Roying, the Minister of Law, when he was asked by the Legislative Council to Huang the question, because he was told how the Ministry of Law protects overseas people, an understatement "then he died" caused a stir. Looking back on history, "Then he died" was too much for us to Bear . Can we not wait for someone to lose their lives before we realize how indifferent we are to the suffering of others? (Extended reading: Jolin Tsai Concert reread rose teenager: Ye Yongji dead, but the world has more Ye Yongji )

In recent days, the news of the forced transfer of Taiwanese people to China in Kenya for fraud cases has continued to burn in the media.

Roying, the Minister of Legal Affairs, asked the Legislative Council Huang about whether there had been a similar situation when she answered that there were people wanted in Panama, but the Ministry of Law needed time to clarify the situation.

"And then?" The Committee asked.

"And then he died," replied the Minister of Legal Affairs. (Extended reading: The man in prison who swallows batteries: the world is not indifferent, we decide its indifference )

The minister replied lightly. Perhaps yes, human life is feather before politics, law, diplomacy, and all sorts of authority.

Not just wanted in Panama. The countrymen, many of whom had suffered some things, then he died.

He did the magazine, and then he died.

On that day, he decided to publish the new draft constitution of Taiwan in his own magazine. Because he believes that Taiwan can only be independent and move towards complete democracy, hatred between people of different provinces will dissolve.

He may have been advised not to do so, but he insists that Taiwanese should have complete freedom of speech.

He was charged with treason, and he shut himself up in the magazine. The policeman broke the door and tried to arrest him.

And then he died.

His death was seen as a watershed in the democratic movement, and Taiwan gradually opened up restrictions and became a country deemed "too free".

It's just that he's dead.

He is Zhengnan. (same field Gayon: Taiwanese should not forget the name: to you, with the Zheng Nanxi of freedom of expression )

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He was in military service, and then he died.

That day, he was locked in the brig.

And then he died.

Many speculations about the cause of death, but there is no way to confirm. We have always known that the army was another world, but it did not think that it was so dark and isolated that it could not shine the light of law or humanity.

To seek the truth, as the "poor bi fell to the afterlife, two boundless are not seen," the so-called military service as into the underworld.

Many people gather to shine a huge and splendid cross in the streets of Taipei.

Military trial law passed within three days. From then on, as long as there is no war, military cases must be heard in ordinary courts.

It's just that he's dead.

He is a Hong Zunchu. (same field Gayon: those of us who stay, do you dare to listen to our song?) )

The picture is 2013/8/3 million people send Zhongchu party, also known as "white shirt call the truth" white shirts movement.
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He was in Paris, and then he died.

That day, someone put a bomb in Paris.

And then they died.

We in Taiwan, first shocked so beautiful dream of the city, will encounter such a tragedy, and then pray, gathering gas, then explore, think.

We are getting to know people of different faiths, different colors, and differences between him and him, and we are the same as them.

We should not be so slow, those who come out of church on weekends, the people who meet at the train station, the small shops with all kinds of unfamiliar words, and the prayer room in the station.

We think they are all of them, they are not us, but we do not know that a lot of blood and tears, pain and shock, are from these tiny don't know to start.

And then they died.

Many stories have become law, history textbooks, lessons and theories after his death, and we are still groping for such small differences and differences. (Recommended reading: Paris and Lebanon terrorist attacks: our concern can be more than the change of head stickers )

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He's in Kenya, and then ...

"And then he died," we heard it on TV and on the internet, so shocked, laugh, and angry.

We feel the absurdity of the passing of life and the frivolous expression. But such absurdity has long been spilled around us, only when we are clearly aware that it is too late.

In fact, we all know about these things that happened in the past.

We know that there is no real democratic freedom in Taiwan at that time, we are always anxious when our brothers and boyfriends go to the army, and we have a vague sense of the plight of expatriate migrant workers and spouses living on this island.

But we thought things would not be so bad, we kept silent.

We think that as long as we wait, everything will improve slowly.

Then he died.

Dead in the Silence of you and me.

We are always so cautious, in every event carefully discussed, reflect. Are you too free? Is it too loose?

We too want a calm, prosperous and secure society, so there are instinctive 戒惧 to all events that overflow our daily lives: protest, crime, unruly, cross-border movement.

So we are still in search of data, clarify the situation, hesitate to try to stand on their own position, many things are too late, a lot of life can not be undone. ( same field Gayon: 2014, five a time when you find that Taiwanese are stronger than you think )


37 Taiwanese were detained in Kenya after being convicted of fraud and acquitted and eventually deported to China.

Whether to investigate, judge, punish, or rethink the relationship between the two sides, mutual legal assistance regulations, I hope this time.

Then, no one dies.

Hope this time, it is not too late. (You will like: Hong Kong Awards Best Film "Ten Years": You are not free to think that my existence is resistance )