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"Don't want to sleep, I want to spend all night with you.""Do you not want to sleep today?"We're all awake!Let's take a look at people who don't sleep together all over the world. Hey, turn up the night, and welcome the crazy 2014!(Recommended to you: Night Bible )

Spring Night-Mexico City, Mexico City

Mexico City has its own unique way of welcoming spring to the streets and plazas.

Night of Witches-Mexico, Veracruz

in Veracruz's annual event: The Night of the Witch, everything has a divine power.Witches, witches, fortune twitching, and therapists are gathered in small cubicles located in one place, and the streets are coaxed by customers.If you want to pay extra, you can do magic, curse, or treat it with medicinal herbs.

New Year's Eve-Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Last night, more than two million rave entered Acapulco beach (Copacabana Before midnight, residents will wear white clothes to summon the sea goddess Iemanj and á flowers, flowers, and rice in a paper boat, floating in the sea with thousands of candles, illuminating the entire night sky.Come on! Crazy Christmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro )

Fireworks Conference

Japan, Saitama, six flower trucks, decorated with lanterns, embroidered and wooden carvings, and the faithful use coarse rope to tow the truck to the town hall.The bustling streets were merchants selling snacks and rice wine, while colored fireworks lit up a passion for black night.( [strange Japanese, wonderful Japanese, ])

Lantern Festival-China

In the 15th evening of the Chinese New Year, the town and the village are baptized in the fluorescent lamp.The traditional "red paper lantern" is printed with the symbols of butterflies, dragons, and birds, and the riddle of the lantern, and the people who know the lantern riddesses will be rewarded.

New Year-Vietnam

On New Year's Eve in Vietnam, family members will see the New Year's new hopes up to the midnight bell.The house was cleaned and tidy and decorated with colorful decorations. People at home memoriate the wormwood of prayer, while others on the outside set off fireworks to express their forgetful past one year of trouble.

Record-Bara'ah Pakistan

The second holiest night in Islam is recorded night, the fifteenth in the eighth month of the Islamic calendar, and in the Arab world.This day, the letter confessed to Allah and sought forgiveness, some of whom would be in the mosque, and some would go to the graveyard to worship their deceased loved ones.And this day is also the day of Ramadan.

St. John's Day (Jani) - Latvia

This day, the town of Courdiga is a resident of the town of Kuldiga to celebrate the arrival of midsummer (or St. John) naked on the streets.People in other parts of the country will wear the crowns or laureates, ignite the herbs by fire and maintain its burning until sunrise. The most special thing is that the people will prepare dry grass to remove the evil spirit.

A Midsummer Day (San Juan) - Spain

During the Midsummer festival, the country burned light and music throughout the country.The people had to spend the whole afternoon piling up on fire, making it prosperous all night, and by this time we were able to welcome the arrival of the summer.According to tradition, during the period of midsummer, the fire can be removed by the fire three times.

Summer-UK, Glastonbury

The Glaston is a sacred place to be traced back to the King of the Arcelor, where it is a celebration of Druid, a place in the Celtic society, a place behind the kings or tribal leaders, because of its dome in the middle of the plains.In the summer, hundreds of people around this bulge form a circle -- the children are going to push the petals and the holy water to the center of the fire, so that they can be protected.

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