Valentine's Day special for women, #你是我的女朋友: Who said Valentine's Day must be zaps with lover? Select 12 single women's Valentine's Day confession, from Zhang ailing to Ju-ha, from Sanmao to Zhang Hang, there is always a close to your mood. All ancient and modern, perhaps they are the vast sea of humanity, the most understand your girlfriends . (same field Gayon: single Diary: You patiently wait for a person worthy of your heart )

Valentine's Day, not necessarily have a quilt roll, not necessarily have a feast to eat, I wish there is a dear she knows you. She is the most fashionable and free single woman in all times. Valentine's Day, bring a thoughtful woman home, listen to her soft language whisper, see which girlfriend best understand you.

Sanmao: "If you give me, and you give others is the same, then I don't." 」

Simompova: "Only when you want to see me, can we meet to make sense." 」
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"I have no ambition to be anyone," said Dakaro. 」
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Fan Bingbing: "What are you marrying?" I'm a big club. 」
(same field Gayon:"Everybody spoil, inferior one person understand!" "Fan Bingbing A word of the fiery red saying)

Treasure Gold: "With a man who doesn't know me, I'd rather live my own life."
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Xi Murong: "This world does not separate and the fate of aging, only willing to love and unwilling to love heart." 」

Natalie Portman: "When people call you a beauty, you're left with a look in their hearts." 」
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Zhang ailing: "I love you, what is your concern?" The Thousand strange monsters also cannot blame you to go. 」

Shagao: "Let oneself happiness, is the only morals." 」
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Zhang Hang: "The state of good when the pursuit of perfection, when the state is not good when the pursuit of integrity, this is the life ah." 」
(same field Gayon: from Zhang Hang to Jiaoan Pu's stubbornness: The best love is to love a person without any hope )

Ju Hass: "If you want to love, you should accept all the love, including the Tired of love." Love is not a perpetual holiday of joy. 」

Denethor poem: "If love you will make me lose myself, I would rather not love you." 」
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"Valentine's Day, #你是我的女朋友"

Valentine's Day night, call sharp sometimes gentle and sometimes a single woman, from Zhang ailing to Ju-ha, from Sanmao to Zhang Hang, which one of the most like your mood?