In this year, someone is willing to stop and cherish your sadness. He is photographer Xu Sang, he recorded the tears of the Times, opened the Cry Girl photography set Plan . For your interview Xu Sang, listen to his tears of intimacy and alienation , listen to him say the photographer's creative ideas, listen to him say 500 of the story of the Crying Girl, tears shed, people can continue to go forward. (same field Gayon: crying girl photo album: Everyone's Tears are different, but want to cry the idea is the same )

The Weeping Girl photography program photographer Xu Sang (Xiao Xu), under his lens there are more than 500 girls willing to share the innermost feelings of sadness, and no disguise to drop tears. More than five years to visit all over the world, just to record the most vulnerable side of human nature, with photographic record of the tears of the moment, with a lens to collect their sad story.

Perhaps each person carries the story, passes the life to be different, but all participates in "cries the girl" to shoot the plan, at different time point catharsis own sadness, can each other heal, mutual understanding, respect each other is the real existence this world community.

I hope that the "Weeping Girl" is an axis, with its ripples derived from various forms to express the "sadness" of this real emotion, is the unique precious fragile side of humanity. Also want to tell you sad do not need to hide, face the lens face the sadness, the pain to cry out is also a kind of healing way.

Q: May I ask Xiao Xu the origins and motives of the series of "Weeping Girl" works?

"I hope they will all be well, for they have left their sorrows here." --Xu Sang

He was inspired by a Dutch concept artist and an experimental short film producer when he was a master of photography in Britain. Another motive is to use this work to make people remember that there was a "Xu Sang" in the world where "more than"500 girls cried. "

"Weeping Girl" is a challenge and a new attempt by an artist's self-consciousness and spontaneity. I want to record the true face of the girls under the strong appearance, and their sad story, let everyone through the photography to see a before the opportunity to see the move. Grow up with the weeping girls, and let the sadness cross over. (Recommended to you: new form of breakup therapy!) One-click Delete sadness? )

Q: What does the Crying girl series want to say?

The "Crying Girl" series contains girls from Japan, Malaysia, China and Taiwan, and I mainly shoot for Asian girls, because I want to tell you that although we look so much like black hair and yellow skin, it comes from different countries, whatever your identity, Peel off that outer skin. In the end, we are just ordinary human beings.

We all have common experience, common feelings, we will be hurt, will be sad, will cry, no one's tears is not salty, with a little promotion of "world Datong" means. (same site recommendation: The Atlas of Beauty Photography in 37 countries: beauty should not have only one appearance )

Q: What does Xiao Xu expect to get in the course of filming a weeping girl?

What I've always wanted was a "sense of intimacy" (intimacy).

The creation is not only the photograph, including the process and the impact of the work on themselves and the subject is a very important part. Because the "photography" of this event, the photographer and the subject of each other's effects may be extended to the later life, or perhaps only to stay in the moment of the shutter.

In fact, the girl's good or bad has nothing to do with their own, this is a kind of intimate and alienated relationship, shooting when the hearts of each other suddenly close, but after leaving the room may not have happened, to restore each other to the network of strangers. This may be the place where the sense of loss arises. (Recommended reading:"Intimate photography" five exercises with a lens to take the moment of trust )

Q: Crying than a smile is a relatively small touch of the subject matter, want to ask Xu why want to shoot the emotional performance of tears?

Crying and a smile is a deeper layer, because it is more intimate emotions, a person willing to cry in front of another person, at a certain level that these two people are very close, but in fact not necessarily so, so this is also a feature of photography and charm.

Weeping in front of strangers is intimacy and alienation. Record the tears and the story of the Weeping girl, hoping to condense their sadness in my lens, after venting the sadness and then moving on, as the purpose of this published story album: Let the Weeping girl come to more people to accompany the healing of other sad people, through reading their stories, also let themselves out of the past knots.

Q: Why not select the video but the photographic record crying girl works?

Because the photo is a condensed time, tears of the moment her tear is always parked there, this better performance I want to say the crying thing. I caught that moment and was stressed, the photo can focus on the mood of crying, rather than the video focus is shifted to the story or other actions.

Q: In the course of filming, how to let the girls in front of you to remove the heart protection?

In fact, every girl involved in filming has a story of their own, just lack of a listening outlet for them to share their inner voice, so once you have provided such a plan to create a sense of security, even in the face of strangers, they are willing to let go of their past experiences or even shed their tears without any disguise.

It also proves that as long as someone is willing to listen, both virtual networks and strangers can hear the deepest stories of people buried in their hearts.

Do you think that in the process of communication, the camera will become a hindrance?

No, I think the camera has a subtle place is that it does not make people feel like a face, it will only be a lifeless machine, very much like a layer of gauze, make people more secure.

But sometimes there are some threats, so at first I would hold my breath as if I had disappeared or a stone, and then I would have made up my communication skills.

Q: Is the emotion of being touched more and more weak when you have taken so many weeping girls?

Just the opposite, I will feel stronger and more sensitive. Because I would be one of the characters, communicating rather than being a mere bystander. And the breakup may end up the same, but the process may not be too strange for the past, such as homosexual feelings, as well as in Lhasa, the Great Wall of the kind of tourist resort to break up (laughter). (same field Gayon: Tarot divination: lovelorn, you use tears for what kind of life growth?) )

Q: What was the hardest part of the five-year shooting program?

It's so hard to find someone!

Early in the beginning when looking for girls, the most often face the situation is temporarily put pigeons, once said that the next day to shoot, but the previous days to tell me something to reschedule, usually people also disappeared! Until the recent cumulative number of people and the circulation of the work became easier, and even started to come to me to shoot. The point is that the "find someone" thing is really thanks to the establishment of the community website, all "people you might know" or my friends of weeping girls, including the audience, may be the next one to shoot.

"Crying Girl" This project is closely related to the background of the product of the Times, no sooner than five years will not be able to successfully complete.

Q: What is the most important thing for you to create? What is creation?

Creation is a mark, a vestige of your own, the historical position of the whole society, my goal is to be able to be written into the history of Taiwan's photography one day, when future people to discuss "portrait" (Portrait) or "Archive" (typology) of various categories will certainly refer to my "Crying Girl" series.

"Creation" is also a way for you to continue living when you die and to influence others. For me, there is a story, or more, to ask: "How do we live our own story?" "And the plan to shoot the weeping girl was that I tried very hard to write down the answers with all my life." (Recommended to you: life is very short, live their own story!) )