Single Diary It's a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. many times, you feel that the single desire is not only "love" and "Be Loved" so simple, but wholeheartedly look forward to a friend of the fate of cherish. You read "Calm and passion", not only love, but tell the world, because of love and no longer feel the possibility of wandering. (Recommended reading: single diary: I am waiting for you, are not lonely )

"The words will suddenly silence, like words can not express the sudden hug each other suddenly, I like forced to separate the twins love the other half love with Shun, no reason." --Jiang Weaving

The air fills the wet rain, you in second-hand bookstore to avoid the rain, the bookstore always lets you have the sense of security, like who has slightly the space encircling you, lets you not have any pressure breath and the growth, as you yearn for the love relation, the bosom friend mutually cherishes the mind lets you inseparable.

You pick up the Jiangguoshang weaving "calm and Passion", heroine Kwai is born in Italy Japanese, her world is quiet and moist, she in the bathtub in the book page, do not pity her loneliness, she is quite suitable for rainy people.

She swallowed the love of the American man, because her most savage love, that does not care about the past and future appearance, has passed.

You seem to be doing the same. After a breakup, friends say you become an unusually calm person, so that you are happy and angry things are less, you carefully calculate the distance, you have not so eager to understand a person, as well as a person understand.

"Shun is all I have." "The first page of the book," said Kwai stoutly. But in the days to come, she was with another American man, they also love, but some memories must be sealed box, not to let another person touch, the box contains her closest to freedom.

Love, will let people close to freedom Bar. A person's dwelling only exists in someone's heart, once falling in love, is carrying another person to go forward, even if wandering is also a double. Single You believe that if you love, there is no foreign land.