A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. 12 Singles diary, come to Capricorn, we run through the ice and snow, see his gentleness . Saw him pretending to be tough under the clumsy, imposing under the ordinary . (Recommended reading: single diary: I Don't mind loneliness, it's more comfortable than loving you )

You are always elegant, do not cry not to make trouble, do not toss people's hearts. You like in the 烘烘 fleeting, do a quiet to the far person. You are like the island Haruki in the village, chasing the pure love. Love is hesitant and static, because you have to look at it in a nuanced way and look into your soul. Really love a person, you can wait for a long time, they say you clumsy, in fact, you know what it is worth to have.

"For me, there is no such thing as middle sex." So you want to accept me all, or not me. If I had to, I would have to accept all my things, including my lame feet and all that I contained. And I probably want all of you too. South ofthe border , the West of The Sun

It is the Capricorn's habitual sacrifice that you grow alone, unwilling to load your life's wounds on your lover . Who else would be hurt than you? Many people hurt, will be called pain. Only you, to pay the same persistent without regret. No tillage, only sowing, let love grow naturally. In fact, you do not know how to grasp the happiness, just look forward to happiness, fall on the hands of the right.

The island is in the " South of the border, Sun's West " 20 years waiting for a clean and no impurities in the sex. Don't think about who you are, what you worry about, what you are surrounded by, and how long you love. Your essence is so pale and so hard to look at, and the best love in Capricorn is to be neat and tidy, not to have any nasty emotional contamination.

always It is hard to trust a person completely, even those who love again with a bit of protection color. You believe that this is also relative to protect each other.

You look lonely and beautiful, much like the island, wearing a red coat, walking in the snow and ice of silence. You are wild and no one can take that pride. Only those who understand you can get involved in your high cold and glimpse the ordinary under your mask.