single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "cheese trap" is a less typical love story, seniors Liu Zheng wearing a mask of kindness, very belly black, the heroine Hongche not strayed into the stray sheep, she tried to understand Liu Zheng, not only look forward to the beautiful appearance of love. We finally see in the Idol show Love is not just at first sight, Love is what, love is I exhausted strength, even pain, still willing to understand you. (same field Gayon: single Diary: I have, you spend a whole youth for me )

Friend B recommended to me Korean drama "cheese trap", said that the male protagonist Liu Zheng seniors very belly black eyes dark gestures frequently, heroine Hong She Fei typical not just want to wait to be rescued, in the first episode, the heroine will see through the mask of the seniors.

Their love is from the beginning of escape from each other, their ambiguous separated carefully from the distance, and finally found each other in fact similar, in the constant suspicion of suspicion after the quarrel, still decided to force to understand each other.

Even if it seems so painful, how difficult, how inconceivable.

When the seniors said to themselves, I'm not surprised. At that time, I suddenly understand the sadness of love, understanding never should be so easy things, but we easily "understand" to imagine as "love" of the necessary. As if I love you, I will be able to accept you unconditionally and effortlessly understand you.

Love is not so great, understanding to use the years to change, to use patience to wait, to use pain to take, understand, only love is never enough.

Love is never taken for granted, love is not unconditional tolerance, I have always been so convinced, more often, love package known as "I am for You" sharp thorn. In the process of socialization of love, we learn to pretend, just because we are afraid that the other side can not accept their ugly.

What if I'm not a total good person? If I am not always good, if I am not what you originally thought, then I still worth you to love? This is a question I never dared to ask.

Hongche See Liu Zheng Revenge, but she no longer want to escape, she tried to embrace anger not flat he, said let me understand you, you don't hide yourself, we don't pretend to love the standard answer, others do not want to look at your unbearable, I am willing.

To see what you do not want to see, to listen to what you do not want to hear, is the beginning of understanding.

I hope one day, I can also force to become such a person.