single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Perhaps there is a love song, always call your sadness. Damien Rice will hold a Taipei concert in May, and his song does not force anyone to get better, but to accompany us to fly and fall. After the breakup , the sad time, the time to Miss , do not try to reject their true feelings. (same field Gayon: enjoy a person's wonderful!) To spend a single day with you .

This May,Damien Rice is coming to Taipei, which has you, me, but not our city.

every song of his is like winter. Know Damien Rice is because of "cheating" this film, when he sang 〈the blower ' s daughter〉, we took a lot of micro-alcohol left the film, not sober love. In "O" a whole album, I like 〈older chests〉, singing through the Panic of us, after all calmly thank all.

To love in a romantic and fearless relationship is the most stupid thing in the world that has to be done once. We played Paris lovers, drank red wine on a small balcony, let the sun rub the sheets with the morning kisses, we refused all our friends to invite, with a DVD or album to ferment through a soft afternoon.

At that time I think, there can not understand you, you are always more melancholy than the imagination, and then deep. Salvation is the most useless in relationship, when there is redemption in love, like a black hole in the universe, let a person broken. There is a love that is combined by two total negative emotions. Our loneliness is so hungry, just love. more like Jiangguoshang weaving "sweet little Lies" in The Selfish lover, with their own imagination to love each other.

My lonely lover, want to leave the time, do not want to let people cherish the deadly you, there is the possibility of hurting me. Later in the winter, there is no we love the cold, and later love, there is no such pain.

Damien Rice sings very beautiful: "In life there are always many things will change, and some things, will never change." "That sentence" so pass me by, I ' ll be fine. " is the deepest tolerance.

Your rough temples, delicate corners of the eye, have become a mark, filled in the annals of Love, is located in a sad but profound history. Love used to be dangerous, time will take away the danger, leave sweet.