Women's fans are invited to participate in the Global W Hotel Worldwide Forum event, and before the event begins, we have an exclusive Interview with ten East-West Women Leaders , listening to them talking about their lives and talking about life.Women are not just popular, but they are the practice of day and night.(Laughter) (Laughter) Interview with the corporate stream founder Lin Lin: Entrepreneurship is not faster than who runs faster, but rather patiently squatting )

2014 Emma Watson made a speech at the United Nations, the first woman president of 2015, the first woman president, the gender consciousness, and the women's issues.This year, W Taipei also holds a global "Sister" Women's Forum, inviting ten Chinese and foreign influence delegates to the workplace to share their experiences in the workplace and their own style of life.

A woman fan who has an exclusive interview with ten speakers, looks at it together, is a woman leader, how to break through her own gender identity, and make an ideal look out!

Resolvework tenderness: ELLE magazine Editor-in-Chief Lu Shuffen X SUITCASE Tourism CEO S erene Guen

Shufen (Florence)
The editor-in-chief of the ELLE magazine and Hurst's full-media editor, graduated from the fashion design department of the University of Practice, and then went abroad to study, studying at the FIT popular design school in New York and the Parson School of Design.More than 20 years of work experience in the fashion media industry has allowed her to have one of the most senior editors in Taiwan.She has also been involved in both the fashion and the ELLE magazines in Taiwan.

Florence has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, and for her, fashion is not a family wine, but a profession."The balance of work and life is always a challenge," she said. "When I set a mark, I will do my best, and I don't have enough time. How can you achieve better than other people?"That is to go on.Fortunately, I have my own kind of work, and I will definitely be depressed. I will look back at my ideals and look back on my feeling of accomplishment. If I still can't do it, then I will go home and hold your beloved person." Florence has always been steadfast and tendery, recognizably as a woman who has a natural meaning, and she looks forward to the future, as well as a tendency to be very much talked about in the women's ability to become a more gender-friendly environment. (Sibling: "Because of feeling, action" gender hack: angry, you can change the world )

S erene Gun
Baggage Carboxed Travel Life magazine founder, Mark Zuckerberg, known as "Proukbo", Serena Guen, who founded her first multinational travel life magazine, "SUITCASE" at that time. Serena Guen was as one of the 25 Most Influiders in London Evening News, as well as the youth opinion leaders who were competing for the interview.In 2014, she was awarded the "Women's Award for the Future" and was recently selected as the "Young Tourism Industry".

S erene always laughs at the scene, and she is like a warm sun in the field, illuminating the afternoes in the cloudy day.When talking about working women, she thinks that learning to handle emotions is particularly important: "When I'm depressed, I'm going to look at the sea, travel, and regain my energy."Give yourself time to take a full rest, turn negative emotions, and embrace the things that you love.Serena is a soft figure in the workforce, and many care about the development of SUITCASE, as a paper magazine, and Serena doesn't worry about the disappearance of the paper, but she believes that the exquisite print magazine is irreplaceable.Perhaps it was her confidence that she was making a name mark in the industry.

Turning to women, Serena thinks that the most important thing is to tell the young girls: " If you want, you have to believe that you can, always be the most important.This is also the idea of starting a magazine. As long as you want to get a suitcase, you can start off."

Heart is your best navigation: Woman fan Founder Zhang Wei, founder of the X Women's Club, Phoenix Lovatt.

Zhang Weixuan (WEI SHUAN CHANG)
Women's founders, the most influential women's social website in Taiwan -- the co-founder of women's online community, who has always been convinced of the power of kindness and tenderness, is the most stubborn attitude to life in her life.In order to promote the development of the awareness of gender in the Chinese language, to promote freedom of the world, is the new generation of women entrepreneurs who are active in the Chinese language.National Taiwan University (NTU) history is a graduate of the Institute of Gender and Media in the London School of Economics and . In 2013, the "AAMA Cradle" was selected the "best" for the AAMA's AAMA, and the of China has been a model for women in Taiwan.

Many people ask Wei Hsuan for sex media in Taiwan as a fan of women, and it is especially difficult to please her, and how she insists on going on.For Wei Hsuan, giving up never appeared in her mind, empowering women to be her ambition: "I hope that girls can dream differently, women can live to what they want.""I have not thought about the balance of life and the energy of my life is flowing," says Wei.To do everything you can, as long as you have love, you can make a job a plaything.Entrepreneurship is an honest process of being truthful to oneself, and for me, every day is like a new day, Always Be Ready, and it's hard to be afraid of it."

Last, we invited the Wei to give girls some work advice: " When you are in trouble, you feel it, be it angry or sad.Turn your emotions and perception into passion, and let the action of passion work.(Laughter) (sibling: [Women's Leadership column] When you think you're doing trivial things, you're doing a little bit small )

WW CLUB (Working Women Club) Founder of Women's Club, who also owns the author, who is a journalist, host, The Handbook, and so on.In London, Los Angeles and New York City, she was inspired by the subtle and subtle collection of inspiration from everywhere in the United States or the United Kingdom, and in many magazines such as Elle, Dazed & Confused, GQ and Bazaar, and the online House Seven she founded.

WW Club is an independent space that empowers women to create a more friendly vocalization and creation of Lovatt. She believes that women's leadership is: "Provide a space for women to do what they want and to be able to do so."WW Club was challenging Lovatt's life, and she was happy to embrace the process of pursuing her: " If you're self-aware, work is a way of life.It's my job to create a common workspace, and it's my consciousness that women work together with each other, so it's my consciousness driving my work!"

Lovatt is only 24 years old, and she recommends that young girls chase idealism: "What do you care about, you should do it, your mind will take you to the right place.""The two entrepreneurs have made their comments under the heart," she said. "As a woman, it is more effective than everything in the sex media and the heart."

Untied Definition: Sun Yi X, founder of SUNSET boutique store, Madeline Poole, Madeline Art

A Hollywood actress.

Sun Yi Leslie Sun
SUNSET founder, from the age of young girls, Lesie Sun, who is a fashion and lifestyle aholic, continues to dig up the latest, most creative ideas about shopping, catering and life from around the world.Her experience in Mameg's two years of work has led her to learn a lot about her online, procurement, and even activity planning.At present, Leslie lives in Taipei. In addition to the design and visual communication at the Longhua University of Science and Technology, in March 2015, SUNSET and Taiwan's first boutique concept store was opened.

" I don't really define women's leadership, and I believe that gender labels should be taken off.I didn't think of acting as a woman, and I care about being a leader, and how I should motivator others.Sun Yi is famous in the fashion circle, and her attitude is reflected in her brand, and Sun Yi believes that we should all expect a more free movement of the workplace.And in the aesthetics industry, her view of beauty, like gender, yearning for free movement: "America is different from everyone, finding the way you view the world, and the way you feel about life, that's beauty."The beauty is, you know how to look at yourself, and you know how to live with the world." (Recommended reading: Are you tired?Work and life balance rule )

The beauty of Sun Yi's beauty is getting drunk.Can the workplace be as dazzling as she is?I thought, first of all, to understand what she said, you know, what the world you are focusing on.

Madeline Poole
Hollywood actress Royal, Madeline Poole was designated an international brand ambassador in New York for fingernail painting and design, and she is also on many international media platforms such as :Vougue.com, TeenVogue.com, Refiny29, The Coveteur, and the IntoTheGloss.Her good work also often has many media layouts, such as Hajdabha, InStyle, Teen Vouge, Wonderland, Numero, Dazed & Confused.

Madeline Poole is a popular art teacher in the fashion world. She is famous for her creative and creative style, " I don't want to think about beauty, it's beautiful.I think people have created a beautiful environment for me, and when I'm doing the drawing, I'm inspired by my side, and the colors come from nature, from the place where I live." Madeline Poole's advice to young girls is :" Start with the smallest thing, follow your senses, be loyal to you are different, and then do it.""From the smallest thing to do, as much as the Madeline Poole has spread out from the fingertips of one fingertip."

Living in a spirit: Desire of Desire, Olivia Lopez XA&M Creative Consultant, Wu Koon.

A&M GLOBAL CREATIVE Co-founder and Executive Director.After obtaining a degree in comparative literature and art history from the University of New York at the University of New York in 2008, he was alone in the world and lived in New York, Tokyo, and Taipei.In the pursuit of his dream-film production and development, he used his expertise in the field of school to work in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.For Musee, in addition to courage, need to be more realistic, and as creative director of American Business Partner's Thousand Empress Advisors Limited, in 2015, Annie Yu founded A&M Creative Consulting.

From the north to New York, from New York to the world, the work field of Musee always moves with the ideal life.She has studied history in the fields of literature and art. Since then, she has used art as a home to explore the world " The process of travel is always more important than the goal.Many Western experiences have been absorbed in New York for many years. But back to Taipei, I think this is a very rich city. Multi-cultural ramming has led to new vitality, underground music, museums, and great bars, and Taipei has made me even more open to the imagination of art!"'s always a matter of time when she talks about the development of women in the workplace."

Musee says: "It's a good thing that in all sorts of industries, I hope that in the future, women in Taiwan can naturally have their careers. I expect women in the workforce to no longer have to choose one or the other, and I don't have to give up."(Homemark: Tenderness management of German women: life management more important than the workplace )

Olivia Lopez
Los Angeles'Desire Life' fashion blogI.The versatier Olivia Lopez was a freeler writer, a photojournalist, and creative director.She is now living in Los Angeles and is a fashion designer and founder of "Lust for Life" and "Last weekend." She uses vivid brushstrokes to convey her unique style, creative vision, and fashion design.

Olivia Lopez's free elope comes from a beautiful epitome of cities, and she says that Taipei is a very inspiring city: "I love to experience culture, and my own aim is to not be afraid to experience new things, and travel often makes me feel irritant."But to come to Taipei, I think it's very relaxed.North is a very suitable city to walk.As a foreigner, I came to this, feeling very carefully, I felt that this city was very connosable." spirit of my blog is hedonism, I hope my readers will be more spiritual in life," said Olivia Lopez, who is a tourist.Experience is important, such as sound, such as images, that magnify the enjoyment of life.

I asked her how she looked at women's entrepreneurship.Olivia Lopez feels that the new media now is thriving, and that girls can try to start a business and have more opportunities to develop their careers.She seems to be free and unrestrained, and through constant effort and error." Go and do those things that you're afraid of.In the face of a group of people or the workplace, Olivia Lopez was very frank in his ability to do so.

Women are not the exception, but the model: British BBC News host Alice LevineX, David Chen, Executive Director, North W Hotels.

BBC RADIO 1 Broadcast + TV Host.Alice Levine is a British Broadcasting and Television host.As a result of his passion for comedy shows, “ joined the " 8 Out of 10 Cats ” television program and played the role of a comedian, and was a popular host for the “ My Dad Wrote a Porno ” (Pobcast) radio show.She worked with her friend Laura Jackson to start a Jackson & Levine Creative Company, where she specialin planning a brand event or a private kitchen dinner, such as the production of a band-like television program “ My Pop Up Restaurant ”.

Bossy, why is it only on women?"We never say a man Bossy, a woman in the workplace, that too many people are trying to define us," said Alice. "Alice has not defined herself as a woman leader because she wants to be good not because of gender, but her ability:" We all want to take out the label, but I do believe it is necessary to ask about sex."Women should not be a special case of the workplace and industry.I hope that women will no longer be the exception, but rather a model."( recommend you: " trying to please everyone, you can't progress " 12 women leaders in love, growth, and workplace )

Chan Zupping WINA CHEN
North W Hotel Quality Operations Director.Always with a personality, calmness and self-confidence, Wina Chen is the best advocate for the lifestyle and corporate culture of the Wina Hotel.She is the premier operating director of the North W Hotel, and has become one of the top female leaders in the hotel industry.Since 2015, Wina has helped to set up Mr. Elton. Meat Meat, a hotpot restaurant in a private property.Wina, always full of confidence, charisma and endless stream of ideas, loves the restaurant, and waits for more challenges to come to the face!

" Women, if you want to balance, you have to go down and down.We can turn this situation around, and we can have our careers."We shouldn't have female leaders as exceptions, we should make it universal," Wina said.We are a person who knows exactly what he wants, and that's that simple thing." Wina believes that gender should be mutual, not antagonism, for example, last year, when Wina helped to start a business, she thought that it was the beginning of a great gender help.Since Emma Watson #HeForShe, we've seen more people get up and stereotype, not just men, women, but women, so that's freedom, Wina, say.

Ten women's leaders talk about life in the workplace, and maybe there is a style that suits you, maybe not, and looks forward to your creation.In any case, we all see them in their bodies, and in this age, they have to have sex with each other."I am not the main character of the world," she said." Sharing the dance platform to everyone is the flexibility and the big thing I've seen on the 10 leaders.

A new culture, new work imagination, no need to rely on the framework, the Eagle doctrine, this great era, and invite you to get started.

This is an effort to make yourself and others better, Great Age . We are in the city of Yoyo.