Combing a fashion history , no one will forget her — — Diana Vreeland.Diana Vreeland has made fashion a more accessible fashion, giving everyone a chance to become a star of the times.She advocates that women can see defects as beautiful, break all impossible , never, and take their own fashion.(Sibling: Airfield Super!Carmen Dell ’ the world's most senior model model, 83 years )

You know Twiggy, Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn, the Carie of the City of Desire, so you have to know her, the fashion legend, — — Diana Vreeland.

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Diana Vreeland is already 30 years old when she enters the fashion industry, and she is a close friend of Coco Chanel and Andy Warhol, a dazzle presence in the fashion world. From to , Diana Vreeland has become an influential magazine editor with a bold and bold approach.Diana Vreeland was particularly unattractive in the fashion world of fashion, and was somewhat tricky even at the time of the beauty of the beauty of the fashion.

Diana Vreeland: I am a garden in hell

Diana Vreeland is always reluctant to talk about her mother, and she believes that her mother and her sister have dolls, so she stands in front of them, and Diana Vreeland has always been the ugly duckling of the baby.As a result, Diana Vreeland knew would never have a major flow of beauty in the process of growth, and that he would have to make himself unique.So Diana Vreeland every time he made his appearance, he was dressed like a peacock full of sparrows, so glitches. (Extended Read: "Good Girl" limits: Girls, you don't need the world's shields )

Diana Vreeland

She is a rich and full red, dull vocal cord, a weary character, a black hair, a sharp eye, and a eye.

If you have teeth, make the teeth the most beautiful thing; if you have high figure, you can wear high-heeled shoes as much as you can.The head of the neck shows up, doesn't hump; the nose is long, and it takes its head to make it a characteristic of you.It's a very beautiful part of the body!" — — Diana Vreeland (1903-1989)

When I took this picture, Diana Vreeland said, " I want this place to look like a garden, but a garden in hell."

Non-dominant aesthetics: Defects are your beauty

Some people say she is the most exclusive chief editor, and some say she is a fashion woman, and Diana Vreeland is paranoic, and every time she moves, she's a creative act.The first Bikini model was taboo in the '50s, and the first Bikini model was on the cover; in the editor of , she preferred Twiggy, turning the flat into a trend; she praised the freckle girl and turned over people's constraints on models' established appearance.

Diana Vreeland magazine cover created (Picture source: source )

Girl, why don't you?

Diana Vreeland is soft, wrists.For the first time in the column, "Why do you not"? Why do you not dare to look beautiful?Why do you not fight for it?Why don't you go forward?Why don't you do yourself?Diana Vreeland used the rhino character to force the reader.In this spirit of her life, she boldly enables unjukeable creative, untried images of photography.Because of her style of work, she was forced to leave .

" Life is like acting, and there's always a midfield rest." — — Diana Vreeland

Later, Diana Vreeland was an art consultant to the museum as a fashion art exhibition.Diana Vreeland is an unforgetable one, and she has a forward-looking aesthetic vision that allows her to enter the fashion industry; she has exquisite observations to excavate the crazed demons of the model.(Recommended reading: The five famous models have something to say: What you're talking about makes me different from the audience )

Diana Vreeland is from the bones of her bones. The beauty of beauty is her pride in the arts, and the implementation of ideas.At the beginning of the twentieth century, Diana Vreeland has almost witnessed the most important changes of fashion history.She was legendary because she had all of her black and white in her hands.

Then, share with you the words Diana Vreeland said, "May you live wild and wild."

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The most beautiful part of the problem is "to make it short.""

Life is only one way to get out of life, and that's the life that you're starting to think about."

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" I'm not just a fashion editor, I'm a new fashion editor."

" You have to have style.The style will take you down the stairs, stay with you everyday, and style is a way of life.You don't have a style, you're not a person, and I'm not saying that you have a lot of clothes."

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"It's easy to impersonate others, and only the best is the real problem.""

" The elegance is not about how many clothes to wear, and elegance is rejection."

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"You don't have to look beautiful, you just have to live wild.""