single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. What does it mean to you, ex, ex-boyfriend, ex? Can not stop the miss? The lingering nightmare? Some people like a good dream let you oversleep, there are people like nightmares day and night entangled. Have you ever met an ex who has made you tremble? (Extended reading: single diary: True Love, will not let you always say "I love you" and "Sorry")

"We met too early," he said. 」

The phone end of you say so, you tone so gentle, just cried the nasal cavity will cry all over the world woman Iron heart of the Great Wall, you repeat the sentence seems to want to map something: Sorry, I just think of you, want to call you.

"Think you a ghost." "I control moment want to exhaust the idea of a lifetime dirty word, rational response to hang up the phone, continue to be almost destroyed mask time." More than 30, not so many sensational play a good drag mill, this point of propriety I still have.

You are such a man, you can not even see goodbye.

I am sorry, like the infinite Repeat of the saliva song, not shy shyness late at night missed calls sounded. When I was 23 years old, I was weeping and listening to your vague and runny nose. 25, I in the third pass after the call after the soft hearted to listen to you complain about ex-girlfriend, and yawned to "no bad I haven't slept" response I'm sorry to call you so late. "the story; 28, I was rubbing nail polish on the side of the accompaniment of sound amplification to the unintelligible complaints, hear" I go to find you ", fingers like a Pang smile, nail polish paint out of range.

After 30, I put this as plague General number set to "Do not answer", but ultimately can not prevent you to change the number of the year about due.

I was cheated big, fortunately has such spoil the breeding, I only then knew oneself to be reliable.

But I will not thank, because growth is my life, and you have nothing to do.

Finally, give a piece of advice to a missed predecessor:

I'm sorry, I'm not going to call you so late.
Really miss who, will not talk with each other about the complaints of nothing

Fortunately we met early, you only deserve to miss me, do not deserve me.