single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Being single is not necessarily the same as being without love, and being single can have a wide love. You can secretly love, you can enjoy the unrequited love, to believe that the mood is very simple, not necessarily have to have, not necessarily everlasting , how much you like the secret love of their own, loved him, do not tell him. (Recommended reading: The real version of the Big Brother and Cheng and green: true love, around a little bit of the way why not?) )

I like your side face, long eyelashes, only eyelids, like a small deer round the nose, always smiled so the mouth bar. I like the way you do not look at me, because so I can not look at you, not be found.

When did it start, I have been very accustomed to always look at you I, I looked at you, has felt that this is the world's most beautiful distance, I like you, but do not tell you.

My youth is your shadow, your youth is full of other girls figure.

Spring, you and cut Qi Liu Haichang straight black hair girl in love, anxious to ask me where to go on the first date is the most pleasing to girls; summer, long straight brunette girl, I accompany you to the seaside, you drink wine said oneself really is not good at love AH; autumn, you are single a season, I have several times can not help but want to hug you; You asked me to meet you for Christmas, holding the hand of the girl with the short orange hair, said to introduce to me first.

I smiled and said, how good, you must be happy.

I am always tiny in your four seasons. I am not sad, I seriously think you have a happy, more than with you.

"Too fond of you, so afraid, afraid to face a so persistent yourself." --Love white Paper

I like you, but maybe I'm not the one to make you happy.

Some people say that secret love is the purest of all in the world. I know, secretly love people are actually timid, can only choose their own certain things, do not want to use a solid like mood to exchange possible discrete future.

I know we're not next Li Daren and green. I like you, I don't want to get you.