single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. There are many ways to love in the world, but often only two lovers are famous, how unfair? Don't let unrequited love, crush, lovelorn, bitter love are hidden traces. You read Jin Yong , think martial arts in the world of their love is so vast, you like to let the love, she lets you know, love is not what does not mind, but understand that they can choose not to say.

It is said that it is especially foolish to love people who are not fit for their predecessors. Silly, love a person who stares at others, the weight of love is always unbalanced, the loss is not return.

But in love, who is probably all silly. It's not silly to talk about falling in love.

Romantic a little think, "smile proud" of the Ren Ying Yingying is probably the ancestor, make Fox no predecessor, but crazy Love small sister, no matter where to carry Keilingshan fate, with her than sword willing to hurt also don't want to hurt her little self-esteem, make fox rushing the world fasten Keilingshan nasal polyps, can't bear her a little not smooth.

Grow up together childhood memory is so powerful, she is his forever small sister, Ren Ying no anger, choose to close eyes Shi, blind. I love you, can do is not to expose you. What happens when you know you're thinking of another person? I can choose not to say, can choose not to hurt you, can choose to continue to love you.

Do not say, because want to continue to be with you, not humble.

I always remember, Luoyang Green Bamboo Alley, make the fox wash the curtain to the small sister a infatuation, let Yingying in the curtain, see the Shape of love, heart. After that, make Fox Chong seriously ill, let the fox on his back to the night on the little forest, only hope he does not die, do not care about their lives. Let the fox in love to make what, not is he a frank sincerely?

Ren Ying and make Fox Chong how similar, after love, there is no absolute freedom in the world. Farewell to Freedom, but is downright willing to.

I always feel that the love is not stirring, not naïve, but true too beautiful. Ren Ying do not make Fox Chong's first love, but she would rather love him once, love, we will not lose anything.

I want to be a prime, to love the former person.