"We want to change the narrative of the films that little girls have, and in the future they may have a wider picture of themselves."" 2016 Oscars , women fans talk with you about the possibility of more dollars."In addition to the "Oscars" controversy, we also see Oscar and Hollywood's gender absences , from the panel of judges to the nominees, and then behind the scenes there should be more female voices and feminine perspectives.(Siamese: Anheather, Juliamore, Kylie Mexican!Four girls' gender counterattack on Hollywood

French director Robert Bresson said: " Film art is not a luxury, it's a necessity.The film is alive, dead on paper, alive when he was shot, and died once again in the film. The film was again resurrected."

The film is the art of interleaving and reflecting the world in death and life.The upcoming Academy's 88th, no matter who is a filmmaker or a viewer, is feeling the art of the film, and we must ask ourselves what kind of Oscar we should look forward to.

After the Oscars controversy, the Oscars showed that they planned to adjust the internal decision list by 2020 to make the remaining race and gender ratio more than double, from inside and outside the "Taibai" gene.

At the same time, we also continued the discussion of "multivariate", thinking that Oscar's long years of gender absences, not just the gender bias of the judges and the nominees, are also the long-established gender imbalances in the film industry.(In the same place: 700 years later, Hollywood will be gender equality )

The gender absence of Oscar is more than the diversity of the role.

And you remember, last year, when Oscar optimist Patricia Ekwate chanted: "As a woman who is also a taxpayer and a citizen, we strive for equal rights for others."It is time for women to have equal pay and equal rights.(Sibling: Auntie May, Auntie Mae stands up and applaud the winning and applause!Patricia Eiquit: " Women, it's time to fight for themselves!" )

Many of the women are reluctant to swallow the air, and Ganie Patrol, Xerox, Jennifer Laurens, and Shamaheyek have openly called for the film industry to face up to the problems of different pay.The diversity of women's choice of roles still has room for improvement.

Women make up half of the world's population and are still slightly flat in the film world. They are usually mothers, teenage girls who are unmarried, young girls next to the elderly. (This is a very strange but always recurring setting), and they are the hottest girls around the superheroes.They can be these characters, but they can definitely be more.

Cannes Film Festival 2015, Emily Blunt shared his interpretation of the character of the "Nu Fire Border >", and had been pressed for many times, and if he could rewrite it to men, she would have a better look.

After the short-lived heroine, after a period of gender attention, we need more negative viewing and writing perspectives, and we need more stories of women's pulse.Make the film more truthful and reflect the living world.

More extended thinking, refer to previous articles for discussion

Woman's opportunity to be taken away from the beginning: behind the scenes, forgotten corners

I would like to see why the world is so difficult to live in?Perhaps because of the so-called film industry, women have been deprived of opportunities at the outset.

Women's Media Center crawling over the past 10 years, the latest released reports indicate that behind the scenes, women were nominated 327 times by filmmakers, playwrights, directors, film clips, while men received 1,387 nominations, and women were only 19 %.This year, the 88th year has been the best year ever, with 22 % female subscribers.

The low female nomination is related to the high threshold for women entering the film industry.When they need to run out of more effort to squeeze into the film industry, they don't have enough voice in the film industry, they have no chance to be heard, and there is no chance to shine.Julie Burton, president of the Women's Media Center, said.

Of the 250 films that have received the most attention in 2015, 9 % are women, 11 % of playwrights are women, 20 % are women, and only 6 % of the screening technicians are women.Let's continue to watch Oscar for ten years, a few gory figures, from 2006 to 2015,

  • Women make up 24 % of the nominated filmmakers, double growth from 2006 to 2015, but growth is not stable
  • Only one woman gets the best director award, and she is Catherine Bigelow Bigelow (recommended for you: Live to make a movie!
  • % (including original screenplay or adapted screenplay)
  • The film editing was dominated by men, and only 17 % of all the nominees were women

The digital survey reflects the gender bias in the film industry.We have to shake and adjust the structure, not just the 50 % guarantee of the death of the dead board.We want more women to enter the film industry smoothly, so that the stories of feminine perspectives and feminine contexts are naturally discussed, exchanged, seen, allowing women to voice their voices, the future, and make gender concerns more than just the responsibility of singularity.

Film directors and playwright Amma Asante mentioned that the inequality is only one aspect of the problem, and the real problem is that women have not been given the opportunity, especially for the "double vulnerability" of black women." We want to change the narrative of the films that little girls have in their eyes, and in the future they will be able to have a wider picture of themselves, such as being leaders, energy, power, and vocal power.(Sibling: Cinderella can also be a good boy!)Lin micro-yi: "I am not a strong person, I am just the strength of a woman,"

Oscar has a long way to go, and what we look forward to is an even more liberal picture of the present, more open-minded, more open-minded, more open-minded, futuotio.