A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. you can not have a man, but can not have their own, have been injured and can not lose the courage to love . Single you, but also yearning for a stable relationship, only if you have to go through such a displaced, to make you more understand love, you are willing to take the risk once. (Extended reading: single diary: Always Brave words, happiness will slip away oh )

"If you don't know how to enjoy single life, you're a single turtle." "Single Snap "

When Gray's Anna met the voice of the Fat Amy, began the woman's single narrative.

"I understand the breakup is stuffy, but do you know what's more stuffy?" Waste a New York night. " Let me teach you how to be single," said Fat Amy. New York's way of having fun is to be fat and thin. As long as you are willing to get drunk, as long as you want to talk, there will always be there.

A door, which is flooded with 1 billion of people's cities, how many relationships entangled here, how many people are anxious to grasp the present.

Do we live in a crowded but lonely city? You may remember that the night that you drank for the lovelorn, the dazzling electronic music and the crowd make you feel warm, a strange but intimate nasal polyp close to your clavicle, your desire pure commotion. The next day when you wake up, you lie in an enlarged double bed, simply more comfortable than your 5-ping room, but you feel uneasy. Vague faces and snoring, you're not sorry to anyone.

It turned out that we were still looking for a comfortable nest, even in a single bed. A lot of people love is a double bed, you can stray many relationships, but your love is a single room, small, occupy, private.

Youth is just right, why not party? Find the right person to get along with in your life relationship.

You believe so, those years of rotation of the traveler, even if love is wrong, do not want to miss. Because of them, let you know that love is not a destination, but a change of times. When we love others, we know ourselves from his eyes and touch our soul from his body.