Love you alone, you will also like these apps , assemble photography , reading, writing, let your days more a bit demure. In any case, we should leave more time and space to taste life, with these apps, make a reservation yourself a me times! (Recommended reading: life without being chased by a job, four essential apps for managing life)

The APP of a person's mobile phone seems to be able to see his character, his taste in life, his habits. People who download a lot of notebooks cautious and have the ability to download many photo apps people who are good at interpersonal and communication and who have all kinds of reading software often prefer philosophical thinking and independent thought.

Hey, have you checked out which apps are mostly downloaded from your desktop? Do you wonder what people's desktops look like?

Recommend to someone who loves to be alone. Love to use the APP, the person who spends more time to think, taste themselves, know how to stay, desire links. They will reset themselves in many ways, and look at the people who love to be alone. What apps are in the phone!

Enjoy reading time:MONO, single reading

(Left: MONO right: Single read)

MONO and single reading have collected a lot of non current affairs of the Reading APP, there are always those times, you want to stay away from the world to see clearly. Many of the two literary content to improve the quality of reading, MONO also add image creation to enrich the content design, recommended to like long reading, chewing your chew. (although both are currently only simplified version, but still worth a try!) (Recommended reading: Put the text temperature in your hand!) Women are obsessed with reading it to give you six promises )

Record life details:vsco

You're going to be in a coffee shop one afternoon, you will be in the bookstore tasting time, sometimes you need a camera to help you record the day is indeed fortunate. Vsco filters can handle a lot of details, not only apply tones, but also adjust the intensity, exposure brightness, respectively, to deal with the color of the Ming and dark parts. Suitable for the photo texture requirements are very high you, mobile phone can also film stills like the texture, solitude, let Vsco for you to upgrade the life beautiful!

Leave time to yourself:App cloner

(The copied application can pick colors based on usage requirements)

You don't like business disturbances after work? App Cloner account double open (only for Android phone) so that you can switch working status at any time, you copy the full application, for example, open two line, close one of the team's prompts, and another to chat with friends, alone time will never be occupied by the official!

A person to travel:Polnav

A person out of the country, the most easy to get lost in the alley, but there is no Wi-fi when to do? Polnav for free offline navigation software (in fact, there are papago, navigation King, Garmin). Do not need to power the GPS can also reach the destination as usual, the most important is to attach a close proximity to the food accommodation, suitable for do not love to do homework say go on you!

Write alone: Day One

Day one is a diary app that supports IPHONE/IPAD/MAC and can be backed up and synchronized through ICloud or Dropbox! If you are a person who is talking to yourself in solitude, use day one to keep a record of what you think, and review these life materials to witness your own growth.

Six app recommended to the people alone, with a say to go on the action, but also the life along the scenery are recorded!