when we look at the super Supermodel in the magazine , we should not blindly accept, some kind of single beautiful image, on the contrary, we should Rethinking "What is Beauty? " 」

In the fashion circle, Gao Mi models abound, but not every one can make everyone impressed, on the contrary, the more personal characteristics of the model, instead become many designers of the Muse Goddess, in the major magazines, stretching platform, brand endorsement on the popular, become the pursuit of a beautiful guide.

the five to be introduced today Supermodel, not deliberately to conceal their own characteristics, will not be seen as beautiful teeth, freckles, black skin, albinism, single foot, with a passion and self-confidence, to become the focus of glittering in the fashion circle, but also add to our beautiful diversity of imagination!

Super model of teeth: Lara Stone

From the Dutch model Lara Stone, the most famous is the obvious door between the teeth,"teeth if the shell" is the mainstream aesthetic beauty of an imagination, once had a dentist said to her: "I help you repair the seam on the front teeth," and Lara but directly said: " I can afford to pay for my teeth ! She didn't feel unhappy because of her teeth, but instead she showed her own features and won more applause for herself.

Lara is not the thinnest, even known as too fat (but she is thin, compared to most people), but she thinks, "I'm a woman, and every woman wants to be skinny ...." This is an unfortunate thing! (Extended reading: who has made women thinner?) )

regardless of height, appearance, stature, age are not the most advantageous Lara , but often on the cover of fashion magazine, deeply loved by Chanel Karl, perhaps, in addition to the appearance of features, Lara also found his favorite reasons:

"I think people will like you because you have a personality relationship. "

Freckle supermodel:Lily Cole

when we find spots on our faces, we tend to be very anxious to get rid of them with lasers or other cosmetic methods, but British models Lily Cole's pigment can be found that she did not eliminate the spots on her face, but these spots became her memorable mark! (You will like: The world's unique you, the face of a small flaw is a part of beauty )

Lily Cole's red hair, exquisite face and facial features, with an elf-like atmosphere, often dressed in a gorgeous fashion magazine, but in fact when she was a child, but also because of her appearance, and other children's ridicule, although the fashion work, even if there is a chance to change hair color, But she was finally loyal to her own red hair.

Because years later, she learned: "in British culture, red hair in school will be ridiculed, but I have grown up to be able to love their hair!" 」

Maybe once we all because of other people's opinion, and not like some parts of ourselves, but gradually grew up, we are more and more able to understand their own " be considered "imperfect, then you can fall in love with yourself and be proud of yourself, you never need to change yourself for the beauty that others think, because you are the one who defines beauty!" (Extended reading:"which part of your body do you want to change most?") "The answer for adults and children is ...

(Small supplement: The British will use Ginger to call the person who has the red hair, and there are discrimination or even PA Linghong hair, for several reasons, one is because Judas who betrayed Jesus is red hair, so they see red hair as an unlucky symbol. There are also Britons who think that red-hair children have no soul, or because the people who have the red-hair gene are Scottish, because of the racial differences, so that the British do not like red hair. In addition, the British have a specific stereotype of in hom that red-haired women are wild and impatient, and that the red-haired man is unattractive and unpleasant. )

Black-shiny supermodel Alek Wek.

There is a saying that "a white cover three ugly" pursuit of snow-white skin, many Asian girls look forward to some kind of beautiful appearance, but the African Sudan to Alek Wek but with her black shiny complexion, become a fashion stage another sparkling fascinating focus!

Alek Wek Special Body skeleton, let her either on the runway or magazine cover, showing the posture of appearance, but also with other skin models, not only provide designers more inspiration, but also bring us more to the imagination of beauty.

"True beauty comes from the inner self, I don't have any questions about the next pop appearance, whether it's blond hair and blue eyes or green hair with dark eyes, but don't tell me there's only one standard image of beauty.

in the fashion circle, there are all kinds of beauty, the standard for beautiful ICON is constantly flowing, but no matter how the standards of the outside world change, Alek Wek all believe only one truth, that is: there is definitely more than one standard answer to beauty, so do not only believe a standard of beauty, and change their original nature, to cater to the public taste, so that only lost within the most beautiful themselves . (same field Gayon: Oscar actress Lupita Nyong ' O true confession: Don't let the appearance determine your value )

Albino supermodel Nastya Zhidkova

Albinism is a special hereditary disease, because the body lacks melanin, they all over the body from hair to skin, all appear as white wax, the light is extremely sensitive, very easy to be the sun burns, their eyes also because of the lack of melanin and appear red, but this disease does not hinder Nastya Zhidkova Become a model.

Nastya Zhidkova's photos, there is always a kind of cold feeling, this pale as the color of paper, but let her add a touch of Reiki, in daily life, such appearance often let them be discriminated against even because they are not aware of the exclusion

"The society always wants to add different colours to us as if we are wrong," said Shaun Ross, a model of the white son. 」

But in fact, in addition to white, black, yellow people ... Wait, there are more different people in the world, living in the world with all manner of gestures, they have proved themselves to be different from others, but they are still unique beings (define their own beauty:"My story, it is painted on my body" white spot syndrome female mold Chantelle)

"I dare say you will see beauty, once you see beauty, Beauty will conquer you," said Rick, who once photographed the theme of a white model. 」

Learn to discover and appreciate their beauty, not deliberately to change others, but also become a beautiful part!

single-foot super model Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria Modesta is an unforgettable presence on the fashion stretch table, as early as 15 years old she began to become a model, but because of illness, at the age of 20 cut off her left foot to save a life, but she did not disappear from the fashion circle, but more to play their own in the music, Artistic brilliance, redefining "the beauty of the body"

Viktoria, after cutting off his left foot, actively cooperated with many artistic creators, The use of various prosthetic limbs to show the beauty of different bodies, and even in the "Prototype" MV in the cone-shaped limb dance, with her own show to the world: " Some people are born to be different" (same field Gayon: not afraid of me and the world, my name is Xu Fang )

"I choose to face it the way I want to," she said . I also hope that others can look at me with the same attitude, people need to jump off the frame of mind, do not have to live on the same road, follow your intuition, which will make your life more interesting than the film exciting. "

Some people Viktoria as the second Lady Gaga, perhaps because of their special dress, perhaps because they have a bold breakthrough in the spirit of innovation, but more important thing, she told us that we do not need to because of physical limitations, and to hinder their pursuit of art and beauty, the pursuit of beauty is human nature, Everyone can from their own body, find the unique charm worthy of flourish!

What is "Beauty"? This question should be able to get thousands of answers, different countries, races, and even in different time and space, will have different aesthetic, but the same is the framework, are deeply affecting how we see ourselves.

today these five models, once not regarded as "beauty", define beauty in their own way, without the outward affirmation, to fall in love with their own unique beauty, The little Prince once said: "We are not lack of beauty, but lack of seeing beautiful eyes." Dear ~ What is the beauty of your heart?