McDonald's gay ads "I accept", many comrades tearful. Together from the parents point of view this sentence "I accept" and look forward to the future towards "I am happy to see comrades" era.

"I accept that you like boys. 」

A word from dad, many people cry.

At the same time, many people are angry.

Some people say: Who wants you to accept AH.
Some people say: McDonald's consumption comrades.
Defending the family big league said: The really touching version should be "I do not accept you like boys, but I still love you." 』

In the dialogue we see people come from the "for the name of comrades" stage to "how comrades live more freely." Sometimes we are dissatisfied with the identity of our comrades, being singled out as a particular group to be cared for, and we complain that we do not need to deliberately emphasize "I am gay, I live very well", and we want to go to a time when gender identity does not need to be alienated from isolation. (Recommended you look: the righteous love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

But also see some people agree with comrades, ready to fight to the system, some people are left in situ, the face of the child's indignation is not.

Comrades want to live more freely, we want to see the difference, the difference is not only live in the gender fight, and the people who have not yet understood the identity of the group.

Such a person, may be the gender circle criticized the "Protective Family Union", or to discuss "as long as not my family children are good" parents one generation. Why is "acceptance" a great deal of tolerance for these people? when I saw the "acceptance" controversy at McDonald's, I began to think it was particularly difficult to get a gender issue close to someone close, because there was not only political correctness but also many emotional identities.

I accept your "acceptance" of discrimination.

I admit that acceptance is a form of discrimination, but it is also the status of most families. Because it is in a relatively weak position, we only need to "accept" do not do the wrong thing. But why should comrades be accepted? Perhaps before we let everyone know that gender differences are not dangerous, we should be willing to use the word "accept" so that the power is not equal to close to the parents of the generation.

Let's try to do the same with the same people who seem to be unreasonable: they fear that their children will be contaminated with "heterogeneity", that they fear that their own positions in the socially owned power have been changed, and that gay marriage is legally destroying a family's wedding.

They are nervous when they know their children are "different" and even blame themselves. The world's gender stereotypes have been deep into the parents think about a lifetime, how we Can "celebrate love" before inviting them to join together, to appreciate the sex flowers carnival, even more important. (Recommended reading: Please kindly refuse to break into the campus "anti-marriage" letter: My child is gay, I still love him )

So I think that the word "accept" should be forgiven, no matter how much we aspire to equality, we cannot deny that the patriarchal traces live in everyone's life, not to mention the "patriarchal system" of the value of growth and get the identity of the parents.

See the former Canon mother, but also let the future mother have the right to choose

I'd like to cite an example of how I get along with my mother. i often bring sex into my dining room, and when I find out about this little house and my mother's world, I say "it should be so" too large and cruel, as if accusing her of living a failure, should be sympathetic, the opposite side of the cause of abandonment, The hard pull of the child's mother seems to be an untimely old woman.

Leong sings very well: "I even though the heart is too anxious, more afraid to miss you." "I always think of this when I'm arguing with a close person about a gender perspective.

We sit in different knowledge systems and have a completely different view of marriage and gender cognition. But it's no one's fault, I do not have the right to wipe out the existence of the world's existing Canon mother, those mothers in my age, did not think of life may have a second choice of marriage, lust Freedom How contrary to Germany, perhaps see wearing the special coquettish woman can only look at the bottom of my heart itch, Mrs. Lee at the end of the alley is divorced, and they're going to stand on their own. A gossip will break its mouth and confirm that each is in a complete marital state to establish a sense of security. It's not whose fault they live in the same age as "live Well".

The better world, don't leave your parents to move on

What we need to do is not to blame these "old fashioned" mothers, but to create other paths for more mothers in the future.

I often go home to pick a piece of news and mother chat, trying to more painless put into a clumsy sex teachings, one side does not trample on her heap built more than 40 years of self-worth, one side want to tell her: your body is not your fault of the patriarchal traces, each of us who constitute a culture of responsibility. Even if I am angry all the time, she just cold back to me a "how do you want to live do not hinder others." " at least, she has come to question the usefulness of the Sun's note, from accusing Qingsha lesbians on television. ( recommended reading: Karen Mok, small S, May days very gay love!) Interview behind the scenes, Bruce

It is difficult to ignore the word "accept" two, because we want to lead our parents together to the future, rather than with the past generation of cutting. Don't let the anger stop the conversation, we are glad that the advertising began to appear gay image (even a variety of posture, sexuality, gender temperament show), we are happy to see more of the same-sex issues of exposure, and even see the enterprise "willing" consumption comrades ...

Those who do not know us well or harm us are not necessarily bad people. You don't have to push your stance to the ends and try to gently pull that person forward. To the sons and daughters who identify with gender equality and marriage parity, what we need to do is not to abandon the world, but to accompany our parents to face the departure of the Old World.

Anger and gentleness: Give Love a little more time

The sex circle says: "Anger is an important force in changing the status quo, and if they have to be cautious and fearful that anger will offend men, they will be silenced." 」

I believe that anger is important, but I also believe that gentleness and anger are equally important. Our generation of people often have two kinds of daughter identity, we may be at the same time the social movement to call the transformation of justice daughter, but also reconciled to the years of quiet good mother's daughter, we are the daughter of gender equality, but also the daughter of the father. Be gentle in your anger, face better possibilities, and face the people who have been abandoned by progress.

The hateful accomplice structure is my beloved mother, my family, my best friend and myself. In addition to anger, you have to be gentle. To learn to be a gentle picket, pickets are never flattering, but necessary practice. The pickets look forward to a day, from "accept" comrades, to "happy to see" the family of comrades. (Extended reading: anti-gay couples moved to the scene of the Rainbow siege: we want to understand the son's "Love")

Finally, I saw the McDonald's ads in the angry father, with thousands of silk crossed back, love occasionally make alibi, we want to stay margin let each other think. Father wrote "Accept" two words, a stroke of a very hard. Yes, he couldn't figure it out, he didn't understand, he knew it was an open society, but he didn't live in such a society.

My son's eyes are spinning the Tears with a bit of remorse means: "Thank you for forgiving me, thank you for accepting I can't be ideal 's son. Thank you for letting me love you at the same time, can continue to peace of conscience. "This tear is very real, some people say love can not explain all gender political correctness, but I feel love has explained everything, we have to be more patient, give love a little time to come."