About Chan such a woman, she is always cold, sing out of the song is extremely warm; she doesn't want to be an idol, she just wants to be the listener's best friend . We like her to take us from the meaning of travel to the "Back to Havana," with a long time to boil a understanding. Her humble modesty, which is still constant after her passing through the world, is often the best gift her fans have ever heard. (Recommended reading: Zhang Hang, chan, Wei!) Eight reasons to fall in love with an independent woman )

Chan appeared in "LEZs 20" January magazine, slowly to the hope of gay rights: "I hope everyone can be honest about their feelings, can find their own bosom friend in the crowd, I hope we can support each other, continue to walk slowly." "The language is firm and gentle, accompany is Chan give the world the deepest blessing." High school in the girls ' college she was very early on the gender awareness, also said: "Compared to their own marriage, more happy to see gay marriage legal." 」

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Chan Love has always been so detached, like the flowers independent of the beauty of the world. for many people, Chan is like a riddle, she only brings her creation, can not on TV, not propaganda, neither. She doesn't use the internet and if she wants to find her, she'll come to the scene. The scene, is Chan most likes to face the populace the way of speaking. A lot of people say, Chan is too slow, she replied: "The world is too fast." "

Slow down, let's listen to a few songs, talk to Chan, and start a new exercise with the chisel marks left after falling down in the world.

Practice one: It is necessary to grow up on the road of Loneliness

" gradually become adults of us, fortunately every day has the opportunity to become better people. "-- Chan " is not on the Other side .

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after 16 years, six albums, six singles, and countless tour concerts, Chan published his first text book, not on the other side. A fragment, a phrase, left in the journey. She said she was never perfect, not so lofty, but not so understanding of the sophisticated. In this book, Chan frankly his flaws and clumsy, although we are not perfect, but fortunately, we all have the ability to better.

"Photography is the essence of loneliness." A camera can only have a pair of eyes behind it, a shutter only to the finger. 」

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Besides music, her favorite is photography. Five years ago she went to Cuba free, set the first album "Back to Havana", the moment of photography, let him feel close to freedom. Chan took the camera to walk and stop, the life is always delicate, as she did in 2013 sound collection plan, included the voice of the aircraft, Taipei morning Voice, carrying the radio equipment to collect the voice of the world corner of the story. (Extended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learning to own a person, to enjoy the plural life )

Practice Two: Do what you like, and life makes sense.

"As long as the heart is free, everywhere is free." 」

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For Chan, the guitar is his freedom, the first time in college to participate in the competition, he said that the time to know "in life, guitar such things, can not put down the way." 」

As a public figure, Chan live wayward, she sang a gesture, not acting on the stage, but sharing a time, after the guitar, Chan not publicity life. Her freedom, led her to the place to go.

The one thing that we can never please everyone and do for ourselves is to focus. Focus on your needs, your desire, you come to the world want to accomplish one thing, as Chan hopelessly romantic, romantic can not be eaten, but let the soul full: "The posture of freedom, is to do their favorite things, let like things valuable." "(You would like: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

"If success is high, then success is the flight of the loser," he said. I want to dedicate this song to those who have been constantly cycling between effort and frustration, but have refused to give up, I hear your voice, thank you. "--2013 Taipei Little Giant Egg" The song of Time "

happiness, can not be like picking vegetables, the best to save the last. I like her to say: "Again faint of oneself, is also a person general soft, also have the burden that cannot afford." Keep the present happiness to the future. I've done it before, but the taste of happiness is out of shape. 」

happiness is worth being happy in that moment. Perhaps let us be arrogant loser, put down let oneself not happy pursuit, every steadfast step in their own feet under the story, it is worth drinking. Accept oneself is a like ordinary person, accept oneself not so need "success", if your body is still wandering, the heart is still in pain, start this trip of the loser fly. (Recommended reading: a letter to the 23-Year-old: After recognizing the nature of life, still love life )

Exercise three: Give time more gentle distance

"Sometimes distance is a force, and it's worth waiting for something to prove you're trying." 」

Regardless of time distance, space distance, heart distance, we have to learn to wait. When writing the song "Distance", Chan is fascinated by Einstein's theory of relativity, thus associating the relationship of love. Space distance more distant time, the heart began to fantasize, Miss, but close to the.

"We all use the old life in the new days, with each recall, and also treasured memories full of your next expectations." 」

"Every day is a new practice, with tomorrow to change the lost." "Every day is a practice"

Every period of history, the way to go, there are reasons, every vacant moment, is the arrival of the future existence. Through a lot of hugs, liberation, tenderness, pain, we come here, no one can independently rely on any memories of the nutrients to live, we climbed the lines of scars, just become the present. Again regret once, regrets up all is meaningful.

Exercise four: Be attentive to yourself

"I know that the difficulty of life is far more than any performance. Because, I hope in no one sees corner, I also can behave beautifully to let oneself appreciate. 」

Our experience of life and our portrayal of ourselves are often second-hand. Because of the advertisement, know how beautiful is good, because read the media, know what behavior is moral, because of the magazine, imagine oneself imitate a certain success. When the samples of life are all collected from other people's taste imagination, "oneself" seems to have copied the life of others.

Occasionally we forget to clap for ourselves, to be the first audience in life. Life is hard to do, and when the world tries to change you, be more attentive to yourself. (Extended reading: write to us who are still growing up: Learn to tease yourself and live a gentle life )

"I see you." I can still see you in the crowd. See your growth, see your confusion, your dependence and your hope. In the place where we grow together, let me hold the time with you here. 」

Chan to all the listeners, like every song of hers, touches the softest depths of our hearts. The singer's relationship with the listener is like love. I will see you, I know the wrinkles of your soul, I can smell your unique breath, I know the confusion in your eyes.

Chan to understand the world's lonely people, but also let us understand the loneliness of each other.

With their own sadness and story, came to Chan song, like a poem still time, let the heart sincerity field for others. Thanks for her sincere creations, with stubborn suspicion. She is so quiet, but the hustle and bustle of all the lonely people in the heart have made a return, lively world appearance. You like Chan, because she has always been a serious singer, humble living people. As you want to live.