A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Does love have to have a certain form? Can't it be more neat? I want to love you like a cat , softly come, knock away, do not disturb your dream. (Extended reading: in association but keep friends space?) Talk about open relationship from music and movies

How can you know the happiness of a cat if you are not a cat?
You are not a woman, how to understand the loneliness of women?

You can hold me, but you can't tame my pride, I can nest at your feet, but also penniless to stray, you can share my love, but can not occupy my freedom.

About love, do not assume too many metaphors, other people's broken mouth can not affect my road to walk, can not interfere with my feelings. You linger in that alley for a long time, I will take you home, come over, don't guess.

We talked about a cat-like cunning love. You come softly, and you walk quietly. I climbed into your bed without leaving a trace of hair, and you kissed my mouth without attempting to contaminate the scent. We enter, re-enter, enter into each other's mental and physical holes. Like the spring sunshine, gently embrace, but bring all life.

I feel pain and joy under your paws, I can sleep with your meat mat snoring, I look into your eyes to make sure that someone in the world is watching me.

We talk about a cat like a brisk love, not afraid of love at sight, not afraid of the curtain, I open the door, welcome, also open the door, let you sneak away. Loneliness is never terrible, you hide when loneliness, I just a little red wine, a rock, a book, can buy a single body of sadness.

Ask your eyes to continue to seduce me, let me in the vast universe, not to fall.

"I would like to accompany you barefoot jumping, regardless of timidity and any threats, this is about intimate language." "--〈, the woman over there, the cat over here.

Will you come tonight? Let's have a few tears in the moonlight, will you?