What kind of female identity should we expect after a woman's Day ? How can a woman come forward? Girls who Code CEO Reshma Saujani's TED speech , "encourage girls to be brave and stop encouraging girls to be perfect" is worth thinking about together. Perhaps, do not be a pursuit of perfect "good" daughter, let us allow ourselves to be brave, allow ourselves to fail, allow themselves to be scarred by a trip to life. (same field Recommendation: choice is more important than talent!) TED speech: "You don't have to have a real vocation."

"We teach our daughters not to err, to live perfectly, and we teach our sons to take risks, and to challenge them." Why? "--girls who Code CEO Reshma Saujani

Reshma stood on the TED stage, starting with his own experience of failure. After years of being behind the scenes in the political arena, 2012, when she was 33 years old, she competed for the first time in Congress. Before the election of the newspapers and magazines called her political Nova, election after 19 of the loss of the vote, the newspapers and magazines renamed her to disperse 1.3 million U.S. dollars, only to 6321 votes.

"This story, I want to talk about is not failure, not to come forward, but my life incredibly until 33 years old, only to believe that they can brave to chase, no longer worry about their" imperfect. 」

Many girls grow up in this way, we are taught to avoid risk, try not to fail, we want to laugh sweetly, we have to take a step by step, we want to get all a, and many boys grow up, the boys are taught to risk, try to climb, challenge themselves, injury does not matter.

In the socialization process, the boys in the growing experience, and time to practice chasing and taking risks, failure will even be rewarded, like the Silicon Valley culture said that "unless you have two times the experience of failure to start a business, no one will seriously look at you." 」

The girl's life is always plain sailing, we are chasing perfection, we tell ourselves to do our best, because society let daughters believe that they do not make the wrong room. Because of the fear of making mistakes and facing challenges, it is easier for us to tell ourselves that I cannot, and I refuse to be brave. (Recommended to you: girl, you don't need to say sorry to the world )

"Many people worry about America's financial deficit, and I worry more about the brave deficit bravery deficit." The brave deficit is the main reason women have disappeared in the STEM industry, the management seat and the Congress, not because women are not confident, but women are often encouraged to pursue perfection while growing up, but they have never been encouraged to be brave and able to fail. -- Reshma Saujani

Refusing to chase the perfect "good girl" daughter.

Reshma, who missed out on the congressman and didn't have the perfect experience to frustrate her, then, in 2012, founded Girls who Code, she found that teaching girls to write programs, but also to the girl's courage gene.

Writing a program is a never-ending process of error and trial, a small semicolon can cause results of success and failure, writing procedures, you will have to go through tens of thousands of attempts, the last magical moment to happen. Writing a program requires patience and perseverance, and writing a program requires an "imperfect" process. (Recommended reading: A letter to yourself: meet a better self in a failure )

"Every teacher told me the same story. began to learn to write procedures for a few weeks, there are always students raise their hands to say "teacher, I do not know how to write Code", when the teacher walked to the student's screen, he will often see a blank. When the teacher pressed the reciprocating key several times, he will find that the students are not not written, but wrote and then deleted. She tried, she was very close, and she didn't exactly write right. But rather than show the process of trying, she prefers to show a blank. To her, not perfect, is failure. 」

"Another story was told to me by my friend at Columbia University. When the students were suffering for their homework, he observed that the boys usually knocked at the door and walked in and said, "Professor, my Code is a bit problematic," and the girls would say, "Professor, I think I have a problem." 」

Just learning to write Code is not enough, Reshma hope that every girl will take the spirit of coding, let the adventure become a part of socialization, dismantling to their own must perfect imagination, allow themselves to make mistakes, allow themselves to try, allow themselves to fail, and not necessarily feel, "I failed, must be my where there is a problem." 」

At the start of the 2012, girls who Code taught 20 girls, and in 2016, their teaching runs across 50 states and 40,000 girls benefited.

"I know that they can not be the same as me, until the age of 33, only to know that they can be brave for themselves, to know that they can go out loud and enjoy failure." 」

When girls are not afraid of failure, when girls enjoy bravery, they no longer fear to be seen, their light can be recognized, they will make the world a more important driver. (same field Gayon: habit Falls, enjoy failure )

Learn to be comfortable with "impossible to be perfect" regardless of sex

According to HP's research data, when applying for a job, a man feels that he will apply for a 60% fit, whereas a woman tends to think that she must meet the criteria for applying. In the past, we put the responsibility on women, badgered, nicely, do everything possible to inspire women to be more confident. But never thought, what is the reason for women to become their own action the greatest resistance? (same field Gayon: When a woman is on stage, please respect her home Rule )

Reshma Saujani's TED speech offers a possible solution, with boys and girls walking a different social path, most girls are encouraged to behave perfectly, and most boys are encouraged to risk their way into different men and women.

And what we should do is to break the dogma of sex so that without fear and failure, we become a common human gene. Once again, we learn to feel comfortable with "impossible perfection", learn to feel comfortable with "always failing", and learn to imagine "nothing, I can't do it." 」

Society should stop using the "perfect" Coronation girl, the girl no longer needs the perfect aura, the perfect more boring, the most interesting, in the bruised collision process. (Recommended to you: Imperfect , let us become extraordinary people )