Love an independent woman , you will be a little hard. Because she is very special, especially to you can not resist, unable to use any of the past skills to soothe her. If you are an independent woman, love a person is not easy for you, you have to redouble their efforts to put down, to understand, to experience. About love, you two have to practice together. (Recommended reading: Zhang Hang, chan, Wei!) Eight reasons to fall in love with an independent woman )

There is a kind of girl is very annoying, also let a person move. She was too independent to walk, and met you, she does not seem to fall easily. She was independent and stubborn, and wanted to be patient in her real feelings.

Please do not fall in love with such an independent woman, because you will be injured and distressed for her. If you want someone to please you, she is not likable, only telling you the real gory opinions, if you like sweet words, her love silence is very dynamic, if you need a sense of vanity, she will never let you control and possession.

But if you accidentally meet a girl like this and you are not careful to be fascinated by her, or if you happen to be such a girl, I think that the following nine points will help you to talk about a freer relationship:

1. She's not used to relying on others.

She will hesitate to ask you for a favor, and she'll snatch it back. Why is she always aloof or polite? This she developed a hands-on habit, everything is good, everything is strong, is the people around a little bit of trust.

She used to rely on herself, perhaps the injury taught her not to rely on too much, such tenacity may be in the first contact accidentally hurt you, but her strength and autonomy is valuable, no one more than she knows self-reliance, for their own responsibility. You have to wait patiently she is willing to show the softness of the heart, she is worth you to take a long time to dismantle scars, slowly grow. (Recommended reading: a love letter to a future boyfriend: we will meet, in the best of life )

2. You can't touch what she's thinking.

"Once a key is struck out, one day it will find something that it should open." Mythic "The Magician on the overpass"

She may have some reservations about a relationship, and at the beginning, it's not easy to see the things and thoughts that are really important to her, and the fragility of the conversation. You need to spend a lot of effort, climbing over her heart, but you must not be discouraged or panic, because when you are working hard, she also very hard from the abyss of their own heart slowly crawl out, and you talk about a trust of love.

Love is through the barren hills after the Shia, let you wait for melting snow, she tried to open the atrium, you do not give up to find the key.

3. Please respect her solitude.

She is used to and enjoys being alone and has no reason to give up this life, so do you. Your importance to her, and her need for a person's time does not conflict, she needs to spend the effort to explore the collision alone, in reading to get the peace of mind, in the film vent their tears, running metabolic work pressure. (Recommended you see: She brought you to grow together!) 9 reasons to be happier with girls who love to read

Many times, she needs to be complete and not foil anyone, no need to refer to who's emotional time. Please support her solitude and become like her to defend her loved ones.

4. Sometimes her "ego" hurts.

"Forgive my stubbornness, I will accidentally hurt you." Can you gently remind me, although my heart is too anxious, more afraid to miss you. "Courage"

She always trusts herself the most, so when the advice comes, she may need to spend a lot of time understanding. Independent she always needs to be most concerned about her own ideas, not conflict or communication. Even she did not understand the quarrel, simply to deal with the Cold War bad mood.

When you see her, in fact, when she pricked up the Thorn, the heart also closed to breath. She is so used to all things to develop her own meaning, if you want to control her thoughts, she will worry about their own changes in the way. You need to spend more time communicating, but as long as you're willing to talk about it, relationships are healthy.

5. She's afraid of being obsessed with love.

Do not be too willful, to cherish, remember that you have emotions, others have, to more cherish the inclusion of your small emotions.

Liu "I dare to be alone in your arms"

When you are together, you will find that she seems very not accustomed to someone to take her shoulder, holding her hand to cross the road. Yes, because she always leads herself and is embarrassed by your eagerness. She has to work harder than others to give a sense of security.

Falling in love is a great turning point for a solitary woman, and you may be able to observe the rhythm that best suits her, and practice with her to become "us" from "Me". Love for her is not the Arabian Nights is a ghost legend, is not the heart is not touched is broken, she was trembling, only to have a better love. (Hey dear: She brought you to grow up together!) 9 reasons to be happier with girls who love to read

6. She's occasionally aloof.

This is not ambiguous, but she worried too close to the collision of love evil or ugly. She may be away from you for a short time, not because she doesn't like you, but because she needs to evaluate her feelings and figure out what she really wants.

She always doubts the world, not easily trust everyone, everything, win her trust requires your sincere patience. If She starts trusting you and is willing to tell you her honest thoughts, don't blame her for not knowing the white lies, because it will be her total trust and sincerity.

7. She's stubborn.

Loneliness is freedom, it can make people fly freely. But before you fly, you must let go of the gravity that you have always known-the power to hold you in your hands to protect you. You must go, you must forsake, you must leave, you must be selfish. Say no to all dear or heartfelt abhorrence.

Hu Qingjing, "The abuse of Love"

She is too stubborn, sometimes it is a clumsy. She is used to doing one thing and a job with all her might, and it is worth your learning and respect, and the positive attitude of her life is definitely the nourishment that you grow up together.

I think you love her pride, you will understand her stubbornness, you love her self-confidence, you will understand her reluctance to compromise the silly. Sometimes, with such a girl's life, you will be around a lot of long distances, eat a lot of pain, relatively speaking, you will also get others can not understand the sweetness and scenery. (Extended reading: The best love lets you grow!) Seven love exercises out of the comfort zone

8. She doesn't need you, she just wants to be with you.

This way, you are you, I am me, not without you can not, but have you better.

Zhang Hao me and the world only one you

For her, the original motivation to be with you is not because of the need for you, she just like your lovely sincerity, like with you in the free, irrelevant conditions. She never gave her life to another man, she enjoyed being with you rather than expecting a feast and flowers from you.

You will find it difficult to send her, and occasionally her "a person is also very good" gesture to let you down: then what is the significance of us together? Dear, you should be more familiar with her free soul, she wants to Pentium, want to not be tied to reality. "I love you, you are free", and practise to find a balance in such a relationship.

9. Talk to her about a single relationship.

Freedom is worth more than love, so if it destroys freedom because of love, it is not worthwhile, love can be lost, but freedom to stay, the value of freedom is higher.


Please do not try to change her, please do not say to her: "If you like other girls so cute rely on the good." "Hey, you forget that's the reason you fell in love with her because she always ran away from the comfort zone because she didn't stop reading the world and grew up." (Recommended reading: hug your inner child!) To always ask oneself to be strong and independent of you )

If you manage her communication and life as if you were managing the ledger, your savings are just a guarantee. Let her not stop chasing, be proud of her independence. What you need is not a promise, but a tacit agreement that laugh.

I have always liked the phrase "Jane Eyre": "Get along with him, never tired, he and I get along with the same, as we are beating in their own chest of the heartbeat is not tired of the same." As a result, we always stay together. For us, being together is as free as being alone. 」

Love To accept, not endure, to support, not dominate , love is to know how to hold hands, but also to let go.