Read a newspaper with a woman! What is the world talking about this week? For the first two weeks, we looked at the common anxiety of success for young people ; Last week, we featured Medium on the topic "Why did I apologize to the man who raped me?" "this week we talked through a TED talk about a strong" talent theory "may be the crowding out of the phenomenon, if you are not to find the bounden duty, the hearts of many interested people, you are not alone, this recommendation to you!

"What are you going to be when you grow up?" 」
"What kind of person do you want to be in the future?" 」

Such questions, from the past to give the child to think of the cute composition, to the high school social and natural two Yuan group, to the University of choice, and then to the career choice of life, eventually become many people sleep at night dream nightmare.

Not only does Asia have a "catch-week" look for career planning, in recent years, the western prevalence of " talent and vocation " said, let us believe that everyone came to the world must have predestined reasons, and we have to do is a poor life, to find our bounden duty, glowing fever, not negative life.

Many people are always annoyed, why is it so easy for some people to combine the interests of life with the chi industry, which is so difficult for you? You always have a hard time answering the question of what to do when you grow up, you are very interested in a lot of things, you are always immersed in each interest, but again after delving into the understanding, bored.

You are embarrassed by this, and people often encourage you to "focus" a bit, you are confused and conscientious to remind yourself, it is best not to deviate from the "search for talent" track. But such a path makes you more frustrated and you feel that the world doesn't seem to need someone like you.

If this is how you feel, so the author and artist Emily Hobnik's TED speech, "Why you don't have to have a real vocation", will let you know that this feeling is not lonely, you are not without goals, but by the cultural highly romantic "talent said" limited your natural freedom of the possibility. (Recommended reading: choice is more important than talent )

The world should not have only a model of the career path, Emily Hobnik, in order to liberate and not to liberate, want to free and not free people open ground, " dear multi-directional differentiation Potential, the world needs us." 」

It's never a waste of time to pursue something you're interested in.

Emily Hobnik The story in his speech, she has a wide range of interests, she is eager to devote time, effort and money to each interest, and often after thorough understanding, she begins to feel bored and eager to devote to the next interest. She asked herself, switching interest to her, is not wasting time?

She was not sure how to turn such a broad interest into a career choice because she could not choose one of them, and she feared that she was not in the wrong place, why she could not focus, was she afraid of her success? (Recommended reading:"Ask Hou Wen Xu": Interest, you can eat it? )

The world's talent is too strong, so Emily Hobnik on the TED stage, telling the narrative belonging to the multi-directional differentiation potential. The world should not reject people like her, their life is not a gift of the road, but as dense as the cobweb, full of interest scattered crumbs.

"It's not a waste of time to pursue something you're interested in, even if you end up giving up." 」

Multi-directional differentiation potentials are similar to the concept of "whole person" in the Renaissance. At that time, people aspire to be versatile, think whole person Homo Universalis is the best state of human development. One can be a lyric poet, a geographer, a painter, a physicist, and try to expand the dimension of world cognition. Until the division of labor system appeared and perfect development, people began to put forward the talent and worship the experts in various fields.

Such people, without the sole vocation, embrace a wide range of interests and work. They are not satisfied with their own single identity, they play with the interest at hand at any time to restructure the identity.

In fact, the world at the same time need experts and multiple cultural potential, experts and multi-directional cultural potential is not superior to the inferior, but is a beautiful cooperative relationship. We need experts to drill deep, but also need more than the cultural potential of the broad thinking. (Recommended to you: Do you have an interest that is not good?) The professional people must bring the soft power )

Embrace your inner nature, how many people there are in the world, how many career paths

I have always believed that the number of people in the world, there should be how many career path. This is the age of the collapse of standard answers, a time when there is no longer a single, a time to ask questions rather than just answer questions. Living in such times, we may also be hard.

Our world is rapidly changing, washing away the traces of our predecessors, and many tasks are slowly disappearing, while new possibilities for more tasks are in the bud. No one can tell you the only answer, but we also find that the process of finding the answer, perhaps the most interesting place in life.

We are not depleted of life to find talent, we are poor for a lifetime, but to be worthy of their own nature. We embrace the innate nature of the development of the appropriate life and career patterns, which may be not negative life.

Emily Hobnik's TED speaks so gently to the world and companions that if you cannot find the badgered of others ' gifts, the parable and structure of success may have panicked you, but be assured that you are not wrong. Embrace your inner nature, no matter what it is, your greed and curiosity, will lead you to jump into the rabbit hole, to find the intersection of your life tailored. (same field Gayon: Every adult has a Alice in his heart: Nothing, you can have more )

Each person's life course is unique, the world is so vast, embrace the innate nature, do not envy others, we learn to ourselves honest, because life, never only we can live.