From Korean dramas to read the Taste of life, from the " Never mind is Love ah " to "please answer 1988", Korean dramas no longer just set up the traditional stereotype of love, but also let us understand ourselves . Six Korean dramas, together experience a more profound journey of life. (same field Gayon: annual leave pot play!) 11 VCDs Classic Review: Love, is the miracle of the Universe )

What is the classic Korean TV series You have in mind? "Secret Garden","palace Savage Princess", "The Temptation of the Wife","you from the Stars" ... Korean dramas have broken through the ratings, but also bring a huge entertainment vision.

In recent years, Korean culture popular, Korean dramas also jumped off the previous love formula, to create more meta script imagine. Take a closer look, Korean dramas pay special attention to details, like the film, the time to leave the role of the mood. Korean dramas not only fantasy love perfect party procedures, more carved out of depth, we see smart thinking of the Donna, see the psychological analysis of human nature narrative.

Who says Korean dramas are only romantic? From Korean dramas can also understand the taste of life, with you to share 10 of Korean dramas is repeated chewing the famous saying, this spring, let us pot-drama good Chinese New Year!

"Never mind, It's love": forgive us for stumbling

"Everyone is the first time in this world, will be so clumsy unfamiliar so will feel sorry, so a little mistake is also possible." 」

Heart and honest moment, are in this play. Love is like this, will lose the soul, will be puzzled, do not you see me sad appearance, do not we divert to each other's fate, and forever together, as gently let go, that is love true appearance ah.

In the play, The Spirit doctor and the writer fall in love to open the modern people to endure the huge mental pressure problem. We have a lot of room to grow, but we rarely pay attention to the deepest fears in our hearts. They are as far as possible before the illness of the righteous and rational love, because of suffering, but also to bear and let go, can go a long way. (You will like: even if not perfect, still can love Ah )

will be wrong, all is inevitable. try to forgive yourself, no matter how the world treats you, what you have given up, no matter how many times you love this landscape, we are the first time to try to love it.

"She's Beautiful": Heart is longer than beauty

"In the unseen place, the person who makes others glow is the most beautiful." 」

Appearance is just a means to make you like a generation, the heart is energy, let you fall in love with him. Everyone in life, are missing a corner of the puzzle, that can quickly complete your people, may be the most humble, but silently with you walk through the people. (Recommended: do not like their own non-standard beauty )

We are all extras in the lives of others, but they are always the protagonist. Most people, not the best, mediocre life, can also have extraordinary imagination. Strive for your deserved happiness, and you deserve to be happy, as Kim Huijen finally abandoned the timid, understand that there is not only care about the appearance of the worthy person, as she lives, the heart is the best communication language. The play reminds me of Lindayang wrote:

"Gentle and kind people in this world, doomed to be unlucky injured ..."
"I know. This is the place where gentleness and goodness are precious. 」

"Healer": I love you only because you are you

"Hold his hand and feel it's all right now, it's amazing how it spreads through your palms," he said. The only thing in the world that can say it's all right now. 」

Love is the solitude that bears a great time, the companionship of a moment of desire. Heroine Rongxin not even know, from behind her embrace the face of the person, one in the Housetops, one in the dark, through a time of truth, exposing each other's weakness. Healer is hiding in the city in the shadows of the Hunters, complete the task of the errand, the whole play slowly reveal the secret of the role, but also with the professional mission of journalism, trying to overthrow the ills of the old generation.

a rookie reporter for the weak, a nimble, police-chased city runner . Healer not sacrifice the weight of the news dissemination value, expose the news person's mission and the puzzled spirit.

"Cheese trap": Love is not like your goodness, but with your evil to get along with

"Live free, anyway, life is fleeting as a spark." 」

Snow in college life met double-sided seniors Liu Zheng, from then into nightmares. This is not the meteor garden of your imagination, not the pure Love script. Their love is so unfamiliar, I can hurt you when I am near you. Human nature has always been evil, the most like the play, no one is perfect, snow is not the public agreed with the beauty template, Liu Zheng has Liu Zheng mental defects.

The play spends a lot of time talking to itself, Liu Zheng elusive, never revealing ideas, even if the audience followed Liu Zheng's point of view, still want to guess what he is thinking. Because of his family, he had many distances from society, so he despised the people around him who had a need for him, like leeches to cling to him.

When Liu Zheng Heart Meditation: "Snow, I am not surprised, Strange is they." ", snow because of fear Liu Zheng of Dark say:" I want to walk to you, but can't approach. "When we were all so heartbroken. Because of the helpless, as we have in love, the more we want to be interested in the eyes of you, but how close, the more afraid of your real. (same field Gayon: is it dependence or love?) Five relationship psychology makes you more and more strong .

"Remember": I Remember you for you

"People live a lifetime will be left not money, not reputation, but memory." 」

The protagonist Xu Zhenyu, who suffers from amnesia and cannot forget anything, becomes a lawyer in order to wash his father's grievances. Watching, can not help but want to beat the world a fist, this justice and the power of the fight, playing long and bitter, the role in the suffering of the firm will, if you can not resist the topic of affection, the play may be from the first episode of the whole way to cry.

"If you give up your own words, then the whole world will abandon me." "How pure the Heart is," he said. The most insignificant thing, is the most important thing.

"Please answer 1988": The adults are also very painful

"In fact, the adults just endure, just because as an adult there are a lot of things to do, but the heavy sense of age with strong installed calm to bear down." In fact, the big people, also very painful. 」

It is because it is the daily most trivial small things, just call us tears. Not every heroine, will meet Gaofu, the play in the delicate portrayal of the family, the door outside the society is a war, we each face their own scars, the door of the home, we have to bear the grievances together, encounter all kinds of pain, together with the growth.

Whether adults or children, in fact, we are more ordinary fragile but, there can not bear the load of the time, there want to run away, just grow up, so more patience. Please remember, you will hurt, on behalf of you remember the right thing, with 20 episodes of time, together with the role of Farewell to youth. (Recommended reading: Moving graduation speech!) Taiwan University graduates speech: When the power is greater, please remember your 22-year-old eyes.

Six Korean dramas, gently ironing the heart of the injury. No longer just set up the traditional stereotype of love, a pair of Prince Princess, a happy ending. Life, there are many bitter taste, there are many profound intangible emotions.

Which is the most exquisite and understandable Korean drama you have in mind? Welcome message to share with us!