This article is from Adam Rapoport: The Editor of Current Food Magazine Bon Appetit, a fashion editor of GQ, a male fashion magazine.The following is what he said about his New Year's "Eat." Let's hear it together!

A new year, new self, although this is a bit exaggerated.Just a few months ago, my wife had three days of cooking meals: a lot of squeezed juices, vegetarian snacks, no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol -- I couldn't help thinking: 40 or so I should be at least to be healthy.(Most healthy: It's good and good!)())

Although I'm not a kind of intransigent, there's a lot of food that I don't want to touch when I'm 86.Well, now it's time for you to make a choice.The following are my suggestions:

Say no to the bread flour (sometimes)

A nutritive friend may say that refined bread is bad for a certain degree, but if I'm in Los Angeles' Mozza or Roberta's in Brooklyn, I still have pizza-chew, crisp, and so on -- and I don't have a gluten free toner when I'm going to make Italian cuisine on a cold Sunday afternoon.What about the other time?I would make breakfast or lunch sandwiches with a multigrain toast (see fifth point), and I even had a muffin with a muffin, and I didn't eat pong or a French club for breakfast (unless I was in Paris).

& Grain is a good friend

seems to be the only one in the office that loves the quinoa seed (quinoa, food crops grown in high altitudes in Argentina, South America, high nutrition, and drought-tolerant).The protein elements that have been eaten by South Americans for a long time are important food for the ancient Incas, known as the "mother of grains".In the winter, my wife and I will take the seeds of Kuvera and roots and vegetables together to fry, sell garlic, and then sell it to the blue, and finally, a little bit of incense.In summer, we like to mix the wheat, the cooked tomato, the cucumbers with some fresh herbs.The two dishes are more healthy to the body than stew potatoes, and frankly they are as good as they are.( delicious cooking recipe recommendation: oil seal tomato )

Three and drink.

When I end a day of work and return home, I can't help but open a bottle of vodka in a bottle of excellent Sancire wine, or a bottle of vodka that contains some of the concentration of grape juice and the club's club that is common in the club.But do I really need these things every night?I decided I wouldn't raise a glass every day from now, up to two times a week.(The brutal truth: Wake up!

Coffee time for

This is a difficult one to do.Although I look forward to the afternoon ice, I have red eyes full of blood, but I also look forward to the red eye in the morning (with a cup of espresso coffee with a Starbucks Coffee Maker plus a cup of enrichment). It really takes a lot of caffeine, whole milk, sugar, and money.You can't drink coffee later this afternoon (unless I am in Italy).(Sibling: What is Coffee so fragrant?

back to meat

Yes, I love meat, but I am also picky.The salted meat freezer and the Grand Hanpu are not even attractive to me.When eating at lunch, I must have a sandwich: Whole wheat bread cru pear, cut cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes (season limits!)If I had to eat meat in 2012, it would have been dinner time after work, because I could buy food from a familiar meat dealer and take care of what he wanted.(Recommended: [Zheng Dorian Skinny diet] tomato salad salad )

Today, I won't say that any health food is healthy in nature, with a focus on the occasional use of a bully, rather than ordinary, chicken or beef with ribs.This kind of eating is better for the body, and the taste is better.So, what is the request?Eat it! Delicious cuisine recipes: Hung Qu Taste of the Blow Bull Grice

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