Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Talking about the right of women to education, whether educated or not, there are gender dilemmas. Prince Harry complained to 62 million Out-of-school girls that everyone should have the right to education, and that we should look at the current poverty problem from a gender perspective and see the most important structure behind inequality. (You will like: give yourself five minutes, we can live in a better World )

Prince Harry has travelled to Nepal to take care of the aftermath of the quake and to join the Summit for the rights of girls (girls Summit), standing next to the first woman president of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari, commending Bidhya Devi Bhandari defy leaders Lean in demeanor, but also for the global 62 million of Out-of-school girls fight, everyone deserves the same right to speak and be seen.

All sexes should be eligible for education

Prince Harry praised Malala and Michelle-au-Bama for their efforts to promote girls ' education, while expecting more people to see the cycle of poverty and gender inequality caused by the world child marriage phenomenon. Hally said: "In Nepal, nearly half of all women are married before the age of 18, girls marry early, even when they are young, resulting in problems such as dropping out of school, illiteracy and so on, which leads to the inability to flip out of poverty, which we all know is the only answer to education. Let the girl be educated, is empowering everybody, lets the society move forward together. (same field Gayon: from girls to women!) Michelle-au-Bama: Don't let anyone stop you from moving forward .

Prince Harry points out the status of child marriage in Nepal, but also commends the Government's efforts to end child marriage, despite the slow trend towards equality , in ten years, the population of child marriage has declined by 10%.

"We expect society to enable girls to complete their studies, to enable them to acquire skills, knowledge and self-confidence so that they can improve their living environment and Nepal as a whole." 」

"The boys and girls who inspire the world are the reason why we are here today and we are optimistic about the future -we want to change the way the urban and rural attitudes towards young women develop." The women leaders in Nepal have done a good job of example for us, where there are women presidents and women parliamentarians. I am honored to stand here with you today. " Prince Harry praised the women leaders and also looked forward to seeing the world's women's excellent ability to dial clouds to see fog, more seen."

How good are you? The awkward position of women in the knowledge system

Uneducated women have their own plight, and women who have been educated are equally at odds with sex. The National Bureau of Economic Research, published in March this year, said that "countries with high education in gender discrimination are less likely to marry, and therefore less susceptible to changing the attitudes of their societies through the birth of a child with a progressive outlook." (Recommended reading: Hollywood stars are very Emmahuasen!) #HeForShe let men be the gentle support behind women )

We have learned from past experience that in patriarchal systems, men are mostly unwilling to marry women who have achieved higher than themselves.

Simompova (Simone de Beauvoir) wrote in the second sex: "When he superior force the dangerous magic of a woman and thus sets her up as the master, he puts her in that position, and in fact he plays the role of the principal in this voluntary alienation. Although the woman's body is full of fertility magic, the man is still her master, this is the same as he is the owner of the fertile earth. Just as women embody the magical nature of their fertility, she is destined to be obedient, to belong and to be used. In the eyes of men, the prestige she enjoys is what they bestow. 」

So this thing still goes back to "domination", who has the power to dominate the order of the world, and who is entitled to be seen?

Women's education, through the "patriarchal society" of the consent, may be used to explain the knowledge of women in this era of contradictions. Because of the consent of men, women are allowed to enter the halls of knowledge, but not to allow women to fully adapt to their own performance. There is a head can, beyond the ability of men can not; it's beautiful, it's OK to hook three and four, but it's best not to be pushy. Women have always been in such a vague position that they are immobile.

Girl woman, you can be good for granted

Through education for all, we are trying to break free from this embarrassing zone, as Malala and Michelle-au-Bama are committed to promoting girls ' right to be educated, and they believe that feminism is vindication rather than rebellion and a competitive learning relationship that develops a more egalitarian health in society.

Whether it's 62 million girls who can't be educated , or women who have grown up through the knowledge system, we want everyone to be in the position of "education" more naturally. innate human rights, pursuit of achievement unrelated to gender. The girls ' future should begin with education. The future of empowering women should start with wiping out the gender framework.

When we see poverty, we should see the gender problem under poverty, when we see the gender problem, we should see the education system behind it. There is no question of independence in this world, Prince Harry. In the Summit for Girls ' education, the choice to change poverty in a "gender" way is in line with the #HeForShe spirit. (Extended reading: Hollywood is a very Emmahuasen male star!) #HeForShe let men be the gentle support behind women )

He for she is not to let women seize power, not to suppress men. But to allow all genders to be safe in their own gender position, less on the gender expectations and restrictions, we can live more sincere, more comfortable, more honest.