A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. The single diary of 12 constellation, starting from cancer , and then to Pisces , this time said Libra, love for them is not enthusiastic, not miss, but down-to-earth years, once for a person stopped. (Recommended reading: Foreign Trade Association, indecision, Aliens!) To the 12 constellation of key illustrations )

Because of love, so compassion, because understand, so tolerant.

Zhang ailing

Eileen Chang is also a Libra, the word is cold, the feeling is hot teng. Libra's love is not noisy, love is Love is to whom to shout loudly? Love is a person's business, it seems like Mei see smoke line, what do not care about, anything can be lost, only their own heart clear, if the identification of a person, who can not stop.

Perhaps love is not passion, nor miss, but the years, overcome persistent became a part of life.

Zhang ailing

Libra's love has a very strong living ingredient. Love is not a big pick-up or French dinner, love is looking out the window under the rain, the heart wants to give each other an umbrella. Love must be planted in life, with the sun and rain of time, slowly rooting.

But do not misunderstand his love, he has always hated the unconditional pay the kind of bitter haha posture, love a person, do not need to make himself so sad. Libra's love, it is easy to anger, if you do not love, he will love you less, waving a wave to let you go.

Without love, he will not die, he may cry, eat a meal, and then think of the joy of life a lot. His tangled period is always very short, always together for him naïve absurd, in front of love, who can really promise what?

He decided to give love to a distant fate. I am fortunate, not my life, you still do not come, how dare I old.

Love a person, do not like sad, not anger, not clear rain, for him in life, keep a living jump heart. This is in my mind, the most Libra love.