Aftertaste Five classics of that year, salute to Hayao Miyazaki who never retires!

Childhood has a lot of Ghibli studio shadow, I always feel that Gongqi June open our generation to see the world's infinite possibility, to see the black cat will think of the Magic Woman Curtilage Nasty, Kat and the witch Kiki; head up will miss the sky City of Hidalgo and, perhaps blink also see the red Pig handsome ride in the flying boat; When the bus will suddenly think , if the Dragon Cat holding an umbrella with, it is not lonely.

Hayao Miyazaki named the studio "Ghibli", inspired by the hot air in the Sahara Desert (Ghibli), hoping to blow up the hot air in the animation circle, and this gust, also warm too many children's childhood.

When I was a child, Hayao Miyazaki's animation inspired me, close my eyes, those characters are all my body, let me imagine a freer world, I can be whatever I want to be; When I grow up, Hayao Miyazaki's animation soothes me and opens my eyes, Ghibli has been accompanying us from the "Valley of the Wind" in 1984 to the 2014 Marnie in the memory, the world is not bad.

Ghibli's works are always new, animation is a clever metaphor of real life, inside we keep seeing ourselves. Ghibli's animated world is about to be exhibited in 6/18-9/18 in Huashan, recalling the classic works of five Gongqi and reading his life tips for us. (same field Gayon: Every adult has a Alice in his heart: Nothing, you can have more )

Dragon Cat: Lose the trouble, only then can the cloud light wind

"Recognize the world and love it." Life is such a lifetime, some trouble, lost, only the wind light cloud opportunity. --The Dragon Cat

When it comes to favorite Ghibli works, many people think of the Dragon Cat. To watch the arc of the world along Gao Moon and plum, childish imagine the old house has a coal ball, behind the bushes hiding from the big Dragon Cat, the Dragon Cat and the Dragon Cat, Cat Bus will take you to all the places you desire to go, we are lightly back to the socialization of the settings, naked believe in the world.

The Dragon Cat is not a line, but it is very important, like some people in your life, not particularly talkative, but when you are frustrated to feel at ease. Think of the Dragon cat, we mostly do not remember the plot, but will always remember the Dragon Cat in the Grass dance seed on the germination, a rotation can fly.

Hey, do you remember the way you were before you were in society?

City of the sky: what you want, what you become.

"Our loneliness is like a city floating in the sky, as if it were a secret, but it is impossible to tell." 」

Maiden Hidalgo hanging in front of the flying Stone, is leading to the sky of the city Lapuda clues, reign and then born, guide her and juvenile, see lost civilization. People go to the sky to seize power, invent all kinds of aircraft, until one day no longer meet the ground, to build the city of the sky, but why Lapuda abandoned the city of the sky, let the flourishing civilization decline, let the robot sleep?

"I understand why the city of the sky has fallen, and even with the high technology, people cannot live as long as they are out of the land." 」

Pirates, government forces, Muska three parties are rushing to the sky City, the desire to dominate the Earth, but no one really is a heinous villain, everyone has the bright side and the dark side, we are not sharp, what you desire, you will become what kind of person.

We will always remember the name of Hidalgo and the names of each other, the eyes are clear and firm, they lie in the soft grass hug, that is already the world. He who has no desire is the one who is least cared for. (Recommended reading: fall in love with a Rose of the wayward: The little Prince taught us six relationship topics )

Magic Princess: Look at the world with no hate eyes

"No matter how deep you've been hurt, there's always a person who will let you forgive life for all the things you've done before." 」

Left home to find the answer to the Shrimp Dongyi Juvenile Asida card, the wolf raised by the Magic Princess Mulberry, in the human and natural fire, identify each other. Magical Princess like a personal fable, body and as a person, we to the natural demands excessive, will not one day also encounter the Mountain Beast God's back? Can you see yourself as arrogant after the fire?

A Sidaka with the flesh spell mark, let us see the appearance of hatred. Put down the arrogance of overpowering-the-nature, magical Princess is extremely gentle works, small mulberry chew meat feeding in Dhaka, that is how pragmatic a kiss, after the war, forest regeneration, I like to remember them so question and answer,

"What do you want?" 」
"I want to see the world with no hate in my eyes." 」

The only person you should believe is yourself.

"People often cheat you to make you realize that sometimes the only person you should believe is yourself." --The girl of the Hidden God

After leaving his parents, Chihiro's life began, she suddenly became a person without a name, lost the life of the world. The day of labor, White Dragon handed over a triangle rice ball, her tears slips fell down. That's a long way to find yourself again, without a name, who will it be? The white Dragon gently said, "I forgot my name, but I remember Chihiro." "You forget yourself, but there is another person to remember for you."

Some people say that the place of Chihiro mapping Custom Shop, no face male is a guest, this work is about the exploitation of child labour or prostitution issues. I think this film said more "people lose their names", can not find their own who is the potential anxiety, we are in the tears of Chihiro saw himself. (same field Gayon:"Human figure Weather Report" Do for oneself, don't disappoint oneself )

Hall's Mobile Castle: It is because you are not good, to stay around to give you happiness

"It is because you are not good, to stay with you, to give you happiness." 」

What is Love? Love is dispel, trying to understand you. 19-Year-old Sophie meets the handsome Hall, the lover makes her strong. She was no longer the girl who had no confidence in her past, and she could be a more than 90-year-old woman, as long as she was still able to love.

Hall without Heart is free, his life is only responsible for himself, Sophie broke into his castle, but caught him in the dilapidated. People who are always wandering, perhaps the most afraid of loneliness, always the pursuit of beauty, is the most worried that they can not be loved. And they have been waiting for each other for a long time, only one chance to love. (Recommended to you: 20-Year-old wandering: In the city to become more lonely but complete people )

"The world is so big, life is so long, there will always be such a person, let you want to gentle treatment." "said Hayao Miyazaki.

Like Hayao Miyazaki's animation, and finally because of the female characters inside how wonderful, they are strong, demure, kind-hearted or stubborn will be, they are teenage witch, divorced three times widow, villain leader Black hat adults, riding on the wolf on the back of the Magic Princess Mulberry, they do not wait to be rescued, others gratuitous to their grace not to accept, They never owe the world anything.

As we are.