The 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony will be held at 2/29 8 o'clock in the morning, Leonardo di Capio, Addiry de Man, Matt Damon, Kate Blanche , Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet are on the shortlist. 2016 You should not miss a few movies are here, together to see the movie wonderful dialogue left our aftertaste! (Recommended reading:12 Classic love movie Confession: Love is to see the advantages, love is to accept shortcomings )

The Oscars were particularly lively, with Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo di Capio, Addiry de Man, Matt Damon, Kate Blanche, Jennifer Laurence and Kate Winslet all on the shortlist. One of the shortlisted nominations for the 50 's American romantic romance, "because Love You", "Danish Girl", "Ghost Hunter", "Jedi Rescue", "breaking focus" and so also shortlisted for many items.

2016, fortunately there are these movies with us to understand the world, edited the 88th annual Oscar shortlisted movie quotes, and you share the movie memorable life monologue!

God-Ghost Hunter: Death is the will of life

"I have no fear of death, for I have died." 」

Leonardo to the "ghost hunter" for the third time to win the Golden Globes, in the Golden Globes Awards "ghost Hunter" won the drama category Best Film, director, actor 3 Award, he also took this momentum forward Oscar. Crazy and passionate interpretation of the 19th century U.S. border ethnic group story, it is a world full of bloody hunting, in addition to the big scene and the shock of survival techniques, but also tied to the protagonist of the "Home" Miss. There was no "home" waiting for him to return, but his wife and son gave him the mental strength to climb the Wild glacier.

In his speech at the Golden Globes, Leonardo the prize to the Aborigines: "It's time for us to recognize our history and protect this beautiful land from being exploited by the interests of the consortium and the exploitation of the people." "This film surrounds the intimate relationship between the environment and people, in the face of nature, mankind should do is not a challenge, but accept." In pursuit of the journey of flesh and Blood, the protagonist with love burst out of the vengeance will, step by step toward homeward. This is a strong death breath pang 礡 film, but we are all born with tenacity, out of the cinema.

Because love you: Touch the world through your hand

"I don't care how they look, I just need to hold her hand in order to feel alive." 」

"Because Love You" (Carol) rewrite to the American contemporary female writer Patricia Highsmith works "The price of salt". In the 50 's America, the married Carol fell in love with the young Therese Belivet, the lesbian affair in the class and the family tension, those ambiguous eyes more precious. The film is like a sweet poison, with the peculiar sadness of classical love, depicting the exquisite of the woman in intimate moment.

"To touch the world through your hands" is a deep and heartbreaking confession, Carol, stroking this young face and saying, "You are like an angel from the universe." "That is the most sincere love after the calm of the climax." We are alive, it is rare to fall madly in love with a person. Life is to be loved in spite of despair. (same field Gayon:"Because love You" great times maid The Depression mania with love: I love you, I crazy for you )

Danish Girl: If I wasn't me, who would it be?

"I have a few people in my life, and you've got two." 」

The wife of Lily's Elbe said to his transsexual husband, Love is accepting all your face. How much does it take to be a woman? The finalists of the film seems to have a general rule, aftertaste of the past century, always meaningful and poignant. The whole film is like oil painting, again and again thick daub oneself, strong thick. Addiry de Man Interpretation in the 19th century Einar Mogens Wegener, from this name to Lily Elbe, he would rather abandon the whole old life, only to gaze at the moment of their own women body.

When he gazed at his wife, he was delusional. This movie is more like a inquiry with your soul. If we live in a time when, like Lily, is being beaten as a schizophrenic and "strange", are we willing to live ourselves? To die, but also death in their own appearance, it is Lily's life and her deep respect. (Recommended reading:"Danish Girl" Addiry de Man dress up!) Three new generation actors for drama breakthrough

Breaking focus: Somebody has to turn the lights on.

"News events are very easy to forget, we spend a lot of time in the dark, when the spotlight is bright, all the wrong stalls are in front of us, we will blame each other, and this report will have an immediate impact on people's lives, which is the meaning of our news." 」

It's a movie that comes out of the theater with a whole world of disappointment and anger and an attempt to change. Climbing the true News world, the film is a step-by-step revelation of the Boston Catholic Church's scandal over the sexual assault on children. It was a painful truth, and when all the media peers were vexed and hesitant about the reports, it was a matter of interest, and Boston had endured such absurd deeds for years. All the victims, even if they are audible, are ignored, and all evidence, even if they exist, cannot do the truth.

What is the moral of being a media? In the broadcast it is hard not to associate with the world we live in today, and to be covered with unsightly scars. News media, confrontation is never a person, a wrong, but the whole social structure. Conscience, will not go fast, but can go far, but also the collective survival of the most important way out. Even under the pressure of environmental power, focus groups to pursue the truth, not to report, that is the media vocation.

Crazy Max Rage way: Power makes people insane

"As the world collapses, everyone falls apart in his own way. It's hard to tell who's crazy ... It's me or them.

No marginal yellow sand, no free territory, when the immortal old Joe of the extreme sex of the empire gradually disintegrated, all the imagination and redemption so as to be seen at the end of the sunrise. It was a world of rage, all order, with the most violent, high-handed, authoritarian ways of architecture.

Women in that world, not "seed mother", is to remove all of their feminine characteristics, performance and men are generally tough. Who drives the world crazy, who runs out of all living resources? Not a man or a woman, but a power. Survival is a chase, but the only way to get out of the fear of the world is to rule out your own privacy. (Extended reading:"Queer movie Perspective" The male-activist anxiety, the woman's "Rage Way")

Short selling: The scariest thing is not failure.

"The wrong thing always comes out, when do we forget this eternal truth?" 」

Will the recession be just a hoax? How are we going to fight the whole tilt system? One sentence says: "When the whole world is silent, you just make a sound and everyone hears it." "See how the protagonists confront the Wall Street system and let those who have the resources get the hard lessons."

When the financial world tries to simplify people into simple numbers, a single directive by the authorities can create hundreds of families. A stake in the future of the scam, let them waste five or six years of youth, disturbed in the credit evaluation and floating interest rate differences, it seems that they can only devote themselves to this game, victory at the same time, so that they also become their own annoying people. The most terrible is not failure, but the loss of human nature.

Jedi Rescue: The smallest, tenacious existence in the universe.

"I never noticed how quiet it was on the fire star. There is no space suit, no sound for the operation of sustenance equipment. Even their own heartbeat can hear clearly ... 」

Whether you are a fan of astronomy or not, you will be fascinated by this film, fascinated by the loneliness of living in the universe and the ecstasy of the survivor. Lost together in Mars, and the protagonist through the lonely days of No life, small rover, almost his whole world, where loaded with the mood of the great sorrow exultation, he looked at the Earth, his own humorous comments on the distant things.

Desperate loneliness with lively disco dance, the entire statement of the mark in adversity to amuse people and the survival of the wisdom, like life in the bottom of the smile. Look at the Martian car alone on Mars, the vast surface of Mars as a small worm, the vast universe, life is so small but tenacious.

Non-existent Room: Farewell to the heart of the small room in order to embrace the world

"Honey, after you go out, you will fall in love with this world." 」

"Nonexistent room" adapted from the New York Times ten Good Books "room" to shock the world's "Austrian kidnapping" as the blueprint, the script to the original novel author fencing, gently tell the parties rescued before and after the problems encountered, despite the tension, but everywhere full of hope and strength. Brillasen also won the Golden Globe Award for the best actress drama, we also look forward to her at the Oscars to be sure!

The protagonist has been trapped in a small room for seven years, with the world to refuse, and even there to give birth to a child jack. The small room is Jack's world, he and his mother in the game, Life , never realized that this is a cage to imprison them. On the five birthday of Jack, two people rely on the excellent tacit understanding and trust between mother and son, planning a bold escape plan. Every man is born to explore the world from the smallest room. Although the room is safe, it is not free to accompany the safety. Go to the theater to see a movie, with Jack to escape the cage of life. (Recommended: "Non-existentRoom": The woman's name, not only the mother )

Spy Bridge: It's not wrong to do the right thing.

"At this time, you can only believe what you have done, other people's views are not important." 」

The Spy Bridge, directed by "e.t Aliens" and "Jurassic Park" Stephen Shi, is in the context of the Soviet Union's espionage war. During the Cold War, the U.S. military U2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in the execution of the mission was shot down by the Soviet Army, U.S. lawyer James was hired by the CIA, as a representative of the Soviet Union negotiations to rescue the hijacked reconnaissance aircraft pilots, and thus was involved in the Cold War storm.

The most profound is that James's awe-inspiring, even facing the enemy, still cherish the "people", he is like the embodiment of the spirit of the American fine Constitution, and the high professional and spiritual for the client- Soviet spies to do a pragmatic defense, although in a strong wave of public opinion lost, or the fight to protect his client's life. life, no good or bad, that is our political tension in the situation, see the most valuable freedom.

Flip Happiness: Happiness Is persistence

"I believe that ordinary and extraordinary meet every day, I have real ambition and creativity, to practice." 」

Jennifer Laurence won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress in music or comedy, and said to director David O Russell, "Every time I stand here, it's because of you." "Flip happiness" at the end of the year the courage to release, by Jennifer Laurence (Jennifer Lawrence), Blaidlicoupe (Bradley Cooper) starring. "You don't think the world owes you anything, and the world owes you nothing," he said. "We always have a little less action on the dream of practice."

"Flip happiness" talk about a single mom Joey, how to overcome the life of all sorts of not smooth, invented the Magic Mop, created his own career. Her relentless pursuit of dreams, not smooth, but not compromise, not lucky but not admit defeat. If people want to live well must have something extraordinary, that is probably the insistence. By sticking to a thing you like, you always have integrity. (Extended reading: Live for yourself!) "Flip happiness" awareness of the psychology of Dream Practice )

Love in a foreign land: miss, bring people back to the real home

"You will be as good anywhere." 」

Adapted from Kom Tobin's famous novel Brooklyn, in the 50 's when everyone was in the American Dream, Alice Lacey, an Irish girl, left her hometown to pursue a new life, leaving for New York, where she settled in the immigrant's gathering place, Brooks. The story is written about leaving, missing and Anchao raging love. In strange places, how do we identify ourselves with a pair of enthusiastic eyes?

"Where do we Belong?" And who does it belong to? "Is the constant question, the main story revolves around the heroine" family loyalty and disagreement "," Find a Home and identity "topic, after all, she must define her own" family ", that one field, not anyone to him, only the heart of the place, can be called home. Not only to go home, but also "return" the hearts of the most real, comfortable and comfortable to become their own position.

To share with you in the Oscar finalists in the performance of the bright-eyed film, every detail, is the life of the refining space, every story, is the real pain. Let us in the scars, count the beauty of love, in the Blood and tears, embrace every rebirth. (You will like:2015 classic movie quotes: Grow up not terrible, terrible is forgotten )

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