When we are blue, we always tell ourselves to be positive and to be refreshed . But sometimes it takes time to adjust, and sadness requires space. 6 songs for those who fall into the mire of emotions . When you listen and discover that your sadness has been sung by someone who has exhausted it, it seems that the tumult and uncertain fickleness are no longer so distressing. (same field Gayon: enjoy a person's wonderful!) To spend a single day with you .

Some people say that when the mood is low to listen to the song, listen to the brisk melody, people also follow the flying up. However, sometimes melancholy is like sinking into the deep water, can not climb up, can not break free. It's time to have some sad song! (You'll like: a parting letter to yourself: Sadness is the last remembrance of affection )

Perhaps it is always feeling deep, but shallow helplessness; maybe he is the greatest disaster of your life, but also magnificent to let people can not forget, perhaps the fate of your life is only to rub past. Or perhaps, as the old verse says:

Give you what I can give, and wait for your refusal/tears, is I want you when the only freedom. (same field Gayon: write to ten years later: Hope you still believe in love, think of once also will shed tears )

Listen to the lyrics, found that you can not bear, the original others have passed, so in the other people's songs, streaming their own tears. In fact, we are just taking someone else's glass, watering their own heart ballpark bale. But it seems as if, so not so lonely.

6 songs, from unrequited love, bitterness to lovelorn, share to feel that the situation is a bit bad, but can not let go of you.

1. Give Love also miss you: A Fine frenzy-almost Lover

Good-bye My Almost Love, (Goodbye, I almost loved). /Good-bye my hopeless dream. (Goodbye, My Hopeless Dream). /I ' m trying not thinking about you (I try not to think of you),/Can ' t u just let me be? (Can't you let me do it)?

Online translation of the lyrics to the song translated as "No Love", but I prefer "almost love people" such a statement. There are moments when he looks at your eyes, specially invites you to eat the candy, the sudden invitation, you think you already in love. Just like walking a straight road, you can clearly see the end of the path, but suddenly a foot on the empty.

You passed your head, only to find out unexpectedly that you had not met him. You know it's time to put it down, it's almost (but not) someone you love, you're still here, singing a song of Mourning alone. (Recommended to you: do not miss the romantic taste of the period: each relationship, have a retention period )

2. To know you can not love, but can not let go of you: Kelly clarkson-beautiful disaster

Oh and I don ' t know (oh, and I don't know),/I don ' t know what he's after (I don't know what he's after),/but he's beautiful (but he's so beautiful), Such a Beautifu L disaster (such a beautiful disaster). /and I f I could hold on (if I can withstand),/through the Tears and laughter (bear all the tears and laughter),/would it Be beautiful (will the outcome be wonderful)? /or just a beautuful disaster (or just a beautiful disaster)?

You never see through him. You are so different, after all, in front of him, you have no pretense. He can see through you easily, but you don't know anything about him, whether it's his obsession or his hate. The last thing you can understand is, why can't he be honest with you about something? Is it for someone else? Is it a bigger goal? Or is it just that you haven't been able to knock on his heart?

You suffer for his unknowable, and the paradox is that you are fascinated by him. In fact, you already know that from the moment of meeting and not knowing, your life has long been dragged into a huge disaster. But even the disaster, because of him, is still beautiful. (Extended reading: Who am I, who do I love?) "Danish Girl": Love You Let me become myself )

3. To you in a relationship gradually disheartened: A great Big World & Christina Aquilera-say Something

Say something, I ' m giving up for you. (Say something, I'm going to give you up). /I ' m sorry that I couldn ' t get to you. (I'm sorry I can't get close to you),/anywhere I would ' ve followed you. (I'd like to follow you anywhere). /say something, I ' m giving up for you. (Say something, I gradually gave up on you). /and I'll swallow my pride. (I'll swallow my pride),/you ' re the one I love (you're the man I Loved),/and i ' m saying goodbye. (And I'm going to say goodbye).

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was a song for help. In fact, most of the lyrics are repetitive, but the network of Chinese translation is very vivid, will be the same sentence Say something, I ' m giving up on your paragraph by: I'm going to hold on, I will give up your, I gradually gave up your. It's as if a love is getting sick and you're following ungrateful.

It should have been this time, right? You feel this relationship is lost nutrients, dried up no longer Fengwo, and you fade in it. You say you want to give up his, you think you are an ultimatum, in fact, you are begging. And his silence made you discover, asking him to respond as if to ask the ice sheet to fire, to the desert for water. So hopeless. (Extended reading: Not much love, just good )

4. You are too keen to hurt you: Lin Jia-fool

Why so flustered, sometimes sober is the wrong start. /I do not need, and not important, like a fool how good. /I do not understand, do not need to understand, let me so old.

Sometimes, you clearly see how much you'd rather do it yourself. You know that no matter how far away from the end, this relationship has been ineffective. So the feeling of love that you or he has at the moment, or the effort in this relationship, is futile. Like at the ends of the thick glass, compared to hand-drawn feet, but can no longer communicate with each other.

At this time you would rather be a fool, a little dull, stupid little, no sense, perhaps as the great writer of the son's most ardent expectations: "Only wish my son foolish and Lu, no disaster without difficulty to gongqing."

Fool or foolish, can let me so silly, walking, suddenly looking back, found that we have to grow old. (same field Gayon: Single Diary: We have promised, not necessarily forever )

5. To Exhaustion of heart love you: Jane Zhang-I use all repay love

I use all repay love, but you do not come back, the years from now, never see wind and rain

The lyrics of this song are actually simple, but why should I say more? I repay the love with all, in fact, has said everything.

Give you all I can give, has exhausted the strength, has no ability to this relationship, again to you and I, say a little more. (same field Gayon: reject Love formula!) "Descendants of the Sun": I give up because I love her )

6. You are still attached to the breakup: sherry-If you have heard

If you have heard, have you thought about me? Like ordinary old friends, or you will still love me? /Many a lot of words to say to you, hanging a heart working demo. How do you load it? Reluctant and helpless. /If you have heard, will you believe me? Would you agree with the rumors? Or do you know me or me? /stumbled to understand a lot of people who know me just you. Think of you think of me, chest still warm.

You are passing by, and the people who have just met are not going to be parallel lines, but they are going further and farther along different directions. Perhaps separate when still feel lucky, not every time break up is so sentimental, entangled. But together through so many days, know that they have been loved, was held in the palm of the care, incredibly met injustice, or will be sentimentally attached to the time I thought had forgotten. Strange to say, friends or girlfriends, once a break in this life to beat two scattered. But once loved the memory, but always stay in the temperature. (You will like: after breaking up to part: The crowd if there is direction, always to the direction of separation )

In fact, you do not trust him, you are the trust has been the memory of love.

What a legendary and fascinating picture of crying, laughing, and happy. Unfortunately, most of the time we are not complete, love can not be no regrets, hate can not be rejected. So we are imprisoned between the forward and back, grasp and put down between, suffering, hesitation, remorse, hesitated, pull. How I wish we could put up a fast-paced piece of music like those movie characters and start a new and energetic life, but usually we just curl up in a corner and wait for the prelude to the next song.

In this way, sometimes, let us be lazy to embrace the pain and helplessness. 6 songs, dedicated to those who have been in the mire of the feelings of us, I hope whether it is unrequited love, bitterness or lovelorn, a good song accompany, we are not lonely.