single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. This time, let's talk about the Independent women who are alone! Independent women are good at everything, economic independence, thinking clear, self-awareness high, do not procrastinate, but, how to understand her people always do not come? (Recommended: Love is to keep the freedom of loneliness!) Nine things you should know in love with an independent woman

We do not love people because they are good to us, but because we love them for their good.


Friends around a lot of suitors, she said: "You know to let people like a way, it is Franklin effect, something to ask him to help, long he will fall in love with that" you need his feelings. 」

Another friend said, "What difference does it have with the tool man?" 」

Let us think about, in love, can there be "use"?

The Franklin effect boils down to "people who have helped you once, will be more willing to help you one more time than those you have helped." "In other words, we really like to feel" cared for by helping others. No wonder an independent woman is not easy to fall in love with, because she never creates a "sense of dependency" to each other.

Why is an independent person always single? Independent women are good, self-care life, not easy commitment. Such a woman, want to think of love as favors, thought to walk through life alone is not difficult, but how sometimes, for a person, feel unprecedented fear?

Afraid of a person dead, no one misses you, afraid of old no one and you share the story of life, fear of success and eventually lost happiness. In fact, you are so deeply attached to the world. Why is it not reassuring to release the dependence?

You don't have to be a lovely woman, but at least you can love a woman. No one can walk through life alone. Love, need a lot of good means, let him feel cared about, let him know that he can make your life more complete, let him know that he is not alone, I think it is the basic respect of love.

Perhaps in a heavy rain night, passing by your side do not have an umbrella, perhaps you will because I do not have the heart to see me wet and accompany me. Maybe in your most Haunted café, a blue mountain in the afternoon, until you show up pretending I didn't have the money, and then I'll let you pay for it. "Premeditated Encounters"