A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. 12 Constellation Single Diary, said a Gemini , he often bear horoscope book on the fickle charges, but he loved people, in the heart of the only happiness without hate. Gemini Love, has been waiting for a concentration of the possibility. (Gayon:25 years after the Tokyo Love Story): I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am by your side.

"In fact, understanding a person does not mean anything, people will change, today he likes pineapple, tomorrow he can like other." --"Chongqing Forest"

It takes a little time to understand Gemini, he has a few pieces that he doesn't care to share with the world.

Shanta, he will bury a wall in his heart, the softest room only let a few intimate people come in, he hoped you come in, don't easily go.

Time is the best filter, his face playing, because he cared too much and protect himself. He knew in his heart that if he could bear the name of the playboy in the mouth of others, it was because he was so patient that he was convinced that he would meet someone who could make him concentrate.

Gemini's love, born yearning even if he is able to deal with loneliness, his own one is never boring. He longed to be understood, and longed for a man to say to him, "You are not surprised." "Let him Panasonic Social security, melt the city, unlock the door, and quietly as a simple docile person."

When Gemini is weak in front of you, that's when he loves you.

Love Gemini is a child, easy to laugh, presumptuous to cry, Love Gemini is a madman, built in romance, for love to walk the horizon. Gemini is born to Love, the people he loved are happy and happy, love, he seems to be the world to entrust in your hands as dedicated.

Finally ended, cannot write a double person's ending, by the Gemini loved person, also does not have the hate. Gemini even more pity, sometimes walk does not go, with people is irrelevant.

Do not know when to start, everything has a date, Autumn knife fish will expire, canned meat will expire, even the plastic wrap will expire. I'm beginning to wonder what else is going to expire in this world?

"Chongqing Forest"

Gemini Most tired of love will expire, he did not want to. This is in my mind, the most Gemini love.