Taiwan time February 29 (a) 8:00 will be in HBO, Taiwan live broadcast Oscar ceremony! Before that, let's take a look at this finalist actor 's wonderful performance: "Ghost Hunter" Leonardo di Capio, "Hollywood Blacklist" Bleinklanston, "Jedi Rescue" Matt Damon, " Danish Girl " Addiry de Man, "Steve Jobs" Mchalfasbind. (same field Gayon: ten years only wait until a female director!) Oscar too "masculine" controversy: getting more women into the movie Circle

Oscar Sentinel Media clamor: "Leonardo Oscar first gold", Leonardo in the "Ghost hunter" performance let people exclaim, the life of the shackles how to sound? Looking at the swelling of his veins and the bloodshot eyes, we could almost feel the pain of tearing.

In addition, Bleinklanston in the "Hollywood Blacklist" of the neurotic performance also can not be underestimated, as well as restore driving the arrogance of the Spastik Michael , at the bottom of the life of the Matt Damon shout, let the Danish girls live a Second Life Addiry de Man, their performance shook 2016 Experience of viewing. (You will like:14 movies to show you identity: Fear is the Treasure of Life )

The 88th annual Oscar lottery is coming, together to see the finalists of the actor in the film's brilliant figure!

Hollywood blacklist: Bleinklanston (Bryan Cranston)

"Not everything can only be answered with a right or wrong question. 」

The film is a lifetime of Trampo, a Hollywood-known screenwriter. Trampo was one of Hollywood's highest-earning writers, when the American popular McCarthy's White Terror, the gossip columnist, the media collective operation to "anti-communist name" set off "anti-Trampo". Trampo can only continue to write the script, "Roman Holidays", "Million Mo Enemy", "Exodus" are from his hands of the screenplay.

Politics has always been linked to the media, living in the political pressure of the environment, Hollywood can hold red a person, can also be blocked at any time a person's way out. Bleinklanston Fu, who plays Trampo, won the Golden Globes award, the best Actor in the life of poison. This interpretation of a neurotic, sensitive and crazy screenwriter, the play Trampo side of the bath while writing a stroke is true, the film completed, he into the play to deep, and almost finished a script.

It was a story of a time wandering and being betrayed by the state, to see Bleinklanston play the Trampo of imprisoned flesh, to write scripts in thought, to redeem freedom.

Jedi Rescue: Matt Damon (Matt Damon)

"It's all about believing and it takes the greatest courage." 」

The "Jedi Rescue", which was unanimously praised, described an astronaut who accidentally lost his bag, living alone on Mars, I always feel like a cosmic racket, desperate loneliness with a lively disco, the whole statement of Mark in the face of adversity to amuse people's humour, like life in the bottom of the smile.

Matt Damon plays a lot of solo, he wants to amuse himself in the endless desolation, he can not help but look to the sky sorrow. Despair, anger, hope, let go of a fight, almost at the end of life, people's feelings are so slender but tough. (Recommended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

In this play, we can see Matt Damon with the thickness of life, washing and walking, on Mars, the universe quiet singular, even their own heartbeat are clear, in this barren, life to wake up.

God ghost Hunter: Leonardo di Capio (Leonardo DiCaprio)

"I'm not afraid to die anymore, because I've already died." 」

In the ice and snow, you need to be savage, need the will, need to be wise to survive. This time a voice of high Leonardo di Capio in the film is full of injuries, those bloody, lost loved ones injury, from the corner of his eyes spread to the life of the pale mute cry.

From the view of Hugh Glass, we see the battle between the so-called "civilized Man" and "the Aborigines", the people who hold resources, and finally come back with the shot and the plundering resources, and finally, we have nothing.

This is not a hardy survival story, because of love, so he stubbornly alive.

Steve Jobs: Michael Spastik (Michael Fassbender)

"In the era of artist leadership, mediocre people can only vote by hand." 」

It is not easy to play a good jobs arrogance, Apple co-founder Steve Voznik but the big praise Michael can Fasbin pondering the role: "I feel really see jobs." "The movie background is set to usher in a personal golden age after jobs led the digital revolution." (Extended reading: never stop thinking and acting!) From jobs to Michelle, a graduation speech that affects life.

In addition to the cause, Michael Spastik also walked into the jobs family, the ability to fade ruthless ego, jobs flesh and blood "smell" is exquisite interpretation. Mak but Spastik can not copy a brand-new jobs out, because everyone too familiar with jobs, he must be more delicate grasp his dedication, self-centered and forward-looking gas field.

Danish Girl: Addiry de Man (Eddie Redmayne)

"I am convinced that there is a woman living in my heart." 」

Written in the love of all things, Addiry de Man once again deter the audience. Simompova said: "Women are not born, but formed." "lili created himself and became himself, living like a short-lived solitary beauty of flowers.

Lili pale, the eyes of the smile, moved, are so beautiful, Addiry de Man is not a transsexual people's survival, but the performance of moving deep soul. From the Lili to see identity misplaced bring to "own" further thinking: Who am I? What identity do I live in this world? (same field Gayon:)

Addiry de Man try to think of women's color both, skirt lace brush on the skin of the execution, put lipstick chuckle meet, faded all clothing after looking at the mirror like see the World Vision, his gestures are desire, that posture, will lead Addiry de Man take Oscar? We're looking forward to it.

2/29 (US time 2/28) Oscar on time, don't forget to let the applause ring, to the life story of the film, to the real live out the text of the actor salute. To the film and to the living.

2016 The 88 annual Academy Awards ceremony

Broadcast time: February 29 (a) 8:00 live broadcast of the Oscar Starlight Avenue; live live Oscar ceremony
Playback time: February 29 (a) 19:00

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