I believe that before you enter this article, everyone will be wondering what channels this hundred and beautiful women have chosen to choose from!In fact, the list is published on a website called TC Candler, which has been 22 since 1990 and has attracted more than 25 million people from all over the world in recent years.

Unlike other general media, the list of TC Candler is not as high as a popularity contest, nor is it a competition for "sexy" or "most popular" titles.Each year, the TC Candler gathers information extensively before setting up the list, taking into account the tens of thousands of suggestions, and finally collecting all the terms and conditions. The only controversy is that of the beauty of the beauty of the modern ideal.

See here, everyone should be in a hurry to find out who is on the list.This is a special feature of the highlights of the first 100 Americans among the top 100 Americans and the top 10, as follows:


Ebihara Yuri

She once said, " I want to know why people don't think I'm cute, so I can make even better myself.TC Candler feels that such an attitude has made her perform well in the performing arts sector.This Japanese model/actor has injected new ideas into our Top 100 list.

57. Maggie Q

Maggie Q, Americans, Honolulu born, Asia-Europe mixed-blood, Hong Kong name Mould and film actress, American film actress.

The star who played in the film, Nikita, is also the current sexy star, and she is mature and beautiful and knows how to defeat her opponents.This is her first time on the list.

45. Jessica

A Korean American female singer, born in San Francisco, USA, is one of the nine members of the Age of Women's Groups, known to the people.

29. Qi Shu (Qi Shu)

TC Candler is only recently (New York, I Love You) knows this superstar because she is 29 years old when she was on the list.

12. Go Ara

is a high-profile South Korean actress and model who is expected to become a fixed base of Top 100 in the list of 21-year-old women.

Next, look at the top ten world beauty:

10. Carice Van Houten

9. Amber Heard

Amber should be bored with comparing himself with Kim Novak and Grace Kelly, and she presumably wants to be the next person who says she is classically beautiful, so let's welcome Amber to the list!

8. Tamsin Egerton

Three years of the Tamsin's six-year career has been the top ten in the list.She was born to be on the big screen and the red carpet.

7. " Marion Cotilllard

is an elite group of women in the performing arts, and Marley is the top ten again this year.Her role in the "La Vie En Rose" can also squeeze into the best performance of the top ten TC Candler, and next she will meet with everyone in the "The Dark Knight Riises" film "The Dark Knight".

6. " Chlom Moretz

This underage female star is the most recent new list on the list, after Natalie Portman, in 1990.She can be free and very good in the roles of drama, and TC Candler feels that she is one of the most successful women in the red carpet in recent years.

> > Artist: Super-kill Sout Klace Moretz (Chlo ë Grace Moretz)

5. Song Hye Kyo

4. Emily Browning Emily Browning

After seeing her two distinct films starring in 2011: "The Sucker Punch" and "Sleeping Beauty", the TC Candler knew that a new star was about to be born.Last year, she was ranked fourth.

3. Rihanna (Rihanna)

The Barbados female singer, who won the 50th Grammy Award in 2008, was the first Grammy Award for the Grammy Award.On February 13, 2009, Rihanna was beaten by her boyfriend Chris Kid, and all sectors of the community had different views on her injuries.

She has become one of the world's most famous figures, and her songs are unquestionably attractive, and music videos are also hot.This year is the third time she has come to the list, and is the best time for her.

2. Camilla Belle (Camilla Belle

An American actor who has performed in the 2000 Disney Channel

(Rip Girls), the 2005 Quiet killer, and the 2006 "When a Stranger Calls" film.

She was the champion last year.When she came out in 2005, TC Candler had already begun to lock her up, and she made her number six times, and this year she was the fourth one to be in the top six.

1. Emma

She also won the first time of her year when she was no longer "Melie".However, we can make sure that she has a strong performance, and that she will be a great player in the next few generations.She is also an ideal model for new women: smart, graceful, courageous, careful and modest, and TC Candler really can't think of any other better choice.Congratulations, Emma!

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