A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Finally go to this love eye-catching festival finally return-----year. We pretended to be busy under the fireworks and pretended to be satisfied in front of our friends. Looked up together to see the sky bright, next to the person, are not what you want. (same field Gayon: single diary: After Loving You, it becomes difficult to love others )

Every year, you stand in the big square looking up to the fleeting fireworks, in the psychological overlooking the farewell of a year. The bad days will pass, leaving a lot of the embers of the carnival, in retrospect it is only lightly hot heart.

12/31 when the end of the time, you are moved forward by the crowd, there are too much attention to the joy of your fear, everyone's overly friendly way of happy New Year, across the last second of the year next to the people do not embrace the kiss. These pleasures seem to form a stream of consciousness, you just see a lot of loneliness embellishment, how can they be so happy?

You never seem to be "them", so look up at the blooming night smile, tightly holding the other half of the hand can be full of hope for the future.

Looked up, looking at the sky full of smoke, nothing. In the crowd, you only feel the senseless lively and noisy loneliness. Close your eyes to see the golden Butterfly, the year with the stars he possessed, cool and hearty mist, and dim lights.

The MRT crossings are all blocked, everyone just want to rush home to sleep a good sleep, only you still sober not willing to drink goodbye Mengpo soup. The rubbish left on the ground after the carnival is so eye-catching, like your untimely mood.

Remember that the fireworks, no gorgeous sentimental performance, just a quiet bloom and extinguished, like his general thought-provoking. Festival is too crowded to disperse the crowd, fate is so wasted. say good-bye to a friend who is qixing and you want to walk home.

"Meet a fireworks show, with a cycle of time, purple MSI flow, too late to say good-bye." --Faye Wong (fleeting)