single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Modern people how to fall in love, how to break up, are no longer the same as before. Once upon a time we would never hear from you again, how easy it was, and now I'm going to block you all over the social web site to mark the end of a relationship. From the British album "Black Mirror" thinking about Modern love , how I wish, don't overdo it, we really do not see. (same field Gayon: Single Diary: We did not come over, but they walked away)

I have always liked the English album "Black Mirror", think it with almost flirt posture, poked in the soft rib of modern people, denied.

Remember one episode is like this, a woman because her husband accidentally died, hurt inexplicable, so to the network to order a very similar to her husband robot. Outwardly similar, the more magical is that the robot can search and copy all the traces of the network that the husband used, Email,facebook,instagram,twitter ... The robot thus has his tone, language, thought thread, memory, and even soul.

Would you want to love him again? This "machine fetish", I saw a shudder and feel intimate. Isn't that much like us? We are not so far away from this future.

After breaking up, reluctant to release face book friends, do not want to delete line or micro-letter, not willing to admit also firmly remember each other's PTT account, Instagram on the photo should not be deleted? The entire network, we are left with the wreckage of love, has broken up memories, in the network still together.

In that picture, we smiled so brightly that we did not realize that "we" had become the past.

Now the breakup is very difficult. We said never to see again but slippery face book is always met, must be big big announcement single, High-profile blockade account, can change a little quiet, can not know you next to who ambiguous, or you and who exposed our past.

Such a breakup, I seem a little quiet and sad time is not, to be very quick to get better, you become a blank.

Sometimes I will miss the former breakup, I want to cherish the old school farewell, don't overdo it, really never see.

"Damn memories, stretching thousands of miles, is all about you." 」