A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. This time, you look at the people around you and the whole world busy together, as if at the beginning of a year, the end of a person, is a sin. But you know in the heart, if the fun is not better, you can choose to hold hands with yourself . (same field Gayon: Single Diary: We are all, want to be happy people )

You have been very accustomed to a person, after more than 20 years old, you finally learn to refuse, learn the original is only with their own date, can not be easily canceled. You do not choose to be withdrawn, but rather a person to stay at home, to see the new purchase of the book, see Download to the computer for a long time but has not opened the film, also do not want to go to the thought of the feel uncomfortable dinner.

You're not going to be so busy at the beginning of the year and the end of the year because you know that the weight of each day is always equal for 365 days a year.

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Looking at the people around because of the seasonal replacement and the arrival of the festival and get distracted, desperately looking for a bright green point in the face book, as if to find a person to spend 10 minutes can solve the immediate worries, but also longevity. You just want to turn off all communication software and make a quiet cup of coffee for yourself. Because you know, you are on your way, go to where you want to go, no matter people, no one, this road must go.

Your stubbornness comes from your protest against the world. You do not want to go where they have been, do not want to use their cups, do not want to sleep in the bed they slept, do not want to hug their lovers hugged. So you try harder to walk on your own way, because you don't want a life that someone else has lived. You want to be yourself.

Knowing the end of the road is the only reason you live. You want to go one day, you dare to go to where they have been, with their cups of water, sleeping in their bed, with their hugged lovers hug. Then, by then, you will realize what freedom is.