A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. The single diary of 12 constellation, starting with cancer , their love is simple happiness, Pisces , is a cunning love. Others think he is a master in love, few people know he never want to love the end. (Recommended reading: single diary: I would like to throw time for you, cancer-style love )

You are the soul of love, wandering very well, anyway you can be attached to the body at any time, easily penetrate the heart of the core. You want to love so much that you don't really love the end.

You are too easy to feel love, the waiter stay more than normal time of the fingertips to make you daydream, the love of the youth of the dynamics of the dynamic let you uneasy, a too good-looking smile, with the sun smell of the coat, let you miss.

Fantasy is always your lover, it is really good, accompany you to go through a youth, and then mercilessly laugh and cry again. In fact, you love it the most, more than anyone. Even if it has no body temperature, it makes you feel safe and not hurt.

You like to pay for a person's feeling, that makes you certain love, you value is the love for the air of the lively molecules. You have loved a person, this life will never repeat the same Love law. You discard yourself while chasing his footsteps, later found that you love is not him, but the desire to conquer, as well as their own Rijo figure of love.

Pisces you are particularly difficult to get out of the discard relationship, you are not easy to turn around, once the decision to go, this lifetime is difficult to see on the side.

Others say you are the winner of love, no one is more thoroughly loved than you. Love is only your fun trick, they do not know Pisces cunning, even if you really want to be with him, and will have to keep the space and room. Pisces will never be shattered, even if the end of the world of love, you can survive the purgatory, alone to clean up the embers of the heart, and then set foot in search of love for survivors of the road.

To live well is the most perfect revenge of Pisces.

"You are still in love, I cannot hate first." /You are broken, I have to finish the whole. "--〈triste〉