility of a little more bravery in the face of love and not love. You love me or do not love me, tell me that we love or hate, the formation of soft and not afraid of pain in the flesh. (same field Gayon: single Diary: Happiness, is always their own responsibility )

If you love me, so hard to tell me. We are not empty and Wei Yi, we do not get hard to get, we do not observe the dating rules, we have to love, do not have to wait more days.

If I love you, I will tell you seriously. I will be eager to build relationships with you, I will be naïve to think of a long time, I will because you laugh like a child, I will learn for our gentleness, my life since there will be two of people's course.

If you do not love me, so honest tell me, we do not wronged ourselves, we do not reluctantly relationship, we do not adhere to a few years old to get married commitment, we have to separate, no longer painful life.

If I do not love you, I will sad to tell you. I am not good at living with you, I can not imagine two people, I do not want to waste our time, I will seriously let go for us. Between the universe, we can find other coordinates.

We do not hope to love, not afraid of destruction to hate. We want to love and hate, believe that there is a way to find the so-called absolute.

We're going to be crazy about it. Because love one time hurt, once again stitched, until the love domesticated you, hate can not eat you, we produce soft and nano-pain in the flesh, the force of love and not love absolute freedom.

I want to let you know, I can love you, also can not love you. Love is my most vulnerable and most powerful organ.

"The sober lover before the sinking, the sadness in the Century of love, The sleeping lover after kissing, the lonely dream of enjoying falling, warm and ashamed, not clear about." 」