The first of a rainy night at a congressional salon, many people who are concerned about the issue of marital equality are gathered here, hoping for an early passage of the bill for a common purpose.

In the 11 night of April, the development of Taiwan's marriage rights and interests has made a new breakthrough.

The KMT legislator Xu Tianjin invited the Democratic Progressive Party legislators, who have long been in marriage for affirmative action, to come to his "Congress salon" to talk about the issue of the Marriage Affirmative Action bill, which has long been unable to promote effectively in Congress.

KMT legislators have long been the main opposition to the passage of the bill in Congress. Now, finally, there is a KMT legislator willing to stand up and see the gay community should enjoy the rights and interests, fair, objective discussion of this issue, is a major breakthrough in the promotion of marriage equality in recent years. (same field Gayon: The marriage equality that was forgotten by Cai English?) Gay rights are not only "marriage" one way of solving the problem.

At the same time invited on the gay issue of several well-known representatives of friends: Lu Xinjie, Turtle and JoJo, Peng Zhixian, Cai Xiangwen, together to share their gay marriage in the course of equality efforts.

I've read a lot of reports about marriage equality laws for research, some of the most common names in these newspapers sit in front of themselves, perhaps their stories are similar in every report, and I am familiar with them, but listen to their own story again, the feeling of empathy, It's hard to say, I've wanted to cry with them many times under the stage and want to get up and walk up to him and cheer them up.

Congress Salon: Everybody come to the civics class!

Legislators Xu Tianjin to give every citizen the platform and space to discuss public policy. On the platform, people can talk about their concerns, ask legislators or their friends next to them, and let the problem be seen, which is the idea of the "Capitol Salon" platform.

Xu Tianjin legislators are willing to co-operate across borders, across parties and across ideologies, listening to different ideas, working with different friends, and bringing their voices to Congress.

Congress Salon is a people can participate in the Civic class, each month has a theme to discuss with you, and hope that this series of discussions in the future is really included in the national high school civic textbooks as a valuable material to promote Taiwan's democratic self-determination, the children more enlightenment.

This evening, the first of the Congress salon begins with the issue of "affirmative marriage".

From the beginning, the hard way of marriage equality

Promoting marital equality is never an easy way to go. There are so many hard memories of this road, but we must learn from the little things in life to understand why the gay community is eager to pass the bill.

At the beginning of the salon, in the dim light, each listener listened to the story as the four gay friends slowly spoke of their profound experiences.

At the beginning, the gay movement represented Lu Xinjie from childhood memories.

He remembers that when he was in the country, he knew he liked girls, but he went through all the textbooks in the Middle Ages without a single instinct to answer why he was so different from others. At that time, girls and friends around the topic of gossip are their favorite boys, in order to integrate the heterosexual girls between the topic, a small Yan Jie had to choose from the class of their own still look pleasing to the boys as a "standard answer", in order to integrate the girls ' topic. ( same-sex space to "be yourself"?) From Chuan Tang to Huang Ding, is gay equality more near or farther? )

The camouflage process impressed her. Until now he went to the streets to worship tickets, have thought about the opposite to greet the people with their hands, the face of every smile on the back is true blessing or support? He believes that it is necessary to change the system to allow comrades to think that the community is accepting their own! Although the law does not necessarily change the overall society, at least it is a declaration that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuals.

Wedding and Sunshine note Lu Xinjie have done. "And do it very often!" "He said with a smile. But he is also ordinary people, but also to spend energy and social confrontation, he is also very tired! Exaggerated is the partner to drive his car, just to apply for parking, incredibly no way!

"I have a lot of resources, and I am so afraid, a comrade who has no resources or interpersonal support, what should he do?" Lu Xinjie to say the question firmly. (Extended reading: is the marriage bill passed, is LGBT really free?) American little boy's Tears Confession )

The gay family, representing the JoJo, has been with his partner for 17 years and is the first to seek a partnership through the judicial process. These 17 years, because of Taiwan's current legal obstacles, so that they have to face a lot of unnecessary small trouble, tendencies is a process, the turtle even a will have to go through a lot of friends signed, certified, and repeated procedures.

She must carry her spouse's proof. With the children on the market, will be repeated to strangers out of the ark, explain the situation of gay marriage, but also let their children establish a gay family imagination. He said, comrade is also a person, for the imagination of the family as well as ordinary people, have a spouse, have children, that is all, nothing different. He really doesn't know why law and society are so oppressive to them.

I looked at the big turtle unadorned expression, the tone of a real doubt. Thinking that if I were him, I would be disappointed in the world! Clearly they have nothing to do, really love each other, why to so many cumbersome?

Gay Advisory Hotline Association Secretary-General Peng Zhixian has a wealth of campus speech experience, he often asked the students: if you one day suddenly a car accident, the hospital should inform who? A relative who is far away, or a relationship person who clearly knows about himself? This problem often can lead to less toil students begin to deeply reflect. But he never thought that one day he would really need to face such problems.

One day, he suddenly fainted at work. In the course of the medical treatment, he vaguely heard the unconscious, medical personnel in the ambulance asked his boyfriend nearly nine times: "You are the patient who?" "But the boyfriend only once really said:" I am his boyfriend. The rest of the time to ask, can only tongue-tied. (same field Gayon: good charming gay male star!) The five classic moments that made us fall in love with Neil Patrick Harris.

Although only once said, the gay boyfriend was wary and hesitated for a long time.

"Because we don't know, when we admit that we are gay, the medical staff will not treat us differently." I don't know, we really don't know. "Peng Zhixian said deeply.

Even after he had to be hospitalized for surgery, the hospital took out a variety of agreed to sign, his boyfriend as a understand his large and small life habits and details of people, incredibly unable to help him sign consent, finally still need Peng mother from central north to Taipei, the hospital is willing to recognize the effectiveness of the signature, This is another difficulty in the life of a gay partner.

Finally, Cai Xiangwen, the same family member, said that gay couples would also extend the need for adoption of children or artificial reproduction. Gay couples also want to have children. Only a lesbian mother with a child (Shiraz mother, mom) can only have a parental right and must face up to the difficulties of raising a child alone. (same field Gayon:"Why do you have a child?") "Atypical parenting experience Talk"

Cai Xiangwen then mentioned that in 2007, Taiwan law began to stipulate that artificial reproduction was only used in the case of monogamy, and that lesbians could only choose to lawfully acquire their children through false marriages, or to conceal their identity as comrades.

Is it just a sham married lesbian how to live with each other's family under the heterosexual marriage framework and face public concern? Is it only silently forbear.

I think it's unkind to the whole gay community! He gently awakened the difficulties faced by all comrades, the comrades also longed for children, but only the most circuitous way to find, so unfair.

These guests are only a few of the difficulties of conveying many of the silent gay communities. Because Taiwan's gender equality laws are not passed, they can only make every effort to survive in their own way from difficult living conditions.

They have been crying in the dark, helpless, but also want to look at, and even no longer expect Taiwan to give them a more friendly environment. Some of them even want to give up the fight, as long as they can live with the people they care about, that's enough.

But is this really enough? The legislator, the Belle, doesn't think so.

Congressional attack and defense: a Bill of rights not to be taken seriously

Lawmakers in the past have made efforts to promote marriage equality legislation. Marriage Equality Act plural family three in the Bill of Rights (marriage equality draft, companion system draft, family member System draft), the draft of marriage equality is a draft amendment to the provisions of part of the family of the Civil Code. In order to bring the Civil Code into line with the equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the legal terms of the Civil Code are adjusted, such as changing the husband and wife into "spouses" or the "male and female" of the marriage to the parties to the marriage.

But the process of the bill is often met with a variety of backlash: the union of the content of the bill has a strong doubt and disgust, has raised many surprising problems, but also in many public occasions, solemnly expressed their opposition position. Most of the KMT legislators in Congress are also the main voices in the opposition to the Marriage Affirmative Act, making the current bill only to be signed into the case, and to await the Commission's entry into the agenda for review.

Now, finally, a KMT legislator willing to stand up, fair and objective to discuss marriage equality with the beauty of the relevant issues, it is rare, so that the scene of the Congress salon is full of a warm atmosphere, we are more willing to express their views to share!

The scene also came to two mother of Tara, they are the first time in front of so many people out of the public ark. The first one said that he had three identities: Mother, homosexual, Christian. In the past these three identities have been fighting in his body, and now they are good. He was conceived in Canada and could have moved directly to Canada to settle down, but because he liked the human face of Taiwan, he decided to stay in Taiwan. (Extended reading: The last straw that Kills "mama": economic independence is a good mother?) )

And to that end, he called on the government, Taiwan's public policies and salaries have made many people reluctant to stay in Taiwan, and if the continuation of the policy of suppressing the LGBT population continues, then there will only be a growing number of people leaving Taiwan, and it is not difficult to pass the law on marriage equality, as long as a little can elevate the happiness of the gay community What other bills are less laborious and most fruitful than the one in which the bill is saved?

The second mom also invited her mother to come to the scene. The mother said that basically every parent loves their child, so he calls on every comrade to go out to his or her parents. Because they will be your help, not the resistance, although initially there will be an unacceptable situation, but as time is known, eventually parents will accept.

He wants us to think, if the gay community really accounts for 10% of the population, if the parents also support them, plus their friends and relatives, this group of supporters will not be only 10% of the total population, so he explained that the gay community to their parents out of the Ark is not just out of the closet, Instead, they turned their parents into a force in the gay community and joined forces in the promotion of marriage equality legislation.

Maybe it was a deep feeling, and the father who was at his mother's side took the microphone and spoke. "We're still very supportive, but we were scared at first, but it's just because we don't have this concept in mind, ignorance. After getting to know each other, we are willing to accept. My daughter repressed for a long time, it is very painful, afraid of social eyes. But he chose to say it, my daughter is very brave! I want them to be happy. The community, the comrades are many, this is very normal, we need to encourage them, courage to stand out. Speak out and be happy with each other! Society needs to form a kind of energy and atmosphere! 」

Waving his right hand, the tone seemed agitated and trembling, and finally his hands fell on her girl and her companion, cheering each other. Words, said the audience moved.

At that moment, looking at that family of four happy smiling face, I think the feelings but is so, the family is, it is so simple. (Same field Gayon: The definition of "home" to the people in love: My family is unfortunate but very real )

Working together, we'll finally get to the beautiful day

Chen said that the incident led him to draw up a plural family three bill, this is the first time in the Legislative Yuan on the legalization of marriage records. Two years ago there was a review meeting and the results were flowing. Last year, as a result of opposition from KMT legislators, the bill was closed. This evening, the Kuomintang itself is willing to release its goodwill. He thought it was a good start.

"Just don't know what will happen when Xu Tianjin back to the Kuomintang. "Words," said the audience laughing.

He responded to many of the problems of the audience, he said that the process of fighting will indeed face many problems, but the main need for social cohesion, as long as the social energy cohesion is large enough to the public can not ignore, it will certainly be able to promote the bill. Of course you are willing to communicate with people from different parties and different positions, and many times when people from different positions oppose it, it is often just their misunderstanding of the bill, and when they are willing to understand it, their position usually changes.

At the same time, he also expected the public to work with them, as long as people are willing to continue to discuss relevant issues, or to organize related activities, so that gay issues continue to glow fever, do not cool down. Let more people notice, and participate together, then the promotion process will be more smooth.

On the issue of the adoption bill, he said that the current adoption bill was not complete enough and that he would try to make up for it in the upcoming session.

He finally said, today very moved him! Also appeal to young friends not to be afraid, your parents will always be with you, but you need to give them time! They need time to understand and break the stereotype of traditional stereotypes because they have learned the same ideas as they do now. A lot of things are everyone together from small efforts! Let the change come true.

After tonight's discussion, I really feel that the days of equality through marriage are not far off. Once unwilling to understand the side know willing to try to understand their own adherence to the idea, but also willing to discuss each other, this kind of understanding moved all night full of reading music study. (same field Gayon: lucky to meet a book: seven independent bookstores let you find a place in the city)

In the past, the Kuomintang legislators who strongly opposed the adoption of the bill by the DPP legislators really had a willingness to come out and say that it was a reconciliation or to begin to understand, and I watched the beauties and the Xu Yuenen eagerly discussing, sometimes playing jokes on each other and even taking their backs, The look of the two sides to the bill is really very happy, whether it is on the issue of marital equality, or the future of Taiwan's political party politics, are deeply looking forward to.

I hope that through the efforts of different political parties, the Government and the private sector, the rainbow flag will be flying around quickly.

"The same game" to fight for gender rights and interests: Change the world for only five minutes!

Have you ever felt the pain caused by sex? Have you ever wondered why there are so many labels on the hoof? Do you want to change the sex status? Invite you to think about it for five minutes and look forward to a more friendly society with us.