The former female fan discussed the gender policy of the three presidential candidates , and it is not difficult to find out that three political parties are vague about the future of Taiwan's gender , and that they will always "get out of the table" by observing the gender issues in their political publication, serving women and shouting gay slogans to become " Bonus points "of the assists rhetoric. (Recommended reading: restaurant women, nude movies, love playing beauty card sex attack What's the problem?) )

13th, the Women's News Foundation held the "gender politics is not articulate, the three parties to make a major assessment of the work" press conference, put forward the gender omission of the three-party politics. They think Tsai in the 2012 presidential election has advocated the "White Paper on Gender policy", this election, but no one-party presidential candidates put forward a complete gender politics.

Next, let's move on to the gender field from women's knowledge: parenting, long photos, labor, companionship, and attention to the candidate's political views.

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"The long picture of the rearing"


  1. In order to promote the operation of social welfare commitment to support, long shine, women's employment triple care policy to improve the reproductive environment. (Source:7/18 DPP press release )


  1. Public support policy: 1, flexible use of idle space: the full utilization of the small number of children out of the school space, a large number of public support services. 2, to promote the maintenance industry: combined with the technical and vocational education, to create professional employment opportunities, so that more parents can ease employment. 3, the release of Women's labor force: the Government to promote the establishment of a public support center, not only to take care of the children, but also to let young parents do not worry about the future to fight. (Origin:11/07 Kuomintang official website )


  1. We encourage the establishment of local long-picture social enterprises to help social and enterprise to participate in volunteer work, and gradually reduce the proportion of the long-term photo of foreign workers. (Source:9/13 fan Page )
  2. To promote the work of the elderly, can participate in long photo, support, care, environmental protection and community services, but also to assist the community in the operation of inconvenient old people's feeding and shopping items (source:9/13 fan Page )
  3. Full distribution of 30,000 yuan to give birth bonus (source: official website )

"Work in the workplace"

The three parties did not propose specific political views related to workplace gender equality and women's labor rights and interests. Zhulilen has mentioned in his political views: "fair treatment for female workers: fair treatment for female workers." "But no concrete measures." (Source:10/28 Kuomintang press release )

However, Tsai put forward the policy of gender-related disorders, which aims to shorten the work rate and income gap between female and male barriers, and to strengthen the job redesign of the handicapped in the public sector. Is the only candidate who puts the "female barrier" forward, policy publication includes: "Strengthen the early aging and average Yu Min of people with physical and mental disorders as a basis for policy planning, develop fitness activities suitable for different types of barriers, age and sex, and provide nutrition counseling; provide enough information and support for women who are handicapped, To uphold their reproductive rights and health. "(Source:9/2 official website )

In the campaign, the three-party candidates ignored the current gender status in Taiwan's workplace. The modern women's foundation counts 29.2% women who feel sexist when seeking employment, 45.3% on equal pay for work, 42.6% women in the workplace ceiling, and 24% on women who suffer from pregnancy discrimination. [1]

Workplace pregnancy discrimination and equal pay for women and men are still serious, women in the workplace to face not only the inauguration of the threshold, but also low salary, the assignment, more because of "marriage has family" factors become the first choice for layoffs. (same field Gayon:Lean in X McKinsey: workplace equality is not just 1:1 for men and women )

"The policies currently put forward by the three-party candidates lack the gender care to distribute justice," he said. Three said that they should actively join the various economic and trade agreements, but do not discuss the impact of economic and trade liberalization on SMEs, vulnerable workers, farmers, fishermen and so on, and they do not see the proportion of women and gender analysis in these industries, and they do not see the matching measures to assist women and disadvantaged groups. Annuity reform uproar, but because the above government in the care of justice and labor norms of the abdication, leading to many in the workplace on the edge, returned to the family to take care of the responsibility of women, their late years of economic security worries, also do not see the three-party candidates come up with specific policies. Zengzhaoyuan (Senior researcher of the Women's Update Foundation), Shen Xiuhua (director of the Women's Knowledge Foundation, associate professor, Institute of Social Studies, Tsinghua University) [2]

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  1. Commitment system reform, support for multiple families Three bill, published: "In modern society, the composition of the family can be multiple, and different forms of family, should be equal and reasonable legal protection, please join together to support the plural family three bill." 」。 (Source:2013/9/6 fan Page )
  2. To the gay rights, the rainbow sign to support the United States to release the Constitution through same-sex marriage legal, but for Taiwan's legislative dilemma expressed the need for sustained social dialogue. "The United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legitimate in the United States, DPP presidential candidate Cai English said that the U.S. has gone a long way with a long period of social dialogue, Taiwan faces the same problem, Taiwan needs constant, rational social dialogue, narrowing social differences." "[3]


The declaration will promote the "companion law", that both same-sex or common-law partners should enjoy the rights and obligations in the marital relationship. (Source:1/13 )

Cai English to "rational communication" to support the plural Family Act, the Kuomintang in the women's new knowledge after the introduction of a companion law. "Multiple families" like a hasty slogan, lack of real short-range development and planning.

From other policies not hard to find, the candidate's lack of vision for the future family and partners in Taiwan is still based on "traditional family values", for example, James Soong has encouraged women to return to family values by giving birth to red envelopes, and this time the candidate's "service for Women" policy also sees that women's rights are still at stake. Make up "behavior, make up for women lost in the family value of life. A relatively vague future commitment to the development of gender career.

Even if a candidate has a "marriage equality" and a "maternity guarantee" check, we expect a "breakdown" under the cheque, a policy that is more geared towards the contemporary gender lifestyle. No matter who is in power, women fans feel that the following two points should be put into the future ruling direction.

What we want is not compensation, but an equal opportunity to compete.

Many people will say: "Taiwan's gender equity is equal enough, what do you want?" 」

Establishment of a Gender Work Equality Act, 2002, but today still has long hair the male police to be dismissed; In 2004, through the Gender Equality Education Act, last year, in Lujiang state, because of sex temperament was bullying boy jumped to death; 2011 The Legislative Yuan passed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and five years after the presidential election, Still burdened with patriarchal society of women's reproductive expectations and family narrow imagination. (Extended reading:#FreeTheNipple, all over the United States, long live a family, lust!) 2015 gender counterattack for better times lead the way)

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Gender is important because even if the law is enforced, the deep-rooted patriarchal culture is still a victim of a single consciousness.

What we need is not the compensation allowance, but the opportunity to treat us like a living person, to give all the genders the chance to survive; What we need is not the slogan "eliminate workplace discrimination", but the reform of the group's value for women from the educational curriculum; What we need is not "I support marriage equality, But everything remains to be discussed ", but from the precise act of recognition of the diversity of gender, the granting of basic human rights. In the past, the number of women convicted of adultery, whether it was an affair in marriage or a third party, was far greater than that of men. What we need is not a "protection" known as family value, but a woman who can also have erotic discourse. (Extended reading: Why should you support Hatano?): Lust, Long live.

Gender mainstreaming, the world will be better

Many people said: "Taiwan may appear the first female president, the gender is very affirmative!" 」

What we need is not just women in politics. But women can be equal after political participation in the "treatment", we do not need to require a female rulers must "like men", we do not jump to "politics is masculine field" of the sex break theory, we respect a woman with innate characteristics and the hard work of the professional.

Sex is the value you see in yourself. We look forward to more specific gender mainstreaming and affirmative education policies when candidates assume office. We look forward to the day when women can talk about lust without shame shyness, and any gender has its own body autonomy and choice. (same field Gayon: is the marketing of the younger sister, is it good or bad for politics?) )

Looking forward to our world, with more masculine and feminine language flow, we can live as we desire. One day, gender can be solidly moved to the public domain, the president's political views will be discussed. Rather than just "bonus points".