New Media is a woman obsessed with the new interview project, the first time we invited to the end of the media executive editor Zhang Jiping to talk to us about her eyes of the new media appearance. Just on the line of the end of a year of media, in the Chinese new media circle in the bright eye, and the behind-the-scenes hand of the story, absolutely worthy of our understanding. (Next listen to Zhang Jiping said:"No matter what you want to do, the focus is what you want to do")

Zhang Jiping a weekend trip from Hong Kong to Taiwan, noon to the airport, went straight to the hotel to sleep a nap, and then came to receive an interview. She was born in China, but her journalist role was raised in Hong Kong, and her media career was spent in Hong Kong except for a short time as a resident journalist in China. She said a standard Mandarin, sometimes in the speech with a very hard but not fluent Cantonese, to talk about the contradictions between China and Hong Kong, such a person, such a background, she is absolutely qualified to say that she slightly understand.

"The Chinese, who grew up in different ideologies, political separatist and historical experiences, have never developed a" public discourse "that transcends boundaries, universality and communication consciousness, despite the use of the same language. When physical barriers are swept away by technical forces, we are in a world of cyberspace, and any simple discussion can be heated up into factional prejudices. But we are so much in need of communication. Zhang Jiping (Original: The end of the media Shizhing , the people in the whirlpool, have the responsibility to say the appearance of the Whirlpool )

Open "End", realize the original sin of being Chinese

But we are so much in need of communication. At the end of 2015, with the end of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, the "End Media" team in the process of preparation is of the view that the wave of the Times is on the way, and when the website is online, there may be a chance for the mature business Society of Hong Kong to fade away from some political coldness, "To be unexpected, it should be that we did not expect Hong Kong to split so quickly," he said. Zhang Jiping speech quickly, but the tone is light, word like a very granular fast sound group, recalled the "end" on-line process, she smiled that I gave her the first problem is very difficult.

Zhang Jiping said the division, is Hong Kong after the Umbrella Revolution, the local faction, the Pan-Chinese faction, the establishment faction and so on the various factions and so on almost the clear barrier appearance, lets "the end" attempts to open the dialogue goal to become difficult, but in this time to end "the standpoint neutrality", is lets them not be flattering, is stung the full head package. In Hong Kong, they are suspected to have red capital behind them, and even more question the Zhang Jiping of such a person who does not even speak Cantonese well, what does the media do in Hong Kong? And in China, in fact, there is no accident, the site is about a week on the river crab, in China no longer see.

"We started the" Sunshine Faction "at that time, the creative people are also the mainland background, but then the Hong Kong public opinion is basically more applauded, people say" you brave, in Hong Kong to do this thing. " The result to "end", but was scolded Red capital, although this and our capital does not have "sunshine faction" so transparent about, but still can feel very strong tear. "Zhang Jiping's 2011 participation in the" Sunshine Faction Weekly "is similar to the current participation in the creation of the" End ", and Hong Kong's environment and wind direction have completely changed. (Same Gayon: Hong Kong Tongluowan Bookstore Missing: Taiwan election, please give the alarmed Hong Kong people hope )

In the face of this situation, the "end" team can only tease themselves, saying that "end" has not been able to say the vortex of the appearance, they live into a whirlpool. Zhang Jiping felt the deep sense of sin in Hong Kong as a Chinese. But asked her identity, but she said that her background experience, she actually does not have a strong sense of belonging to any place, if the hard to talk about attribution, she positioned herself as a stranger on Earth.

Being lazy in the stratosphere only hides the real problem.

"I wouldn't be a local pie anywhere. As far as this is concerned, Zhang Jiping is a very good media person, and as a media person, the most she wants to do is to record the truth, and the position is very easy for her to conceal the truth. "Hurting each other can be an invisible problem, and now the people of Hong Kong think that as long as it is Chinese it is not good, and the Chinese think that Hong Kong people are spoiled children." "When the discussion falls into this field, the possibility of communication disappears," he said.

Zhang Jiping says it's easy to hide into your own stratosphere and help someone label a label, but laziness doesn't help. "I think it is good for Hong Kong people to explore their own political future, but there are too many slogans and there are too few real discourses." "She observes that Hong Kong is now in a pan-political dilemma and China is politicizing, both of which are lazy, and it is not easy to think about it, not to mention laziness."

and different positions to communicate this matter, is Zhang Jiping constantly stressed, but I am curious to ask her, since the "end" in China can not see, and how to communicate? She said that in the "end" when the Chinese market does not hold any expectations, after all, China is an opaque place, "for the foreign media, where the red line before, but also about the feeling, but in recent years the red line more and more confused." "When the red line is drifting, a moment later, it is wasteful to take the time to guess the standard."

"Anyway, China basically sealed all the overseas media, another point is that we have no interest in doing an anti-communist media, we just want to be a normal, professional media." "Zhang Jiping said that before the line was expected to be blocked, although some colleagues will feel too fast, but for her, will be closed to be sealed, or fast or slow will not matter." But that said, there are contradictions and setbacks in Zhang Jiping's heart for the inability to influence Chinese society through reporting.

"I want to leave a record for history."

Many media people, like Zhang Jiping, who are born in China and who study in Hong Kong, often have such a pull: Should we still write China in the relatively free environment of Hong Kong, or should I go back to my hometown and write to people? Zhang Jiping said the Chinese government has its own rules, unlike democracies that will change their pace as a result of a story, and write a good article, at best, it is hard to bring about real change. It's just that writing in China can be seen at least, and writing in Hong Kong is often not. "This is a" god asked. " Zhang Jiping bitterly uttered such a struggle.

A lot of people will also ask how she has persisted in Hong Kong, and she has a unified answer: "To record history." "She recognizes that China has changed so fast that many things, if not recorded, will slip away in the gap of time." "I was struck by the Lightning of God's head, to interview the Yushu earthquake." It was in the 4-kilometer Plateau earthquake, many foreigners face to the next day because the altitude reaction was too serious all gone, almost no foreign media. At that time, she was interviewed in Beijing as a Hong Kong media, and became a rare foreign medium. (Share with you: against the Chinese government illegally arrested!) Women in solidarity with the Chinese people )

On the plateau in those days, she and China's domestic media make a photographer, rub tents, daytime interviews, evening to observe the state of the domestic peer press. "I watched them press back, a phone call came." This can not write, that can not write, is a ban. "As a result, the reports returned are not the same thing as the scene." Yushu is located in Tibetan area, almost self-governing state, where the game of religion and government is very interesting, most of the relief operations are completed by the Lama, but in China can see, perhaps hundreds of Yushu earthquakes in the report, but could not see the lama figure.

"I imagined my parents seeing these reports in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, and they probably thought the quake was like the earthquake in Sichuan," he said. I think now, I care about him, there is no one to see it doesn't matter, I want to record history, if not write down, a lot of things will really like never happened. 」

Struggling for years, the knot in Zhang Jiping's heart opens at this moment. She smiled and said she used to be persuasive about the epiphany, but so far she hasn't persuaded a few, and many colleagues still want to go back to China and write stories that are at least read.

China is not the only "free", "stupid" Communist Party and "democracy fighter"

Talking about the wall that China is blocking out of the outside world, many people may think directly of the "disappearance" of information, but Zhang Jiping says the existence of that wall will not allow sensitive issues to disappear, but will lead to superficial issues. "A lot of things are not going to be known, they're just being reported very superficially." "Like many overseas media in China, it is easy to simplify the rich characters into democracy fighters, advocates of rights, but in fact, this person may have the characteristics of the enrichment of the complexity of the times, and such a trait can not be written out."

Domestic media do not write, foreign media is often written 2, 300 words short manuscript, many complex connotations are weakened, this phenomenon, is the wall the most destructive place. So Zhang Jiping picked up a pen to get to the sensitive issues of China and wanted to write in a way that went beyond politics, and she was not too eager to see anyone, hoping at least to let overseas readers understand the more complicated aspect of China.

"After all, it is not good for Hong Kong or Taiwan to simplify the three ways of making China into a wealthy and free bank, a silly B communist, and a pure democracy fighter, because these are not the truth," he said. 」

From Hong Kong to Beijing, the disillusionment of rosy imagination

In the 1.5 of journalists in Beijing, Zhang Jiping the first real life in China since economic independence. At that time, she held a rosy image of Beijing, "I was also poisoned by the overseas media, I think the media in Beijing must be a democracy fighter." At that time, I think Hong Kong is very stuffy, Beijing is much richer than Hong Kong, there is a saying that "light black", and the closer the power, the more space for those grotesque, people people to survive. "The vagaries of Beijing are indeed more attractive than the highly commercial places of Hong Kong."

Just, in Beijing as a journalist, but is not Zhang Jiping think so, her rosy imagination of the existence of Beijing, in the days gradually collapse. "If you haven't seen snow, you don't know what it's like, totalitarian society is the same, and you have to really live under that to realize that feeling." She had not cherished Hong Kong's freedom in the past, but her life in Beijing had made her a control group. (Recommended reading: South Korea's Anti-Terrorism Act): She lectured 10 hours and 18 minutes in a row to protest against human rights abuses by the Government

"I found that it is hard to keep my health in an unhealthy environment." 」

"I write My Heart" freedom is so important, when the pen is full of self-examination, everyone began to lie in life, human nature is gradually distorted. She saw the police in the body of the damage, sometimes, even the struggle is distorted, some people with the aura of heroism but do dirty things, all this let Zhang Jiping bosom think of that once let her feel stuffy Hong Kong.

"There is no comparison you will not know, I was to Beijing, only to realize the precious of Hong Kong, the original life in a healthy society is so valuable." I want to cherish, cherish the meaning is not only to be free of vested interests, but also to play the effectiveness of freedom, including the contribution to the local community. 」

Look at the "end" of the present, you will know that Zhang Jiping these words is not just say. She has created a professional victory and return to the heart in a disordered media environment. She respects the reader, absolutely does not underestimate the reader intelligence quotient, when everybody still is groping in the new media road, the pursuit fast, short, the massive process, she obstinately ruthlessly reverses the counter operation, in "The End" the website, sees not to have a sensational article, Some are only really directed at sensitive issues, and bold and delicate embrace of visual, interactive trend of the depth of content.

How did Zhang Jiping do that? "Whatever you want to do, the point is what you want to do," she says. 」

〉〉 The story is not finished, the next article: See how Zhang Jiping makes "end" shiny !

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