2016 Oscar , after the Oscar actor predicted, let's take a look at the finalists of the actress. Kate Blanche , Brillasen, Jennifer Rollens, Charlotte Lampling and Secharonan, they starred in the story of women, women do not have a typical, there should be no standard answer, which is your idea of the 88th annual Oscar-winning actress? Leave a message to tell us!

Oscar came to the 88th session, the heroine's soul through time and space.

In the 1950, Kate Blanche with Carol's gentle, no longer willing to deny love; came to Austria, Brillasen to five ping space as the starting point to become a mother, the name of women in addition to the mother there are more; Jennifer Rollens interpretation of the 90 's single mother, 40-year-old chasing the dream of the difficult , Charlotte Lampling waiting for 45 years of wedding anniversary, the marriage life is a mottled, Secharonan Young, from Brooklyn to Ireland, puzzled and bored to pursue the direction of home.

Count Oscar 88 finalists, when they talk about acting, it is both happy and conscientious.

"Because love You" Kate Blanche's Depressed Love

"If you're an actress, you want to meet audiences who understand you, and that's very different from the pursuit of fame," he said. --Kate Blanche

Kate Blanche is a reluctant actor to please the audience, watching her acting, most of the time, I hold my breath to wait for her a look, waiting for her to call us. Remember her in "Blue Jasmine" in the boundless confusion, that is the last struggle of the noble, unwilling to let you see through her frailty, miss her in the "Because love You" depression manic, it is erased any back, finally say "I love you" willingly, the last scene of the eyes, accompany I miss all the look of love.

"My beloved, if there is no accident in life, the end will be complete." Any explanation will not satisfy you, you will always seek the answer, because you are young, but someday you will understand. "Because I love You"

"Because love You" story happened in the 50 's the United States, Carol met the 19-Year-old girl Therese, Love from the eyes began to take root, from the fingertips began to stir, it is the same-sex love was in the name of the disease trial era, they want to drive the car across the east-west highway, hoping to not return. (same field recommendation:"Because of Love You" great Age maid With love Depression fever: I love you, I crazy for you )

"Nonexistent room" Brillasen's immediate pain

"As an actor, the most exciting thing is to create a character, which at the same time makes the actors jittery, because from scratch, we have too many blank to fill, there are too many directions to go." --Brillasen

Brillasen is an extremely persuasive actor, watching her acting, pain and love are internal, not deliberately insolent. She is in the room of the nonexistent, mother in a corner, won the Actor trade union award and the Golden Globes drama actress, she imagined the characters Joey trapped room, sexually abused, rebel useless, give birth to children, Duanliang, lack of vitamin D, she did not choose in several ways of acting Joey appearance, But Joey naturally became part of her body.

"Do you remember the story I said about Alice in Wonderland?" Like Alice, I was not in this room from the beginning. The room that doesn't exist

"Non-existent room" is about sexual violence, but also the total loss of life violence. Brillasen performance not typical of the mob and the atypical mother, the role of condensed into a fragile and not strong complex, this is not a model fable, but to see the pain of real life. (same field Gayon:"non-existent room": Woman's name, not only mother )

"Flip Happiness" Jennifer Laurence a No indomitable

"Every time I play, I want to be able to challenge a character I've never played before," he said. --Jennifer Rollens

Watching Jennifer Rollens acting seems to be a natural memory of this generation's experience, like breathing. Her character is always close to us, whether it's Kenis of The Hunger game, Tiffany of Pat's happy script, or the deformed woman of the X-Men, vivid and clever in her impressions.

"You don't think the world owes you anything, and the world owes you nothing," he said. "Flip Happiness"

"Flip Happiness" adapted from a real story, Jennifer Lawrence explains the invention of the Magic Mop single mom Joey, won the Golden Ball award for music and comedy Best Actress. It was 1989, the ideal too far, life too close, Joey has not forgotten his pursuit of the dream of the eyes, unwilling to compromise, not afraid of frustration, for their own life. (Recommended reading: the courage to not compromise!) Flip happiness, Live for yourself )

"45" Charlotte Lampling's introverted sadness

"The actor never just plays, but digs out the real emotions and feelings from the bottom of his heart, and gives it to the audience." --Charlotte Lampling

Read "45", will make people sigh to know Charlotte Lampling know too late. In the corner of the 45, she take the Berlin film Festival actress, she played Kate Mozell sentiment is very introverted, a layer of mottled out of sadness, in 45 knot 缡, helplessly watching has been dead, nonexistent ex-girlfriend, like the soul loose marriage pores, opened the quiet storm. This movie does not attempt to give you the standard answer, ask you to question, how fragile the marriage is.

"We have dinner together, then we go to bed, we get up, and then we start over." --"45"

45 on the eve of the wedding anniversary, Kate Mozell face not wholeheartedly love her husband, facing a "minor choice" of their own, Life day by day by suspicion and suspicion of decomposition, this happy celebration of the play will not continue to play? ' You can't fool the audience with pieces of broken acting, ' said Charlotte Lampling cleverness. ' The good actress will bring the audience into her world, the actress will be old, but the show won't. (Recommended to you:"philosopher Sham" marriage is just a matter of interest?) )

"Love in a foreign land" Secharonan confused and bored

"I never thought I was a" child star, "I thought I was just lucky to start acting early. --Secharonan

Many times forget that Secharonan is only 21 years old, she is so good, so skillful, the 13-year-old performance "Atonement" won the film academy, Golden Globes, Oscar nomination for supporting actress, and then we in the "Suzie's World", "The Girl Killer's Fantasy Journey", "Welcome to the Budapest Hotel" met her, she played a role, No lines to convince you.

"I can't afford to buy the future and the life you want. "Love is in the land"

"Love in a foreign country" adapted from Komtobin winning novels, pushed open the door, a new life began, Secharonan played the girl Alice with a lost home and home, mood wandering in two countries, two kinds of love. This is an ordinary story, like our daily troubles of life, you want to choose what kind of life, what kind of life, there will be your home.

Five actors, five stories, five sections of life, you can never and do not need to define women, their body and posture to break free from the model story, overflow frame, flexible present. This year's Oscars, began to notice more cherished negative temperament, a more abundant feminine appearance, female growth no longer only a few of the sequence of success, we have to tell women, but also to talk about the difficulty of gender.

I was thinking, can one day, no longer need to divide who is the actor, who is the actress, no Emperor and after the mutual compliance relationship, will not let the actors and stories are more free? I'm looking forward to the Oscar, can answer me. (same field Gayon: ten years only wait until a female director!) Oscar too "masculine" controversy: getting more women into the movie Circle